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Posted: Tuesday 06 June 2006 ( 18 years ago )

The Bible's War on Marriage

There's a war on out there. A war on marriage. But the attack is not from gays or atheists, or even from academic feminists. It's from the Bible. Consider these verses that: Encourage polygamy. If he take him another wife.... -- Exodus 21:10 ...

Posted: Saturday 17 June 2023 ( 8 months ago )

Father's Day lessons from the fathers in the Bible

Noah, the just preacher of righteousness For some reason, God really liked Noah. He hated everyone else, though. Hated them so much, in fact, that he drowned every last one of them, except for Noah (and his family), that is. What was it that ...

Posted: Sunday 18 June 2023 ( 8 months ago )

Hamor: The best father in the Bible

In a previous post, I listed 15 of the fathers in the Bible who provide lessons for fathers today. I wasn't entirely serious, of course, as each of the fathers on the list behaved about as badly as any father could possibly behave. None of them could ...

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