2 Chronicles Trivia:

The Second Book of Chronicles


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1 God makes Solomon wise and rich
2 Materials for God's house
Solomon's census of strangers
3 Solomon builds a house for God
4 Decorations for God's house
5 The ark is brought into God's house
6 Solomon's speech
7 Solomon's animal sacrifice
God threatens Solomon
8 The acts of Solomon
9 The Queen of Sheba visits Solomon
King Solomon's stuff
10 The people of Israel rebel against Rehoboam
11 God tells everyone to go home
Rehoboam builds 15 cities
Rehoboam's priests
Rehoboam's wives, concubines, and family
12 God makes Judah Sheshak's slave
13 God helps Abijah kill a half-million Israelites
God kills Jeroboam
Abijah waxes mighty and marries 14 wives
14 God helps Asa kill a million Ethiopians
15 Asa enforces religious intolerance
16 Asa's war with Baasha
Asa's foot disease
17 King Jehoshaphat of Judah
18 Ahab and Jehoshaphat ask God if they should attack Syria
God puts a lying spirit in the mouth of his prophets
King Ahab dies
19 Should you help the ungodly or love those who hate God?
20 God forces Judah's enemies to kill each other
21 God makes Jehoram's bowels fall out
22 Jehu kills Ahaziah and his relatives
Athaliah kills her grandsons (and becomes queen of Judah)
23 Jehoiada kills Athaliah and the priest of Baal
24 Joash repairs God's house
The stoning of Zechariah
God sends Syrians to punish Joash
25 Amaziah of Judah and Joash of Israel
26 God strikes Uzziah with leprosy
27 King Jotham of Judah
28 King Ahaz of Judah
29 Hezekiah cleans up God's house
603,398 animals are sacrificed to God
30 Hezekiah's passover feast
31 The people give the priests the heaps
32 The king of Assyria invades Judah and insults its god
God kills King Sennacherib and the Assyrian army
Hezekiah's illness and death
33 King Manasseh of Judah
King Amon of Judah
34 King Josiah and the book of the law
35 King Josiah keeps the passover
Josiah dies
36 King Jehoahaz
King Jehoiakim
King Jehoiachin
King Zedekiah
The Fall of Jerusalem
King Cyrus of Persia