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When thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray. Matthew 6:6

Trivia: According to the gospel of Matthew, was Jesus born in a house or a manger?

2 Samuel: Trivia Questions

  1. David enslaved one-third of the Moabites. What did he do with the remaing two-thirds?
  2. How many men did Abishai kill with his spear?
  3. Under which rib did Joab smite Aabner?
  4. How many men did Adino the Eznite kill with his spear at one time?
  5. Under which rib did Joab smite Amasa?
  6. What was the name of the woman that David had sex with after watching her bathe?
  7. Who did king David leave behind when he left Jerusalem to avoid being killed by his son Absalom?
  8. At the time of king David, who was the best looking guy in Israel?
  9. Who chased the birds and beasts away from the dead bodies of her sons as they hung before the Lord?
  10. According to 2 Samuel, who told David to have a census?
  11. Who was completely righteous and clean in God's sight?
  12. What did David command his young men to do to Rechab and Baanah?
  13. What was David's curse to Joab and his family?
  14. In 2 Samuel 21, What stopped God's three-year famine?
  15. Who said this to David: I will force your neighbor to have sex with your wives in the sight of everyone?
  16. How much did Absalom's hair weigh?
  17. Whose head did the woman of Sheba cast over the wall to Joab?
  18. Under which rib did Baanah and Rechab smite Ishbosheth?
  19. Why did God kill David and Bathsheba's first son?
  20. What did David say about the lame and the blind?
  21. Who killed two lion-like men of Moab, a lion in the snow, and a goodly Egyptian with a spear in his hand?
  22. How did God punish Michal for criticizing David for dancing nearly naked in fron of God and everybody?
  23. How many men did God kill to punish David for having a census?
  24. Who said these words to Jonathan, 'Very pleasant hast thou been unto me: thy love to me was wonderful, passing the love of women'?
  25. How did David punish his ten concubines for being publicly raped by his son?
  26. Which of David's son's raped his half-sister?
  27. Under which rib did Abner smite Asahel?
  28. How long did David and Bathsheba's first baby live after God made the child sick?
  29. Which of David's sons killed his half-brother for raping his sister?
  30. How did Ammon feel about his half-sister Tamar after he raped her?
  31. Who had sex with David's ten concubines in the sight of all of Israel?
  32. Why did God send a three-year famine on David's kingdom?
  33. Who arranged for Uriah's death in battle?
  34. Why did God kill Uzzah?
  35. Who gave Saul's wives to David?

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