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Posted: Tuesday 06 June 2006 ( 18 years ago )

The Bible's War on Marriage

There's a war on out there. A war on marriage. But the attack is not from gays or atheists, or even from academic feminists. It's from the Bible. Consider these verses that: Encourage polygamy. If he take him another wife.... -- Exodus 21:10 ...

Posted: Saturday 27 July 2013 ( 11 years ago )

God's design for marriage

According to the Bible, what was God's original plan for marriage and how did it changed over time? So I thought I'd try to figure that out. Here's what I came up with. God's original plan was for Adam to select an animal for a "help meet" ( ...

Posted: Wednesday 06 March 2013 ( 11 years ago )

Douglas Wilson's grammatical argument against gay marriage

I've seen quite a few of Doug Wilson's previous debates (See, for example, Collision: Are Doug Wilson's beliefs good for the world? ) and he always seems to come out on top. But not this time. The debate took place on February 27 at the Univ ...

Posted: Monday 17 April 2023 ( 10 months ago )

Why Christian marriage is wrong

Christians claim that the Bible condemns gay marriage. It doesn't. [*] The Bible says nothing at all about gay marriage. But it has plenty to say about Christian marriage. The Bible says that Christians should not marry. Art thou loose ...

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