0 2 Samuel Topical Outline

Thus saith the LORD, Behold, I will raise up evil against thee out of thine own house, and I will take thy wives before thine eyes, and give them unto thy neighbour, and he shall lie with thy wives in the sight of this sun. 12:11

Trivia: Who arranged for Uriah's death in battle?

The Second Book of Samuel

1 David kills the messenger (a kind Amalekite) (1-16)

    The song of the bow (and the love of Jonathan) (17-27)

2 David becomes king of Judah (1-7)

    Ishbosheth becomes king of Israel (8-11)

    The young men "play" before Abner and Joab (12-16)

    Squabbles between Judah and Israel (17-32)

3 David impregnates six women (1-5)

    Abner revolts against Ishbosheth (6-11)

    David steals Michal from her husband (12-16)

    Joab kills Abner (17-39)

4 Baanah and Rechab kill Ishbosheth (1-6)

    Ishbosheth's head is brought to David (7-8)

    David kills Rechab and Baanah, cuts off their hands and feet, and hangs their bodies over the pool (9-12)

5 David becomes king of Israel (1-5)

    David occupies Jerusalem, calling it "The City of David" (6-12)

    David takes more wives and concubines (13-16)

    God helps David smite the Philistines (twice) (17-25)

6 God kills Uzzah for protecting the ark (1-7)

    David dances nearly naked in front of God and everybody (8-15)

    Michal is disgusted by David's performance (16-23)

7 David, God, and Nathan talk about houses and stuff (1-29 1 Chr 17)

8 God gave David victory wherever he went (1-18)

9 David finds someone in Saul's family to be kind to (for Jonathan's sake) (1-13)

10 Hanun embarrasses David's messengers (1-5)

    David fights Ammon and Syria (6-19)

11 David sends Joab to destroy the Ammonites (1)

    David impregnates Bathsheba (2-5)

    David has Uriah killed (6-25)

    David marries Bathsheba and she has a son (16-27)

12 Nathan's parable: That man is you (1-14)

    God kills a baby (15-23)

    David comforts Bathsheba and Solomon is born (24-25)

    David tortures the children of Ammon (26-31)

13 Amnon rapes his half-sister Tamar (1-19)

    Absalom kills Amnon for raping his sister (20-39)

14 The woman of Tekoah (1-20)

    Absalom comes home to Jerusalem (21-33)

15 Absalom conspires against David (1-12)

    David runs away (leaving his concubines to keep house) (13-37)

16 Ziba and David meet again (1-4)

    Shimei curses and throws stones at David (5-14)

    Absalom has sex with his father's ten concubines (in front of all the people) (15-23)

17 Ahithophel's plan (1-4)

    Hushai's plan (5-13)

    Hushai's plan is accepted (so God could bring evil on Absalom) (14)

    David is warned (15-22)

    Ahithophel hangs himself (23-29)

18 David's men fight Absalom, killing 20,000 Israelites (1-8)

    Absalom is killed (9-33)

19 David crosses the Jordan River (1-43)

20 Sheba blew a trumpet (1-2)

    David punishes his concubines (for being publicly raped by his son Absalom) (3)

    Joab murders Amasa (by smiting him under the fifth rib) (4-14)

    Sheba is decapitated (and his head is thrown over the wall) (15-26)

21 Seven of Saul's sons are hung up before the Lord (to end a famine) (1-14)

    More wars and giant killing (15-22)

22 David's song to God (1-51)

23 David's (next to the) last words (1-7)

    David's 36 (or 37) mighty men (8-39)

24 God tells David to have a census (1-9)

    God kills 70,000 men because of David's census (10-25)

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