1 Kings Trivia:

The First Book of Kings


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1 A virgin is found to give David some heat
Adonijah tries to become king
Bathsheba makes Solomon king
2 David's last words: Murder Joab and Shimei
Solomon kills his brother Adonijah
Solomon kills Joab and Shimei
3 Solomon "takes" the Pharaoh's daughter and sacrifices 1000 animals to God
God appears to Solomon in a dream
Two prostitutes and a baby
4 All the king's men
Solomon was wiser than Heman
5 Materials for God's house
6 Solomon builds a house for God
7 Solomon builds a much larger house for himself
8 The ark is brought into the temple
Solomon's speech
Solomon's animal sacrfice
9 God threatens Solomon
Hiram didn't like the cities Solomon gave him (but he gave Solomon lots of gold anyway)
10 The Queen of Sheba visits Solomon
Solomon's stuff
11 Solomon's strange wives and concubines
God stirs up adversaries to Solomon
God gives ten tribes to Jeroboam
Solomon dies
12 The people of Israel rebel against Rehoboam
God tells everyone to go home
Jeroboam's golden calves
13 The man of God from Judah
A tale of two prophets
14 God kills Jeroboam's son (and promises to kill his family and descendants)
Images, groves, and Sodomites
15 Abijam wasn't perfect like David
Asa was intolerant (but perfect in the eyes of the Lord)
Asa's war with Baasha
Asa's foot disease
Nadab did evil in the sight of the Lord
Baasha kills Nadab and becomes king of Israel
Baasha kills Jeroboam's family "according to the word of the Lord"
16 God tells Jehu that he will kill Baasha's family
Baasha's son Elah becomes king, and is killed by Zimri
Zimri kills Baasha's family and friends
Zimri is king for a week. Then he burns to death.
Omri becomes king
After Omri dies, his son Ahab becomes king
17 Elijah is fed by ravens
A widow provides for Elijah
Elijah and the widow's son
18 God tells Elijah to visit Ahab
The light-my-fire contest (to determine whose god is God)
After winning the contest, Elijah kills the 450 losers
Elijah makes it rain
19 Jezebel threatens to kill Elijah
An angel visits Elijah (and feeds him angel food cake)
God visits Elijah
Elisha joins Elijah
20 Benhadad threatens Ahab
God delivers Behnadad into Ahab's hand
100,000 Syrians are killed (for calling God a god of the hills)
27,000 Syrians are killed by a falling wall
Benhadad and Ahab reach an agreement
A lion kills a man for refusing to smite a prophet
21 Naboth's vineyard
Jezebel's plan
Naboth is stoned to death
Elijah tells Ahab what God says (that he'll kill him and his wall-pissing family)
22 Ahab and Jehoshaphat ask God if they should attack Syria
God puts a lying spirit in the mouth of his prophets
King Ahab dies (and the dogs licked his blood according to the word of the Lord)