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Posted: Tuesday 16 August 2022 ( 2 years ago )

What's new at the SAB

Anyone who has visited the blog in the last few years will have noticed that I haven't posted much here lately. Sorry about that. But I have a good excuse: I've been too busy at the site. Over the last few years I have completely revised the ...

Posted: Thursday 20 January 2022 ( 2 years ago )

A conversation with Douglas Wilson about Slavery and the Bible

@douglaswils You are also on record saying this (out loud): "The reason why many Christians will be tempted to dismiss the arguments presented in this booklet is that we will say (out loud) that a godly man could have been a slave owner." p.11, Sout ...

Posted: Thursday 20 January 2022 ( 2 years ago )

Why Douglas Wilson believes the Bible is the word of God

And how do you know that it's the word of God? Is it because "a lot of people around me currently think" it is? Or is it because its contents are so good that only a God could have written it?I mean, who else could write a verse like Leviticus 20:14 ...

Posted: Thursday 20 January 2022 ( 2 years ago )

Christ Church (Moscow, ID) and Leviticus 20:13

Douglas Wilson (@douglaswils) is the pastor of a Christ Church (@Christ_Kirk) in Moscow, Idaho. Since I live in that town, his views are important to me. He also has a wide following among Evangelical Christians in the United States and throughout t ...

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