0 Judges Topical Outline

The anger of the LORD was hot against Israel ... and he sold them. 2:14

Trivia: Who is called "blessed among women" in Judges 5?

The Book of Judges

1 God delivers 10,000 Canaanites and Perizzites (1-4)

    Adonibezek's thumbs and big toes are cut off (5-7)

    The Jerusalem massacre (8)

    Caleb gives his daughter to his nephew Othniel (for smiting Kirjathsepher) (9-15)

    Four Canaanite cities are destroyed (16-18)

    Iron chariots (19-21)

    The Bethel massacre (22-26)

    Those who couldn't be driven out (27-36)

2 An angel rebukes the Israelites (for being too tolerant of other religious beliefs) (1-7)

    Joshua dies (8-10)

    The Israelites do evil in the sight of the Lord. (11-13)

     God sells the Israelites to their enemies (14-23)

3 The nations God didn't drive out (1-6)

    Othniel delivers Israel from Chushanrishathaim (7-11)

    Ehud delivers a message from God (12-25)

    God delivers 10,000 lusty Moabites (26-30)

    Shamgar kills 600 with an ox goad (31)

4 Deborah, a prophetess and judge (1-5)

    The Lord discomfited Sisera (and killed all his men) (6-16)

    Jael pounds a tent stake through a sleeping man's skull (17-24)

5 Blessed is Jael among women (A song by Deborah and Barak) (1-31)

6 The Israelites do evil and God delivers them to the Midianites (1-10)

    The call of Gideon (11-16)

    Gideon tests God (17-21)

    Gideon destroys the altar of Baal (22-35)

    Gideon tests God two more times (36-40)

7 As a dog lappeth: God selects Gideon's army (1-8)

    A cake of barley bread (9-15)

    The LORD set every man's sword against his fellow (16-24)

    The heads of two princes are brought to Gideon (25)

8 Gideon tortures the men of Succoth (1-16)

    He destroys the tower and kills the men in Penuel (17-19)

    And kills Zebah and Zalmunna (After his son refused to do it) (20-21)

    Gideon's golden ephod (that all of Israel went a whoring after) (22-27)

    Gideon dies (leaving many wives and 70 sons) (28-35)

9 Abimelech kills 70 of his brothers on a single stone (1-6)

    Talking trees (7-15)

    The curse of Jotham (16-21)

    Abimelech destroys a city and burns 1000 people to death (Because of God's evil spirit) (22-49)

    A woman drops a millstone on Abimelech's head (50-57)

10 Tola and Jair (1-5)

    The Israelites do evil again in the sight of the Lord, etc. (6-18)

11 Jephthah was the son of a harlot (1-3)

    He became the captain (4-11)

    The king of Ammon and Jephthah exchange messages (12-28)

    The Ammonite massacre (29-33)

    Jephthah sacrifices his daughter to God (as a burnt offering) (34-40)

12 A dispute about participating in a war causes a war (1-4)

     42,000 killed for mispronouncing "Shibboleth" (5-6)

    Ibzan, Elon, and Abdon (7-15)

13 The Israelites do evil and God delivers them to the Philistines (1)

    Samson's miraculous birth (2-25)

14 Samson sees a Philistine woman who pleases him well (1-4)

    He rips apart a lion (5-6)

    The Philistine woman pleased Samson well (7)

    Samson collects "honey" from a lion's carcass (8-9)

    Samson's riddle (10-18)

    Samson kills 30 men for their clothes (19)

    Samson's Philistine wife is given to his best man (20)

15 Samson ties the tails of 300 foxes and sets them on fire (1-5)

    The Philistines burn Samson's wife and father-in-law (6)

    Samson smites the Philistines with a great slaughter (7-8)

    He kills 1000 men with the jawbone of an ass (9-20)

16 Samson has sex with a harlot (1)

    He carries the doors and gate posts to the top of the hill (2-3)

    Samson and Delilah (4-20)

    Samson kills 3000 in a suicide terrorist attack (21-31)

17 Micah and his mother hire a priest for their house of gods (1-13)

18 The Massacre of the Peaceful, Unsuspecting People (1-31)

19 The Levite and his concubine (1-30)

20 A Holy Civil War (1-48)

21 Another genocide and 200 stolen virgins (1-25)

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