0 Romans Topical Outline

The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Romans

1 Greetings and salutations! (1-9)

    I'd like to come visit you (10-15)

    The gospel saves (16-17)

    Everyone is evil (especially atheists and homosexuals) (18-31)

2 Don't judge other people (1-2)

     You will be judged according to your deeds (3-20)

     Don't be a hypocrite (21-29)

3 Everyone is evil (1-31)

4 Abraham was justified by faith (no matter what James says) (1-18)

     Abraham could still do it when he was 100 years old (19-25)

5 Justified with his blood, saved from his wrath (1-21)

6 You're no longer under the law (1-14)

     The wages of sin is death (15-23)

7 You're dead to the law (so you can marry Jesus) (1-6)

     There's nothing good in me (7-25)

8 If Christ is in you, your body is dead (1-21)

     He that spared not his own son (shouldn't be trusted by anyone) (22-39)

9 God hated Esau (1-13)

    Is God unrighteous? (14-33)

10 Beautiful feet (1-21)

1 Let their eyes be darkened (1-36)

12 Some good advice (1-21)

13 Obey those who are in power (1-7)

    Obey the five commandments (8-10)

    The end is nearer than we thought (11-14)

14 Some dietary advice (be fully persuaded in your own mind) (1-23)

15 I'd like to come visit you (1-33)

16 Give everyone a holy kiss (1-16)

    Shun those who disagree (they server their own bellies) (17-27)

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