0 2 Kings Topical Outline

Thus saith the LORD God of Israel, Behold, I am bringing such evil upon Jerusalem and Judah, that whosoever heareth of it, both his ears shall tingle. 21:12

Trivia: What happened when a dead man's bones touched Elisha's dead body?

The Second Book of Kings

1 King Ahaziah asks Baalzebub about his injuries (1-8)

    God burns 102 men to death (for asking Elijah to come down from a hill) (9-15)

    God kills Ahaziah (for asking the wrong god) (16-19)

2 Elijah goes to heaven in a chariot of fire (1-18)

    Elisha heals Jericho's water supply (19-22)

    God sends two bears to rip apart 42 little children (for making fun of Elisha's bald head) (23-25)

3 Israel, Judah, and Edom attack Moab (1-27)

4 A miraculous pot of oil (1-7)

    Elisha makes a woman pregnant (8-17)

    Elisha brings a dead boy back to life (18-37)

    There was nothing wrong with the stew (38-41)

     Elisha feeds the one hundred (42-43)

5 Elisha cures Naaman's leprosy (1-19)

     Elisha gives Gehazi and his descendants leprosy (20-27)

6 Elisha makes an iron axe head swim (1-7)

    Elisha has ESP (8-12)

    God blinds the Syrian army (13-23)

    God sends a famine on Samaria (24-33)

7 A skeptic is trampled to death (1-20)

8 God's seven-year famine (1-6)

    Elisha's lie (7-13)

    Hazael smothers King Benhadad (14-15)

    Jehoram of Judah (16-24)

    Ahaziah of Judah (25-29)

9 God tells Jehu to kill Ahab's descendants (1-13)

    Jehu kills Joram and Ahaziah (14-29)

    Jehu kills Jezebel (30-37)

10 Jehu kills Ahab's sons: 70 heads in two heaps (1-8)

     Jehu kills Ahab's relatives in Jezreel (9-11)

     Jehu kills 42 of Ahaziah's family (12-14)

     Jehu and Jehonadab kill Ahab's Samaritan relatives (15-17)

     Jehu kills the followers of Baal (18-29)

     Jehu dies. (30-36)

11 Athaliah kills her grandsons (and becomes queen of Judah) (1-3)

     Jehoiada kills Athaliah and the priest of Baal (4-21)

12 King Jehoash of Judah (1-21)

13 Jehoahaz and Jehoash (1-13)

     Elisha dies (14-25)

14 Amaziah of Judah and Jehoash of Israel (1-20)

     Azariah of Judah and Jeroboam of Israel (21-29)

15 God gives Azariah leprosy (1-7)

    Some kings of Israel (8-31)

    King Jotham of Judah (32-38)

16 King Ahaz of Judah (1-20)

17 King Hoshea and the Assyrian invasion of Samaria (1-41)

18 Hezekiah, the best king of Judah (1-12)

     The Assyrians invade Judah (13-37)

19 Messages between God, Hezekiah, Sennacherib, and Isaiah (1-35)

    An angel of God kills 185,000 sleeping soldiers (35)

    Sennacherib is killed by his sons (36-37)

20 Hezekiah is cured with a lump of figs (1-7)

    God makes a shadow go backwards (8-11)

    A Babylonian visits Hezekiah (12-19)

    Hezekiah dies (20-21)

21 King Manasseh of Judah (1-18)

    King Amon of Judah (19-26)

22 King Josiah and the book of the law (1-20)

23 Josiah, the intolerant king of Judah (1-30)

    King Jehoahaz of Judah (31-34)

    King Jehoiakim of Judah (35-37)

24 God sends enemies to attack Judah (1-16 2 Chr 36)

     Zedekiah becomes king of Judah (17-20)

25 The fall of Jerusalem (1-26)

     Jehoiachin is set free (27-30)

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