Exodus Trivia:

The Book of Exodus


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1 Jacob's family moves to Egypt
The new king of Egypt mistreats the Israelites
2 The birth and infancy of Moses
Moses kills an Egyptian
Moses flees to Midian
Moses and Zipporah
The king of Egypt dies
3 The Burning Bush
4 God teaches Moses some magic tricks
Moses returns to Egypt
God tries to kill Moses
Moses and Aaron speak to the Israelites
5 Moses and Aaron talk to the Pharaoh
6 Moses meets with God again
The genealogy of Moses and Aaron
Moses has uncircumcised lips
7 God prepares Moses and Aaron for their meeting with Pharaoh
The rod to snake trick
God hardens the Pharaoh's heart
The first plague of Egypt: The river turns to blood
8 The second plague: Frogs
The third plague: Lice
The fourth plague: Flies
9 The fifth plague: All cattle in Egypt die
The sixth plague: Boils
The seventh plague: Hail
10 The eighth plague: Locusts
The ninth plague: Three days of darkness
11 God plans the tenth plague
12 God finds a way to avoid killing the wrong children
Passover laws
The tenth plague: God kills all the Egyptian firstborn children and animals
The Isralites begin their Exodus from Egypt
More Passover laws
13 Laws commemorating the Exodus
Through the wilderness of the Red Sea
14 The Red Sea crossing
15 The song of Moses
The waters of Marah
16 Manna and Quails
17 Water from a rock
War with Amalek
18 Jethro visits Moses
19 Moses and God on Mount Sinai
20 The ten commandments
A few more commandments
21 On slavery
On selling your daughter
On polygamy
On murder
On disobedient children and slave stealers
On assault
On slave beating
On miscarriage / abortion
More judgments on slave beating
On ox goring
22 More laws
23 Good rules
Rules about sabbaths, gods, feasts, and sacrifice
More rules and promises
24 Moses and God on Mount Sinai
25 Stuff God wants
26 God's instructions for making curtains
27 How to make an altar and tabernacle court
28 How to make holy garments for priests
29 The procedure for making priests
Wave, heave, and sin offerings
Daily animal sacrifices
30 Make an altar, burn incense, and sacrifice animals
God's survey and tax plan
Priests must wash their hands and feet
God's holy oil and perfume
31 Bezaleel and Aholiab
The Sabbath
32 Aaron's Golden Calf
Moses talks God out of killing everyone
Moses breaks the stone tablets
Aaron's excuses
God forces people to kill their family, friends, and neighbors
The Lord plagued the people
33 A land flowing with milk and honey
God talks to Moses face to face
God shows Moses his back parts
34 Replacement Tablets (the ten commandments)
The shining face of Moses
35 Sabbath laws
Stuff God wants
The people bring stuff to God
Bezaleel and Aholiab
36 Bezaleel and Aholiab make stuff for God
37 Bezaleel makes more stuff for God
38 Bezaleel makes even more stuff for God
39 Bezaleel makes holy garments for priests
The people bring more stuff God
40 Setting up the tabernacle
A cloud at night and a fire during the day