The Book of Jeremiah


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1 Jeremiah, the unborn prophet
God put words in Jeremiah's mouth
2 In vain have I smitten your children
3 A whore's forehead
4 Circumcise the foreskin of your heart
The destroyer of the Gentiles is on his way
5 Try to find a good person
Every one neighed after his neighbour's wife
Tremble at my presence
6 Their ear is uncircumcised
I will bring evil upon this people
7 You've got to change your evil ways
Don't pray for these people
I never asked for animal sacrifices
The Valley of Slaughter
8 Bring out your bones!
I'll give their wives to other men
They didn't even blush
I'll send cockatrices to bite you
9 I wish my head was filled with water
A den of dragons
Like dung on the ground
Uncircumcised hearts
10 Learn not the way of the heathen
11 I will bring evil upon them
Don't pray for these people
Let me see your vengeance on them
12 Prepare them for the day of slaughter
The sword of the LORD shall devour
13 Jeremiah's girdle
I will dash them one against another
I'll discover your skirts on your face
14 Dragons and drought
Don't pray for these people
The prophets prophesy lies in my name
15 Because of Manasseh
I'm tired of repenting
I'll kill their children
16 Don't get married and have a family
Don't mourn for them
Because your fathers have forsaken me
17 The sin of Judah is written with a pen
God's anger will burn forever
Don't carry things on the sabbath day
18 The potter's house
I frame evil against you
Jeremiah's prayer: Pour out their blood
19 Eating the flesh of family and friends
20 Pashur arrests Jeremiah
God changes Pashur's name to Magormissabib
Jeremiah curses the day he was born
21 I myself will fight against you
22 Do no violence to the stranger
Jehoiakim will be buried like a donkey
I am like a drunken man
I am against the prophets
24 Two baskets of figs
25 Seventy years
The wine cup of God's fury
They shall be dung upon the ground
26 Jeremiah's Temple prophecy
The trial of Jeremiah
The prophet Urijah
27 Jeremiah's yoke
28 Hananiah, the good news prophet
Hananiah breaks Jeremiah's yoke
God kills Hananiah
29 Jeremiah's letter to the people in Babylon
Jeremiah's letter to Shemaiah
30 Write all the words that I've spoken to you in a book
31 Some more words to write down
32 Jeremiah in prison
Jeremiah's prayer
God's response
33 The word of God comes to Jeremiah a second time
34 God tells Zedekiah about his death
Zedekiah frees the slaves
The freed slaves are enslaved again
God's kills the people (for enslaving their former slaves)
35 The Rechabites refuse to drink wine in God's house
God will do all the evil things that he said he'd do
36 The first book of Jeremiah
Second Jeremiah
37 Zedekiah asks Jeremiah to pray for him
Jeremiah goes to prison
38 Jeremiah is thrown into a dry well
An Ethiopian eunuch saves Jeremiah
Jeremiah and God threaten Zedekiah
39 The fall of Jerusalem
40 Jeremiah is set free
41 Some random killings
42 We'll do whatever God wants: good or evil
Wherever you go, God will kill you
43 The people go to Egypt
Jeremiah hides some big rocks for God
44 God will kill every Jew in Egypt
The Queen of Heaven
God swears to do evil
45 Stop complaining, Baruch
46 Against the Gentiles
47 Against the Philistines
48 Against Moab
49 Concerning the Ammonites
49 Concerning the Ammonites
Concerning Edom
Concerning Damascus
Concerning Kedar and Hazor
Upon Elam
50 Against Babylon
Israel and Judah will go home
God will destroy Babylon
51 God will destroy Babylon
Jeremiah's book is thrown into the Euphrates
52 The fall of Jerusalem
Jehoiachin is set free