1 Chronicles Trivia:

The First Book of Chronicles


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1 From Adam to Noah
From Noah to Abraham
From Abraham to the Dukes of Edom
2 From the sons of Israel to the house of Rechab
3 David's sons (and wives)
The descendants of Solomon
4 The descendants of Judah
The descendants of Simeon
5 The descendants of Reuben
The descendants of Gad
The half-tribe of Manasseh
6 The descendants of Levi
David's musicians
The descendants of Aaron
7 The descendants of Issachar
The descendants of Benjamin
The descendants of Naphtali
The descendants of Manasseh
The descendants of Ephraim
The descendants of Asher
8 The descendants of Benjamin
The descendants of Saul
9 The people returning to Jerusalem from Babylon
The descendants of Saul
10 The death of Saul and his sons
11 David becomes king of Israel
David's mighty men
12 David's hideout from Saul
13 God kills Uzza for protecting the ark
14 David's wives and sons in Jerusalem
God helps David smite the Philistines (twice)
15 The ark is brought to Jerusalem
16 The ark is put in the tent
17 David, God, and Nathan talk about houses and stuff
18 God gave David victory wherever he went
19 David fights Ammon and Syria
20 David tortures the children of Ammon
More wars and giant killing
21 Satan inspires David to have a census
God kills 70,000 men because of David's census
22 David prepares to build a house for God
David tells Solomon to build God's house
23 David makes Solomon king and counts Levites
24 A list of priests and Levites
25 A list of musicians
26 A list of porters
A list of treasurers
A list of businessmen
27 A list of military officers
David gives Solomon the plans for building God's house
29 David speaks and prays
David dies