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Posted: Monday 31 July 2017 ( 7 years ago )

The Bible's Guide to Health Care

First of all, if you get sick, it's your own damned fault. (God made you sick for ignoring his voice, doing wrong in his sight, and/or ignoring his commandments.) If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the LORD thy God, and wilt do that ...

Posted: Sunday 30 July 2017 ( 7 years ago )

A Biblical Solution to the Health Care Crisis: Faith-based medicine (for Republicans)

(Re-post for the current health care debate) A few years ago Garrison Keillor suggested a way to solve our health care crisis, and it's even more relevant today: impose faith-based medicine on all Republicans. That would reduce, by at least a third ...

Posted: Sunday 30 July 2017 ( 7 years ago )

What the Bible says about Masturbation

As you may have noticed, the SAB website has been having troubles lately. There were some links in the old html code (I created it back in 1999) that were causing the site to load slowly, and sometimes not load at all. So I spent the last couple wee ...

Posted: Saturday 29 July 2017 ( 7 years ago )

Richard Dawkins: The God of the Old Testament

(29 July 17: I originally posted this nearly nine years ago, soon after Richard Dawkins's wonderful speech. More recently, the Freedom From Religion Foundation created a new website based upon this speech and Dan Barker's book - God: the Most unplea ...

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