The Acts of the Apostles


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1 I'm writing to you again, Theophilus
Jesus goes to heaven in a cloud
Matthias replaces Judas
2 The Holy Ghost comes (and makes believers speak in foreign languages)
Peter's speech (We're not drunk and you're a bunch of Christ killers)
3000 Jewish converts
The first communists
3 Peter heals a lame man
Peter blames the Jews for the death of Jesus
4 Peter and John vs. the Council
Peter and John's prayer
To each according to their need
5 God kills Ananias and Sapphira (for not giving all their money to the apostles)
Peter's shadow heals everyone (even those vexed with evil spirits)
An angelic prison break
The apostles before the council
6 Seven men are assigned to serve tables
Stephen is accused of blaphemy (and his face looks like an angel's)
7 Stephen's long, boring (and irrelevant) response
Stephen is stoned
8 Saul persecutes the church
Samaritans and Simony
Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch
9 The conversion of Saul
Saul in Damascus
Saul in Jerusalem
Peter heals Aeneas
Peter raises Tabitha from the dead
10 The angel's message to Cornelius
Peter's dream (kill and eat)
Peter's speech (and the Gentiles speak in tongues)
11 Peter repeats his "kill and eat" dream
The Christians in Antioch
12 Peter is imprisoned (to please the Jews)
Peter is rescued by an angel
Herod is eaten by worms (for not giving God the glory)
13 The Holy Ghost selects Barnabas and Saul
Elymas is blinded by Paul and God
Paul speaks in the Antioch synagogue
14 Paul and Barnabas in Iconium
Paul heals a crippled man
The people think Paul is Mercury (and Barnabas is Jupiter)
The people stone Paul (but he somehow survives)
Paul and Barnabas return to Antioch
15 The Council of Jerusalem
The letter about circumcision was read to the Gentiles (and there was much rejoicing)
Paul and Barnabas split up
16 Paul circumcises Timothy (he was worried about what the Jews would think)
The Holy Ghost won't let Paul preach in Asia (or Bithynia)
Paul's vision of a man from Macedonia
The conversion of Lydia
Paul expels a soothsaying spirit of divination.
Paul and Silas are put in jail
Another miraculous jailbreak
The jailor and his family are baptised
17 Paul in Thessalonica and Berea
Paul's speech on Mars Hill
18 Paul in Corinth
Jesus visits Paul (in a vision)
Paul shaves his head
19 Paul re-baptizes twelve disciples in Ephesus (and they spoke in tongues)
Miraculous handkerchiefs and aprons
Jewish exorcists try to cast out evil spirits (in Jesus's name)
The first book burning
Diana is the great goddess of the Ephesians!
20 Paul travels through Macedonia and Greece
Paul bores Eutychus to death (and then brings him back to life)
Paul's speech to the Ephesian elders
21 The Holy Ghost's girdle message (on Paul's way to Jerusalem)
Four heads are shaved (to cover up Paul's teaching)
Paul is arrested (by the Jews who try to kill him)
22 Paul's speech in Jerusalem
Paul is whipped by the Romans (and released because he's a Roman citizen)
23 Paul is tried by the council (and claims to be a Pharisee)
Jesus visits Paul (and says, "Be happy")
A Jewish conspiracy against Paul (and the first hunger strike)
24 Paul's trial before Felix
25 Paul asks to be tried in Rome
26 Paul's trial before Agrippa
27 Paul sails for Rome
A storm at sea
The shipwreck
28 On the island of Malta
From Malta to Rome
Paul in Rome