0 John Topical Outline

Then the Jews took up stones again to stone him. 10:31

Trivia: What must you eat and drink to have life in you?

The Gospel According to John

1 The word became flesh (1-14)

    John the Baptist (is not Elijah) (15-28)

    The Lamb and Son of God (as witnessed by a dove) (29-34)

    The first disciples (35-51)

2 The marriage at Cana (water into wine) (1-12)

    Jesus's temple tantrum (13-)

3 Jesus and Nicodemus (be born again or be condemned) (1-21)

    John the Baptist: The wrath of God is on disbelievers (22-36)

4 The Samaritan woman (1-42)

    The nobleman's son (43-54)

5 Jesus heals a crippled man on the sabbath (and the Jews want to kill him for it) (1-18)

    Jesus talks about himself (in the third person mostly) (19-)

6 Jesus feeds five thousand men (1-15)

    Jesus walks on water (16-21)

    Eat my flesh and drink my blood (or you won't have life in you) (22-71)

7 Jesus's brothers don't believe in him (1-9)

    The people said to Jesus: You have a devil (10-31)

    Living water will flow out of your belly (if you believe on Jesus) (32-39)

    And every man went to his own house (40-53)

8 The woman caught in adultery (1-11)

    Jesus is his own witness (12-21)

    Is he going to kill himself? (22-30)

    The truth will set you free (31-38)

    Your father is the devil (39-47)

    Jesus claims to be God (and the Jews try to stone him for it) (48-59)

9 Jesus heals a blind man (with his spit) (1-41)

10 Jesus is the good shepherd (Everyone else is a thief and a robber) (1-21)

    Jesus claims to be God (again) (22-30)

    The Jews try to stone him (again) (32-41)

11 Lazarus dies (and Jesus is glad he did) (1-16)

    Lazarus rises from the dead (17-44)

    The plot to kill Jesus (45-57)

12 Jesus gets his head anointed (the poor get nothing) (1-11)

    Jesus rides into Jerusalem (12-23)

    Some teachings of Jesus (dead seeds, hate your life, etc.) (24-50)

13 Jesus washes his disciples' feet (1-17)

12 Judas betrays Jesus (18-33)

13 A new commandment: Love one another (34-35)

    Peter's promise (and Jesus's prediction) (36-38)

14 Jesus's farewell address (Part 1) (1-31)

15 Jesus's farewell address (Part 2) (1-)

16 Jesus's farewell address (Part 3) (1-33)

17 Jesus prays (for glory) (1-26)

18 Jesus is arrested (1-11)

    Jesus is taken to Annas (12-14)

    Peter denies Jesus (15-18)

    Annas questions Jesus (19-23)

    Jesus is taken to Caiaphas (24)

    Peter denies Jesus again (25-27)

    Jesus is taken to Pilate (28-40)

    Jesus is questioned by Pilate (29-38)

    The people prefer Barabbas to Jesus (39-40)

19 The soldiers make fun of Jesus (1-16)

    Pilate tries to release Jesus (but the Jews wouldn't let him) (4-16)

    Jesus is crucified (17-30)

    The burial of Jesus (31-42)

20 The missing body of Jesus (1-10)

    Mary sees two angels (11-13)

    Jesus appears to Mary (but doesn't let her touch him) (14-18)

    Jesus appears in a locked room (19-23)

    Doubting Thomas (24-31)

21 Peter goes fishing (naked) (1-7)

    Jesus helps the disciples catch 153 fish (8-14)

    Do you love me (feed my sheep) (15-17)

    The beloved disciple will live until Jesus returns (18-25)

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