0 Numbers Topical Outline

The Fourth Book of Moses, called Numbers

1 Moses takes a census (1-54)

2 The camps and tribes of Israel (1-34)

3 God kills Aaron's sons, Nadab and Abihu (1-4)

    Instructions for priests (5-13)

    A census of the Levites (14-51)

4 Duties of the sons of Kohath (1-49)

5 Lepers and other defiled; people are driven from camp (1-4 )

    Sin, trespass, and recompense (5-10)

    The law of jealousies (11-31)

6 How to become a Nazarite (and what to do if you are defiled) (1-21)

     The priestly blessing (22-27)

7 Animal sacrifices when dedicating the altar (1-89)

8 How to light the lamps (1-4)

    God replaces firstborn Israelites with Levites (5-22)

    Early (and forced) retirement for Levites (23-26)

9 The Passover (1-5)

    Unclean Passover (6-14)

    A cloud by day, a fire at night (15-23)

10 Two silver trumpets (1-10)

    The cloud of the Lord (11-36)

11 The people complain (so God burns them to death) (1-3)

    The people complain (again) about the lack of food (4-23)

    Eldad and Medad (24-30)

    God sends them quails to eat (31-32)

    God smites the people for complaining about the quails (33-35)

12 Miriam and Aaron criticize Moses (1-8)

    God strikes Miriam with leprosy (9-16)

13 Twelve spies sent to Canaan (1-22)

    A land of giants! (23-33)

14 The people revolt against Moses and Aaron (1-10)

    God threatens to kill everyone (11-35)

    Moses talks him out of it (again) (11-35)

    God decides to kill them later (11-35)

    God kills the ten honest spies (36-39)

    The Amalekites and Canaanites smite the Israelites (40-45)

15 A sweet savor unto the Lord (1-23)

    What to do if you sin through ignorance (24-31)

    A man gathering sticks on the sabbath is stoned to death (32-36)

    How to put fringes on garments (37-41)

16 Korah's Rebellion (1-19)

    God decides to kill everyone (but Moses talks him out of it) (20-22)

    God kills Korah and his companions (23-33)

    God kills 250 incense burners (34-40)

    The people complain about God's killings (41-42)

    God decides to kill everyone (again) (43-45)

    Aaron stops God's from killing everyone by burning incense (46-48)

    God kills 14,700 in a plague (49-50)

17 Aaron's Magic Rod (1-13)

18 Instructions for priests (1-13)

    How to redeem your firstborn sons (14-20)

    Tithes (21-32)

19 The Red Heifer (1-10)

    Touching dead bodies, open containers, etc. (11-22)

20 Miriam dies (1)

    The people complain (again) about the lack of food and water (2-5)

    Moses smites a rock (twice) and water comes out (6-11)

    God punishes Moses and Aaron for smiting the rock twice (12-22)

    The king of Edom refuses to let the Israelites pass through his land (14-22)

    Aaron dies naked (23-29)

21 The Israelites make a deal with God (Deliver the Canaanites to us and we will kill them all) (1-4)

    God sends snakes to bite the Israelites (for complaining) (5-7)

    God tells Moses to make a fiery serpent (8-9)

    The journey from Obath (10-20)

    The Israelites take many cities with the edge of the sword (21-30)

    God delivers Og into Moses's hands (31-35)

22 Balak sends for Balaam (1-8)

    God tells Balaam not to curse the Israelites (9-19)

    God tells Balaam to go with the men of Moab (20-27)

    Balaam and his donkey have a conversation (28-30)

    Balaam goes to Moab (31-41)

23 Balaam's first sacrifice and speech (1-10)

    Balaam's second sacrifice and speech (11-26)

    Balaam's third sacrifice (27-30))

24 Balaam's third speech (1-9)

     Balaam's fourth speech (10-25)

25 The Israelites commit whoredom with the daughters of Moab (1-3)

     God and Moses respond (by hanging up heads and forcing the people to kill each other) (4-5)

     Phinehas stops God's plague (by murdering an interfaith couple) (6-15)

    Vex the Midianites and smite them (16-18)

26 Another census (1-65 )

27 The daughters of Zelophehad (1-11)

    Joshua replaces Moses as leader of the Israelites (12-23)

28 Daily animal sacrifices (1-8)

    Sabbath sacrifices (9-10)

    Monthly sacrifices (11-15)

    Passover sacrifices (16-25)

    Sacrifices on the day of the first fruits (26-31)

29 Sacrifices on Trumpet Blowing Day (1-6)

    Sacrifices on holy convocation days (7-40)

30 Vows for men (1-2)

    Vows for women (3-16)

31 The Midianite massacre (1-54)

32 The children of Gad and Reuben (1-42)

33 The journeys of the children of Israel (1-49)

    God's instructions for conquering Canaan (50-56)

34 The boundaries of Israel (1-15)

    The tribal princes (16-29)

35 Suburbs for Levites (1-5)

    Cities of refuge (6-15)

    Murderers and revengers of blood (16-34)

36 The daughters of Zelophehad (revisited) (1-13)

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