0 Exodus Topical Outline

The LORD met him, and sought to kill him. Then Zipporah took a sharp stone, and cut off the foreskin of her son, and cast it at his feet, and said, Surely a bloody husband art thou to me. 4:24

Trivia: What does the Bible say to do to a child that curses his father or mother?

The Second Book of Moses, called Exodus

1 Jacob's family moves to Egypt. (1-7)

     The new king of Egypt mistreats the Israelites. (8-22)

2 The birth and infancy of Moses (1-10)

     Moses kills an Egyptian. (11-12)

     Moses flees to Midian. (13-15)

     Moses and Zipporah (16-21)

     The king of Egypt dies. (23-25)

3 The Burning Bush (1-22)

4 God teaches Moses some magic tricks (1-17)

     Moses returns to Egypt (18-23)

     God tries to kill Moses. (24-26)

     Moses and Aaron speak to the Israelites (27-31)

5 Moses and Aaron talk to the Pharaoh (1-23)

6 Moses meets with God again (1-30)

     The genealogy of Moses and Aaron (14-25)

     Moses has uncircumcised lips (26-30)

7 God prepares Moses and Aaron for their meeting with Pharaoh. (1-6)

     The rod to snake trick (7-12)

     God hardens the Pharaoh's heart (13-14)

     The first plague of Egypt: The river turns to blood (15-25)

8 The second plague: Frogs (1-15)

     The third plague: Lice (16-19)

     The fourth plague: Flies (20-32)

9 The fifth plague: All cattle in Egypt die (1-7)

     The sixth plague: Boils (8-17)

     The seventh plague: Hail (18-35)

10 The eighth plague: Locusts (1-20)

     The ninth plague: Three days of darkness (21-29)

11 God plans the tenth plague (1-10)

12 God finds a way to avoid killing the wrong children (1-13)

    Passover laws (14-28)

    The tenth plague: God kills all the Egyptian firstborn children and animals (29-36)

    The Israelites begin their Exodus from Egypt (37-42)

    More Passover laws (Because you can never have too many) (43-51)

13 Laws commemorating the Exodus (1-16)

     Through the wilderness of the Red Sea (17-22)

14 The Red Sea crossing (1-31)

15 The song of Moses (1-21)

     The waters of Marah (22-27)

16 Manna and Quails (1-36)

17 Water from a rock (1-7)

     War with Amalek (8-16)

18 Jethro visits Moses (1-27)

19 Moses and God on Mount Sinai (1-25)

20 God spoke all these words. (Which are often called "The Ten Commandments") (1-17)

    A few more commandments (18-26)

21 On slavery (2-6 )

    On selling your daughter (7-8)

    On polygamy (10-11)

    On murder (12-14)

    On disobedient children and slave stealers (15-17)

    On assault (18-19)

    On slave beating (20-21)

    On miscarriage / abortion (22-25)

    More judgments on slave beating (26-27)

    On ox goring (28-32)

22 More laws (1-15)

23 Good Rules (1-11)

     Rules about sabbaths, gods, feasts, and sacrifice (12-19)

     More rules and promises (20-33)

24 Moses and God on Mount Sinai (1- 18)

25 Stuff God wants (1-40)

26 God's instructions for making curtains (1-37)

27 How to make an altar and tabernacle court (1-21)

28 How to make holy garments for priests (1-43)

29 The procedure for making priests (1-21)

     Wave, heave, and sin offerings (22-35)

     Daily animal sacrifices (36-46)

30 Make an altar, burn incense, and sacrifice animals (1-10)

     God's survey and tax plan (11-16)

     Priests must wash their hands and feet (Or they will die) (17-21)

     God's holy oil and perfume (22-38)

31 Bezaleel and Aholiab (1-11)

     The Sabbath (12-18)

32 Aaron's Golden Calf (1-9)

     Moses talks God out of killing everyone (9-14)

     Moses breaks the stone tablets (15-20)

     Aaron's excuses (21-24)

     God forces people to kill their family, friends, and neighbors (25-32)

     The Lord plagued the people (33-35)

33 A land flowing with milk and honey (1-8)

     God talks to Moses face to face (9-20)

     God shows Moses his back parts (21-23)

34 Replacement Tablets (the ten commandments) (1-28)

    The shining face of Moses (29-35)

35 Sabbath Laws (1-3)

     Stuff God wants (4-19)

     The people bring stuff to God (20-29)

     Bezaleel and Aholiab (30-35)

36 Bezaleel and Aholiab make stuff for God (1-38)

37 Bezaleel makes more stuff for God (1-29)

38 Bezaleel makes even more stuff for God (1-31)

39 Bezaleel makes holy garments for priests (1-32)

     The people bring more stuff God (33-43)

40 Setting up the tabernacle (1-38)

     A cloud at night and a fire during the day (34-38)

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