0 1 Corinthians Topical Outline

All things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any. 6:12

Trivia: According to 1 Corinthians 11:3, who is the head of every woman?

The First Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Corinthians

1 Greetings and salutations! (1-9)

     Believe the same things (agree on everything) (10-13)

     Thank God I didn't baptize any of you (14-18)

     God will destroy the wisdom of the wise (19-31)

2 Know nothing but Jesus (1-14)

    Judge everything (but be judged by no one) (15-16)

3 Aren't you carnal? (1-14)

     Save yourself by burning your work (15-17)

     Become wise by being a fool (18-23)

4 Don't judge anyone (until the Lord comes) (1-9)

     Be a fool (for Christ's sake) (10-15)

     Follow Paul (16-21)

5 I hear there are fornicators among you (one of you is having sex with his stepmother) (1-4)

     Give him to Satan (to save his soul) (5-8)

     Shun fornicators (and other wicked people) (9-13)

6 Christians will judge angels (Don't take a fellow believer to court) (1-8)

     People not allowed in God's kingdom (effeminate men and homosexuals are among them) (9-11)

     Everything is lawful to Paul (12)

     Fornication (Making the members of Christ one with a harlot) (13-20)

7 On marriage (it's better than burning) (1-9)

     On divorcing an unbelieving spouse (10-16)

     On circumcision (don't get uncircumcised) (17-20)

     On slavery (If you are a slave, stay a slave) (21-24)

     On virgins, marriage, and the end of the world (The end is coming. There's no time for sex) (25-40)

8 On eating meat (sacrificed to idols) (1-13)

9 I've seen Jesus (1-8)

     God doesn't care about oxen (9-19)

     I am a Jew or a Gentile (depending on who I'm with) (20-27)

10 Some of God's greatest killings (1-15)

    The body and blood of Jesus (He that sups with the devil must have a long spoon) (16-22)

    Don't ask, don't tell (when it comes to food) (23-33)

11 Follow and obey me (1-2)

    Women, heads, head coverings, and long hair (3-16)

    The Lord's supper (do your eating and drinking at home) (17-34)

12 Covet the best gifts (1-31)

13 Love is the most important thing (1-3)

     To be read at all weddings (4-8)

     Put away childless things (9-13)

14 Speaking in tongues (I'm glad I do it more than any of you) (1-33)

    Don't let your women talk in church (let them ask their husbands at home) (34-40)

15 The resurrection of Christ (1-11)

    Why do we baptize dead people? (12-50)

    Not all of us will die (but we'll all be changed) (51-58)

16 Greet everyone with a holy kiss (and let anyone who doesn't love Jesus be anathema) (1-24)

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