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Deuteronomy: Interpretation

  1. Does God approve of slavery? 5:21, 15:12, 20:10-11, 20:14, 23:15-16, 24:7, 24:14-15

  2. Is it OK to eat blood? 12:16, 12:23

  3. The Watchtower (May 15, 2012) uses this passage to force Jehovah's Witnesses to shun (disfellowship) apostates (former J-dubs) in their own family. 13:6-10

  4. Martin Luther used these verses (Deuteronomy 13:12-17)to justify burning the synagogues and homes of the Jews.
    On the Jews and Their Lies (Part 11) 13:12-17

  5. Is magic OK? 18:10-11

  6. Does the bible condemn astrology? 18:10-12

  7. Who is the prophesied prophet? Jesus or Muhammad? 18:18-19

  8. Jehovah's Witnesses use this verse (along with 1 Timothy 5:19 and Matthew 18:16) to justify their refusal to report or investigate incidents of child molestation unless two or three JWs have witnessed the event. If witnesses do not come forward (and they are discouraged from doing so since it would embarrass the organization), then the victim is told to be quiet about it -- or risk being disfellowshipped. 19:15

  9. Is polygamy OK? 21:15

  10. When someone commits "a sin worthy of death" that person is "accursed of God" and should be hung on a tree. But should the accursed person be killed first by stoning and then hung on a tree or be killed by hanging on a tree -- that is, by crucifixion? I'll leave that for the Bible scholars to decide. The important thing is to make sure you take the accursed dead body down before nightfall. Leaving dead bodies on trees all night is just nasty. Too nasty even for a very nasty God. 21:22-23

  11. Does God approve of capital punishment? 22:13-24

  12. The JWs believe that Jesus is "a god" who was with Jehovah during the creation. But how could that be if God was speaking truthfully in this verse when he said, "there are no gods with me"? 32:39

  13. "And there arose not a prophet since in Israel like unto Moses."
    Who was the greatest prophet? 34:10