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Surah 26

THE POETS (Al-Shu'ara)

Ta. Sin. Mim. - Scripture made plain
Absurdity Injustice Intolerance Cruelty 26:1-9

1 Ta. Sin. Mim.

2 These are revelations of the Scripture that maketh plain.

3 It may be that thou tormentest thyself (O Muhammad) because they believe not.

4 If We will, We can send down on them from the sky a portent so that their necks would remain bowed before it.

5 Never cometh there unto them a fresh reminder from the Beneficent One, but they turn away from it.

Ta. Sin. Mim.

These revelations will make everything plain. [1]

Don't worry (Muhammad) when people don't believe you.

I we [Allah] wanted, we could send down somthing from the sky to bend their necks.

6 Now they have denied (the Truth); but there will come unto them tidings of that whereat they used to scoff.

7 Have they not seen the earth, how much of every fruitful kind We make to grow therein?

8 Lo! herein is indeed a portent; yet most of them are not believers.

9 And lo! thy Lord! He is indeed the Mighty, the Merciful.

They deny the truth now,

but later they'll be sorry they scoffed at it.

Moses and the Pharaoh (the long version)
Absurdity Science and History Cruelty Injustice 26:10-68
Cf. 10:75-90, 20:42-78,

10 And when thy Lord called Moses, saying: Go unto the wrongdoing folk,

Thy Lord called Moses, saying:

Go to the wrongdoing folk -- Pharaoh's people.

11 The folk of Pharaoh. Will they not ward off (evil)?

12 He said: My Lord! Lo! I fear that they will deny me,

13 And I shall be embarrassed, and my tongue will not speak plainly, therefor send for Aaron (to help me).

14 And they have a crime against me, so I fear that they will kill me.

Moses said,

But my tongue doesn't speak plainly.

And I've committed a crime against them [2],

so they'll kill me.

15 He said: Nay, verily. So go ye twain with Our tokens. Lo! We shall be with you, Hearing.

16 And come together unto Pharaoh and say: Lo! we bear a message of the Lord of the Worlds,

17 (Saying): Let the Children of Israel go with us.

The Lord said,

No, you'll be fine. Take my tokens with you. And say,

We have a message from the Lord of the Worlds, saying: Let the Israelites go.

18 (Pharaoh) said (unto Moses): Did we not rear thee among us as a child? And thou didst dwell many years of thy life among us,

The Pharaoh said to Moses,

Didn't we raise you as a child? [3]

19 And thou didst that thy deed which thou didst, and thou wast one of the ingrates.

And you were one of the ingrates. [4]

20 He said: I did it then, when I was of those who are astray.

21 Then I fled from you when I feared you, and my Lord vouchsafed me a command and appointed me (of the number) of those sent (by Him).

22 And this is the past favour wherewith thou reproachest me: that thou hast enslaved the Children of Israel.

Moses said,

Yeah, but that was then.

I ran away from you and then my Lord told me to return.

And now you've paid me back by enslaving the Israelites.

23 Pharaoh said: And what is the Lord of the Worlds?

Pharaoh: Who is the Lord of the Worlds?

24 (Moses) said: Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them, if ye had but sure belief.

25 (Pharaoh) said unto those around him: Hear ye not?

26 He said: Your Lord and the Lord of your fathers.

Moses: The Lord of the heavens and the earth.

27 (Pharaoh) said: Lo! your messenger who hath been sent unto you is indeed a madman!

28 He said: Lord of the East and the West and all that is between them, if ye did but understand.

The Pharaoh said,

You're a madman!

29 (Pharaoh) said: If thou choosest a god other than me, I assuredly shall place thee among the prisoners.

If you choose a god besides me I'll put you in prison.

30 He said: Even though I show thee something plain?

Moses: Even if I show you something plain?

31 (Pharaoh) said: Produce it then, if thou art of the truthful!

Pharaoh: Show me then.

32 Then he flung down his staff and it became a serpent manifest,

So Moses threw down his staff, and it bcame a serpent. [5]

33 And he drew forth his hand and lo! it was white to the beholders.

And he took out his hand and it was white.

34 (Pharaoh) said unto the chiefs about him: Lo! this is verily a knowing wizard,

35 Who would drive you out of your land by his magic. Now what counsel ye?

36 They said: Put him off, (him) and his brother, and send into the cities summoners

37 Who shall bring unto thee every knowing wizard.

38 So the wizards were gathered together at a set time on a day appointed.

39 And it was said unto the people: Are ye (also) gathering?

40 (They said): Aye, so that we may follow the wizards if they are the winners.

Pharaoh said to his cheifs,

Now that's a real wizard!

41 And when the wizards came they said unto Pharaoh: Will there surely be a reward for us if we are the winners?

42 He said: Aye, and ye will then surely be of those brought near (to me).

The wizards said to Pharaoh,

Will there be a reward for us if we win the contest?

The Pharaoh said, "Yes."

43 Moses said unto them: Throw what ye are going to throw!

Moses said, "Throw down your staves."

44 Then they threw down their cords and their staves and said: By Pharaoh's might, lo! we verily are the winners.

So they threw down their staves and said, "We win!"

45 Then Moses threw his staff and lo! it swallowed that which they did falsely show.

But then Moses threw down his staff and it swallowed theirs!

46 And the wizards were flung prostrate,

47 Crying: We believe in the Lord of the Worlds,

48 The Lord of Moses and Aaron.

Then the wizards fell down and said,

We believe in the Lord of the Worlds.

49 (Pharaoh) said: Ye put your faith in him before I give you leave. Lo! he doubtless is your chief who taught you magic! But verily ye shall come to know. Verily I will cut off your hands and your feet alternately, and verily I will crucify you every one.

50 They said: It is no hurt, for lo! unto our Lord we shall return.

51 Lo! we ardently hope that our Lord will forgive us our sins because we are the first of the believers.

The Pharaoh said,

You believe in him before I gave you permission.

So I'll cut off your hands and feet on alternate sides and then crucify you. [6]

They said,

Okay, that's fine with us. We'll return to the Lord.

We hope our Lord will forgive us since we are the first believers.

52 And We inspired Moses, saying: Take away My slaves by night, for ye will be pursued.

53 Then Pharaoh sent into the cities summoners,

54 (Who said): Lo! these indeed are but a little troop,

55 And lo! they are offenders against us.

56 And lo! we are a ready host.

57 Thus did We take them away from gardens and watersprings,

58 And treasures and a fair estate.

59 Thus (were those things taken from them) and We caused the Children of Israel to inherit them.

We [Allah] said to Moses,

Leave with my slaves tonight.

60 And they overtook them at sunrise.

The Israelites left and the Egyptians overtook them at sunrise.

61 And when the two hosts saw each other, those with Moses said: Lo! we are indeed caught.

62 He said: Nay, verily! for lo! my Lord is with me. He will guide me.

Moses said, "Okay, they caught us."

63 Then We inspired Moses, saying: Smite the sea with thy staff. And it parted, and each part was as a mountain vast.

64 Then brought We near the others to that place.

65 And We saved Moses and those with him, every one;

We said to Moses, "Smite the sea with your staff."

And the waters parted, saving Moses and the Israelites.

66 And We drowned the others.

67 Lo! herein is indeed a portent, yet most of them are not believers.

68 And lo, thy Lord! He is indeed the Mighty, the Merciful.

And we drowned all the others. [6]