0 1 Kings Topical Outline

He smote all the house of Jeroboam; he left not to Jeroboam any that breathed, until he had destroyed him, according unto the saying of the LORD. 15:29

Trivia: Why did God kill King Ahab?

The First Book of Kings

1 A virgin is found to give David some heat (1-4)

     Adonijah tries to become king (5-10)

     Bathsheba makes Solomon king (11-53)

2 David's last words: Murder Joab and Shimei (1-9)

     Solomon kills his brother Adonijah (10-25)

     Solomon kills Joab and Shimei (26-46)

3 Solomon "takes" the Pharaoh's daughter and sacrifices 1000 animals to God (1-4)

    God appears to Solomon in a dream (5-15)

    Two prostitutes and a baby (16-28)

4 All the king's men (1-19)

     Solomon was wiser than Heman (20-34)

5 Materials for God's house (1-18 2 Chr 2)

6 Solomon builds a house for God (1-38)

7 Solomon builds much larger house for himself (1-51)

8 The ark is brought into the temple (1-66)

     Solomon's speech (12-61)

     Solomon's animal sacrfice (62-66)

9 God threatens Solomon (1-9)

    Hiram didn't like the cities Solomon gave him (but he gave Solomon lots of gold anyway) (10-28 2 Chr 8)

10 The Queen of Sheba visits Solomon (1-13)

     Solomon's stuff (14-29)

11 Solomon's strange wives and concubines (1-13)

    God stirs up adversaries to Solomon (14-25)

    God gives ten tribes to Jeroboam (26-40)

    Solomon dies (41-43)

12 The people of Israel rebel against Rehoboam (1-20 2 Chr 10)

    God tells everyone to go home (21-24 2 Chr 11)

    Jeroboam's golden calves (25-33)

13 A tale of two prophets (1-34)

14 God kills Jeroboam's son (and promises to kill his family and descendants) (1-18)

    Images, groves, and sodomites (19-31)

15 Abijam wasn't perfect like David (1-8 2 Chr 13)

    Asa was intolerant (but perfect in the eyes of the Lord) (9-24)

    Asa's war with Baasha (16-22)

    Asa's foot disease (23-24)

    Nadab did evil in the sight of the Lord (25-26)

    Baasha kills Nadab and becomes king of Israel (27-28)

    Baasha kills Jeroboam's family (according to the word of the Lord) (29-34)

16 God tells Jehu that he will kill Baasha's family (1-7)

    Baasha's son Elah becomes king, and is killed by Zimri (8-10)

    Zimri kills Baasha's family and friends (11-14)

    Zimri is king for a week. Then he burns to death. (15-20)

    Omri becomes king (21-28)

    After Omri dies, his son Ahab becomes king (29-34)

17 Elijah is fed by ravens (1-7)

    A widow provides for Elijah (8-16)

    Elijah and the widow's son (17-24)

18 God tells Elijah to visit Ahab (1-15)

    The light-my-fire contest (to determine whose god is God) (16-39)

    After winning the contest, Elijah kills the 450 losers (40)

    Elijah makes it rain (41-46)

19 Jezebel threatens to kill Elijah (1-4)

    An angel visits Elijah (and feeds him angel food cake) (5-8)

    God visits Elijah (9-18)

    Elisha joins Elijah (19-21)

20 Benhadad threatens Ahab (1-11)

     God delivers Benhadad into Ahab's hand (12-21)

     100,000 Syrians are killed (for calling God a god of the hills) (22-29)

     27,000 Syrians are killed by a falling wall (30)

     Benhadad and Ahab reach an agreement (31-34)

     A lion kills a man for refusing to smite a prophet (35-42)

21 Naboth's vineyard (1-6)

    Jezebel's plan (7-10)

    Naboth is stoned to death (11-16)

    Elijah tells Ahab what God says (That he'll kill him and his whole wall-pissing family) (17-29)

22 Ahab and Jehoshaphat ask God if they should attack Syria (1-18)

    God puts a lying spirit in the mouth of his prophets (19-28)

    King Ahab dies (and the dogs licked his blood according to the word of the Lord) (29-53)

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