The Book of Numbers


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1 Moses takes a census
2 The camps and tribes of Israel
3 God kills Aaron's sons, Nadab and Abihu
Instructions for priests
A census of the Levites
4 Duties of the sons of Kohath
5 Lepers and other "defiled" people are driven from camp
Sin, trespass, and recompense
The law of jealousies
6 How to become a Nazarite
7 Animal sacrifices when dedicating the altar
8 How to light the lamps
God replaces firstborn Israelites with Levites
Early (and forced) retirement for Levites
9 The Passover
Unclean Passover
A cloud by day, a fire at night
10 Two silver trumpets
The cloud of the Lord
11 The people complain (so God burns them to death)
The people complain (again) about the lack of food
God sends them quails to eat
God smites the people for complaining about the quails
12 Miriam and Aaron criticize Moses
God strikes Miriam with leprosy
13 Twelve spies sent to Canaan
A land of giants!
14 The people revolt against Moses and Aaron
God threatens to kill everyone
Moses talks him out of it (again)
God decides to kill them later
God kills the ten honest spies
15 A sweet savor unto the Lord
What to do if you sin through ignorance
A man gathering sticks on the sabbath is stoned to death
How to put fringes on garments
16 Korah's Rebellion
God decides to kill everyone (but Moses talks him out of it)
God kills Korah and his companions
God kills 250 incense burners
The people complain about God's killings
God decides to kill everyone (again)
Aaron stops God's from killing everyone by burning incense
God kills 14,700 in a plague
17 Aaron's Magic Rod
18 Instructions for priests
How to redeem your firstborn sons
19 The Red Heifer
Touching dead bodies, open containers, etc.
20 The people complain (again) about the lack of food and water
Moses smites a rock (twice) and water comes out
God punishes Moses and Aaron for smiting the rock twice
Aaron dies (did God kill him?)
21 The Israelites make a deal with God
God sends snakes to bite the Israelites (for complaining)
God tells Moses to make a fiery serpent
The journey from Obath
The Israelites take many cities with the edge of the sword
God delivers Og into Moses's hands
22 Balak sends for Balaam
God tells Balaam not to curse the Israelites
God tells Balaam to go with the men of Moab
Balaam and his donkey have a conversation
Balaam goes to Moab
23 Balaam's first sacrifice and speech
Balaam's second sacrifice and speech
Balaam's third sacrifice
24 Balaams third speech
Balaam's fourth speech
25 The Israelites commit whoredom with the daughters of Moab
God and Moses respond (by hanging up heads and forcing the people to kill each other)
Phinehas stops God's plague (by murdering an interfaith couple)
26 Another census
27 The daughters of Zelophehad
Joshua replaces Moses as leader of the Israelites
28 Daily animal sacrifices
Sabbath sacrifices
Monthly sacrifices
Passover sacrifices
Sacrifices on the day of the first fruits
29 Sacrifices on Trumpet Blowing Day
Sacrifices on holy convocation days
30 Vows for men
Vows for women
31 The Midianite massacre
32 The children of Gad and Reuben
33 The journeys of the children of Israel
God's instructions for conquering Canaan
34 The boundaries of Israel
The tribal princes
35 Suburbs for Levites
Cities of refuge
Murderers and revengers of blood
36 The daughters of Zelophehad (revisited)