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1 Kings: Trivia Questions

  1. Who asked Bathsheba to ask Solomon to give him Abishag for a wife?
  2. Who told Benaiah to kill Adonijah?
  3. Why did God kill King Ahab?
  4. How many animals did Solomon sacrifice at Gibeon?
  5. Who said he was going to kill Baasha's family (and posterity) and feed them to the dogs and birds?
  6. How long did Elijah survive on a couple angel food cakes?
  7. How many children did Solomon have?
  8. What did God say would happen to Ahab's family if they die in the city?
  9. How many did God kill in Elijah's prayer contest?
  10. What did God say would happen to Ahab's family if they die in the country?
  11. Who said dogs would eat Jezebel?
  12. When the ark was brought into the Temple, what made it so that the priests couldn't carry out their duties?
  13. Who did more evil than everyone who ever lived before him?
  14. Who said he'd kill everyone in Ahab's family who pissed against a wall?
  15. Who was advised to say that his little finger would be thicker than his father's loins?
  16. How much gold did Solomon receive each year?
  17. Whose hand did God "dry up" and then restore?
  18. What was the name of the young virgin who tried to get some heat for old King David?
  19. Who was wiser than Heman?
  20. Who removed his mother as queen for making an idol in a grove, and then destroyed his mom's idol by burning it?
  21. Who did God say he would cut off from Jeroboam?
  22. Who told Benaiah to kill Joab?
  23. Who said that dogs will lick Ahab's blood?
  24. In 1 Kings 22, who put a lying spirit in the mouth of prophets?
  25. Who married the Pharaoh's daughter and brought her to Jerusalem?
  26. What prophet tore Jeroboam's garment into twelve pieces?
  27. Who killed all of Baasha's family and friends according to the word of the Lord, leaving not one who pissed against a wall?
  28. How did God kill the disobedient prophet in 1 Kings 13?
  29. What caused the earthquake when Solomon was made king?
  30. Who did God feed with ravens?
  31. In 1 Kings 20, what happened to a man who refused to smite a prophet when the prophet asked him to do so?
  32. When Solomon brought the ark into the temple, how many animals did he sacrifice?
  33. Who killed everyone is Jeroboam's family according to the saying of the Lord??
  34. When did Solomon sacrifice 22,000 oxen and 120,000 sheep?
  35. Who told Benaiah to kill Shimei?
  36. Who killed Jeroboam's sick son?
  37. What king did what is right in the sight of the Lord by expelling sodomites from the land?
  38. How many songs did Solomon write?
  39. Who revived a widow's son by stretching himself out on him three times?
  40. According to 1 Kings 20, why did God kill 100,000 Syrians?
  41. According to 1 Kings 20, how many Syrians died when a wall fell on them?
  42. Who had 700 wives and 300 concubines?

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