0 Deuteronomy Topical Outline

The LORD shall smite thee with a consumption, and with a fever, and with an inflammation, and with an extreme burning, and with the sword, and with blasting, and with mildew; and they shall pursue thee until thou perish. 28:22

Trivia: What must you circumcise according to Deuteronomy 10:16?

The Fifth Book of Moses, called Deuteronomy

1 Moses's speech (Part 1) (1-45)

2 Moses's speech (Part 2) (1-37)

3 Moses's speech (Part 3) (1-29)

4 Moses's speech (Part 4) (1-40)

    Cities of refuge (41-49)

5 The Ten (?) Commandments (1-21)

    The people hear the voice of God (and say they'll die if they hear it again) (22-33)

6 Commandments, statutes, and judgments (1-25)

7 How to commit genocide (1-26)

8 Remember the Exodus and obey the commandments (1-20)

9 God will destroy the giants (the Anakim) (1-6)

    Remember all the times when God wanted to kill everyone (But Moses talked him out of it) (7-29)

10 A new set of tablets (1-22)

11 Remember God's killings (1-6)

    Obey the commandments (7-32)

12 Religious intolerance, animal sacrifice, blood, and abominations (1-32)

13 Kill dreamers and prophets whose signs and wonders come true (1-5)

    Kill your family and friends if they try to change your religious beliefs (6-11)

    If a city has people who believe in other gods, kill everyone in that city (12-18)

14 The Israelites are God's favorite people (1-2)

    What you may and may not eat (3-21)

    Tithes (22-29)

15 The sabbatical year (1-6)

     Lend money to the poor (7-11)

    Rules for slave owners (12-18.)

    Rules for sacrificing first-born males (13-23)

16 Three feasts: Abib, Weeks, and Tabernacles (1-17)

     Judges and officers (18-20)

     Groves and images (21-22)

17 Blemished animal sacrifices are abominations to God (1)

    Stone to death anyone who worships another god (2-7)

    Stone to death anyone who will not listen to a priest or judge (8-13)

    The king is chosen by God (and must not be a foreigner) (14-20)

18 Priests and Levites (1-8)

    Wizards, witches, and astrologers are abominations to God (9-14)

    A prophet like Moses (15-19)

    Kill false prophets (20-22)

19 Cities of refuge (1-10)

    The avenger of blood (11-13)

    Landmarks and witnesses (14-19)

    An eye for an eye (your eye shall not pity them) (11-13)

20 Holy War (1-20)

21 What to do with a dead body (1-9)

    What to do with women captured in a holy war (10-14)

    What to do if you have two wives (One that you love and one that you hate) (15-17)

    What to do with a disobedient son (18-21)

    How to hang people on trees (22-23)

22 Help your neighbor (1-4)

    Clothing, roofs, and plowing (5-12)

    Non-virgin brides must be stoned to death (13-21)

    Rape (married or virgin, city or country) (22-29)

    Don't take your father's wife or discover his skirt (30)

23 The congregation of the Lord (1-8)

    Personal hygiene: Wet dreams and defecation (9-14)

    Runaway slaves (15-16)

    Whores and Sodomites (17-18)

    Vows and usury (19-25)

24 Divorce (1-4)

    Assorted laws (5-22)

25 Legal disputes (and muzzled oxen) (1-4)

    A man must marry his dead brother's wife (or she will spit in his face) (5-10)

    When to cut off a woman's hand (without pity) (11-12)

    Be honest in business (13-16)

    Remember to kill Amalekites (17-19)

26 Give your first fruits to God (1-11)

    Say a few words to God (12-19)

27 The entire law is written on plastered stones (1-10)

    Twelve curses from Mount Ebal (11-26)

28 Blessings for obeying God (1-14)

    Curses for disobeying God (15-68)

29 Moses gives another speech: Part 1 (1-29)

30 Another Speech: part 2 (1-20)

31 Moses's speech: Part 3 (1-8)

    Moses writes and delivers the law (9-14)

    God appears and teaches Moses a song (15-21)

    Moses writes down God's song (22-30)

32 Moses sings God's Drunk With Blood song (1-47)

    God tells Moses to climb Mount Nebo and die (48-52)

33 Moses's blessing (1-29)

34 Moses dies (1-12)

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