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Posted: Sunday 12 December 2010 ( 14 years ago )

Surah 3 -- Allah is the best of schemers

The last surah (2) took eleven posts over a period of five months. Even considering its length (286 verses), that's just too darned long. At that rate, it'd take me about nine years to finish blogging the Quran. So I'm going to speed things up a bit. ...

Posted: Monday 16 October 2006 ( 18 years ago )

And for the disbelievers, Allah has prepared a painful doom

For those of you who've never read the Quran, let me summarize it for you: And for the disbelievers, Allah has prepared a painful doom. This idea is so important that Allah (or his prophet) repeats more than 200 times in the Quran. Here are just a ...

Posted: Saturday 11 November 2006 ( 18 years ago )

It is easy for Allah

We shall cast him into Fire, and that is ever easy for Allah. Quran 4:30 In a previous post, I mentioned the more than 200 times that the Quran threatens unbelievers (non-Muslims) with a painful (shameful, dreadful, etc.) doom. But that didn't cou ...

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