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Posted: Tuesday 28 December 2010 ( 13 years ago )

1 Nephi 20-21: I will feed them with their own flesh; they shall be drunken with their own blood

Joseph Smith Nephi must have been getting tired of writing. Why else would he copy two chapters nearly verbatim from the King James Version of the Bible? I suspect that the answer is much like Bill Clinton's answer to the question, "Why did you ha ...

Posted: Monday 16 October 2006 ( 18 years ago )

And for the disbelievers, Allah has prepared a painful doom

For those of you who've never read the Quran, let me summarize it for you: And for the disbelievers, Allah has prepared a painful doom. This idea is so important that Allah (or his prophet) repeats more than 200 times in the Quran. Here are just a ...

Posted: Saturday 11 November 2006 ( 18 years ago )

It is easy for Allah

We shall cast him into Fire, and that is ever easy for Allah. Quran 4:30 In a previous post, I mentioned the more than 200 times that the Quran threatens unbelievers (non-Muslims) with a painful (shameful, dreadful, etc.) doom. But that didn't cou ...

Posted: Friday 05 June 2009 ( 15 years ago )

The great winepress of the wrath of God (How many will Jesus kill with his sickle?)

(Since the Brick Testament just added this story, I thought I'd update this old post by including a scene from and a link to The Son of Man's Bloody Gorefest.) In a previous posts, I counted the number of people killed by God in the Bible (2,301 ...

Posted: Thursday 24 August 2006 ( 18 years ago )

Have ye saved all the women alive?

Oops! In my post, How many has God killed?, I forgot to include the Midianite massacre. But luckily David Plotz in Blogging the Bible reminded me. Plotz calls it the "most hideous war crime in a Bible filled with them." And he's right about that. ...

Posted: Friday 07 August 2009 ( 15 years ago )

The Midianite massacre: Have you saved all the women alive?

This is a bible story that everyone should know. It begins with God telling Moses to take vengeance on the Midianites. (He doesn't say for what, but I guess it was for the sex and dinner party that brought on God's last round of killings.) ...

Posted: Saturday 15 April 2023 ( 1 year ago )

So it was Jesus who sent the fiery serpents in Numbers 21!

One of the craziest stories in the Bible is found in Numbers 21. It all happens in just two verses: The people spake against God, and against Moses, Wherefore have ye brought us up out of Egypt to die in the wilderness? for there is no bread, ne ...

Posted: Monday 15 May 2023 ( 1 year ago )

The Spirit of the Lord came upon him

According to the Bible, what happens when the Spirit of the Lord comes upon someone? Well, the short answer is this: a Spirit-possessed person usually kills things. The phrase ("the Spirit of the Lord came upon him" or "came mightily upon him" ...

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