The Book of Isaiah


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1 God threatens his people
2 The last days
3 They will be ruled by children
The sin of Sodom
Women will rule over them
God will discover their secret parts
There will be stink
4 Seven women will take hold of one man
Hell has opened her big mouth
5 A vineyard song
Hell has opened her big mouth
6 Isaiah sees God
7 God's promise to Ahaz
God's sign to Ahaz: A son named Immanuel
God will shave the hair of their feet
8 Call him Mahershalalhashbaz
9 A son with many names
They shall eat every man the flesh of his own arm
10 Woe to those who won't help the poor
11 The mouth of the rod of Jesse
Cockatrice dens
God will destroy the Red Sea and Euphrates River
12 Praise the Lord
13 Howl, because God's day is here!
14 The Israelites will enslave their enemies
God will kill everyone in Babylon
God will tread on the Assyrians
15 God will send lions to eat the Moabites
16 Howl for Moab
17 The burden of Damascus
18 Woe to Ethiopia
19 God comes to Egypt riding on a swift cloud
20 Isaiah walks around naked and barefoot for three years
21 My loins are filled with pain
22 Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we shall die
23 Tyre will sing like a harlot
24 The apocalypse of Isaiah
The day the music died
The pit and the snare
The drunken earth, confounded moon, and ashamed sun
25 Like straw on a dunghill
26 The earth is casting out its dead
27 God will kill the Leviathan and the sea dragon
28 Vomit and filthiness
29 A marvelous work and a wonder
30 Woe to the rebellious children
31 Woe to those who go down to Egypt
32 Liberals devise liberal things
33 Woe to you who spoil
34 The sword of the Lord is filled with blood
35 I-35: The highway of holiness (and dragons)
36 The Assyrians invade Judah and insult its god
37 Messages between God, Hezekiah, Sennacherib, and Isaiah
An angel of God kills 185,000 sleeping soldiers
Sennacherib is killed by his sons
38 Hezekiah's illness
God makes a shadow go back ten degrees
A lump of figs
39 A Babylonian visits Hezekiah
40 People are grass
41 Be quiet, you islands!
42 I am the Lord, that's my name.
43 You are my witnesses
44 Cyrus is God's shepherd
45 Cyrus, the anointed
I create evil
46 There's no one else here with me
47 The nakedness of Babylon
48 The first and the last
No peace for the wicked
49 From the bowels of my mother
On the palms of my hands
Nursing fathers
They will be drunk with their own blood
50 Has my hand been shortened?
51 Look at the rock
Everything will die
Wake up, God!
My name is the Lord of hosts
52 Wake up, Jerusalem!
53 A man of sorrows
54 Sing, barren women! For God is your husband.
55 A cashless society?
God's thoughts are better than your thoughts
56 I am not a dry tree
57 Under every green tree
No peace for the wicked
58 Let the oppressed go free
59 Cockatrice eggs
60 Suck the breasts of kings
61 The spirit of the Lord is upon me
62 Your name will be Hephzibah
63 I'll trample them in my fury
64 Filthy rags
65 Holier than thou
Bow down to the slaughter
The lion shall eat straw
66 Dude, where's my house?
Killing an ox
Suck and be satisfied
Fire and fury
Come see my glory
Immortal worms