The Second Book of Samuel


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1 David kills the messenger (a kind Amalekite)
The song of the bow (and the love of Jonathan)
2 David becomes king of Judah
Ishbosheth becomes king of Israel
The young men "play" before Abner and Joab
Squabbles between Judah and Israel
3 David impregnates six women
Abner revolts against Ishbosheth
David steals Michal from her husband
Joab kills Abner
4 Baanah and Rechab kill Ishbosheth
Ishbosheth's head is brought to David
David kills Rechab and Baanah, cuts off their hands and feet, and hangs their bodies
5 David becomes king of Israel
He occupies Jerusalem, calling it "The City of David"
He takes more wives and concubines
God helps David smite the Philistines (twice)
6 God kills Uzzah for protecting the ark
David dances nearly naked in front of God and everybody
Michal is disgusted by David's performance
7 David, God, and Nathan talk about houses and stuff
8 God gave David victory wherever he went
9 David finds someone in Saul's family to be kind to (for Jonathan's sake)
10 David fights Ammon and Syria
11 David sends Joab to destroy the Ammonites
He impregnates Bathsheba
He has Uriah killed
He marries Bathsheba and she has a son
12 Nathan's parable
God kills a baby
David comforts Bathsheba and Solomon is born
David tortures the children of Ammon
13 Amnon rapes his half-sister Tamar
Absalom kills Amnon for raping his sister
14 The woman of Tekoah
Absalom comes home to Jerusalem
15 Absalom conspires against David
David runs away (leaving his concubines to keep house)
16 Ziba and David meet again
Shimei curses and throws stones at David
Absalom has sex with his father's ten concubines (in front of all the people)
17 Ahithophel's plan
Hushai's plan
Hushai's plan is accepted (so God could bring evil on Absalom)
David is warned
Ahithophel hangs himself
18 David's men fight Absalom, killing 20,000 Israelites
Absalom is killed
19 David crosses the Jordan River
20 Sheba blew a trumpet
David punishes his concubines (for being publicly raped by his son Absalom)
Joab murders Amasa (by smiting him under the fifth rib)
Sheba is decapitated (and his head is thrown over the wall)
21 Seven of Saul's sons are hung up before the Lord (to end a famine)
More wars and giant killing
22 David's song to God
23 David's (next to the) last words
David's 36 (or 37) mighty men
24 God tells David to have a census
God kills 70,000 men because of David's census