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Posted: Monday 25 June 2007 ( 17 years ago )

The Finger of Jesus

Who was the first person to see Jesus? You might think it was Mary or Joseph, then maybe the magi, the shepherds, and the little drummer boy. But you'd be wrong. If the Book of Mormon is right, that is. The first person to see Jesus was the bro ...

Posted: Tuesday 30 March 2010 ( 14 years ago )


You’ve heard this one before: God killed his son in order to stop himself from torturing people forever after they die for something that someone else supposedly did thousands of years before they were born. The story is known too well already. ...

Posted: Friday 05 June 2009 ( 15 years ago )

The great winepress of the wrath of God (How many will Jesus kill with his sickle?)

(Since the Brick Testament just added this story, I thought I'd update this old post by including a scene from and a link to The Son of Man's Bloody Gorefest.) In a previous posts, I counted the number of people killed by God in the Bible (2,301 ...

Posted: Tuesday 17 February 2009 ( 15 years ago )

Remember Lot's Wife (Forget Jesus)

Although this is God's fourth killing event, it is the first of God's 2,552,452 countable victims. It's interesting that God's first countable victim is unnamed. God killed Mrs. Lot without even knowing (or at least telling us) her name. And ...

Posted: Thursday 25 November 2010 ( 13 years ago )

50 reasons to be ashamed (and not a fan) of Jesus

There's a group in the United States called Not a Fan that encourage Christians to show that they aren't ashamed of Jesus (no matter how badly he behaved in the gospels) by being not just fans, but fanatics. But every believer should be ashamed ...

Posted: Saturday 19 April 2014 ( 10 years ago )

Happy Jesus-in-Hell Day!

When I was a believer, I was always puzzled by the phrase "He descended into hell" in the Apostles' Creed. It just seemed strange to me. What was a nice guy like Jesus doing in a place like that? But I guess Jesus did some time in hell; it says so ...

Posted: Saturday 08 April 2023 ( 11 months ago )

Happy Jesus-in-hell day!

Descent into Hell by Michael Burghers Now that Jesus is dead (they killed him in the Philippines on Good Friday), we can celebrate what happened after he died. Happy Jesus-in-Hell Day! Most Christians (well, Protestants, anyway) don' ...

Posted: Saturday 15 April 2023 ( 10 months ago )

So it was Jesus who sent the fiery serpents in Numbers 21!

One of the craziest stories in the Bible is found in Numbers 21. It all happens in just two verses: The people spake against God, and against Moses, Wherefore have ye brought us up out of Egypt to die in the wilderness? for there is no bread, ne ...

Posted: Saturday 06 June 2009 ( 15 years ago )

What does Jesus have written on his testicles?

OK, I'm not sure about this. Jesus might not have anything written on his testicles. But he does have something written on his thigh, at least if you believe the Book of Revelation. And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, ...

Posted: Monday 10 July 2023 ( 8 months ago )

Who had the most powerful spit: Jesus or Muhammad?

This is an important question. Luckily, the gospels and Ash-Shifa can answer it for us. (Ash-Shifa is a 12th century biography of Muhammad that is considered authoritative throughout the Muslim world.) Let's take Jesus's spit first. ...

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