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Posted: Sunday 04 June 2006 ( 18 years ago )

Behold, it was very good.

And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. Genesis 1:31 Everything that God made was, at least at the time and according to him, very good. But things seem to have changed since then. This is a problem for beli ...

Posted: Saturday 18 December 2010 ( 14 years ago )

The LDS church is embarrassed by its own book

The Mormons did it again. They changed the Book of Mormon to make it a bit less embarrassing. To see this best, though, you need to go get your Book of Mormon. I know you've got one somewhere. I'll wait. OK, good. You found it. Now chec ...

Posted: Friday 14 April 2023 ( 1 year ago )

What were the fiery serpents in Numbers 21?

In our most recent podcast, we told the story about the fiery serpents that God sent to bite the people for complaining about the lack of food and water. It all happens in just five verses in Numbers 21 (verses 5-9) Here's the story from the Bibl ...

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