The Gospel According to John


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1 The word became flesh
John the Baptist (is not Elijah)
The Lamb and Son of God (as witnessed by a dove)
The first disciples
2 The marriage at Cana (water into wine)
Jesus's temple tantrum
3 Jesus and Nicodemus (be born again or be condemned)
John the Baptist: The wrath of God is on disbelievers
4 The Samaritan woman
The nobleman's son
5 Jesus heals a crippled man on the sabbath (and the Jews want to kill him for it)
Jesus talks about himself (in the third person mostly)
6 Jesus feeds five thousand men
Jesus walks on water
Eat my flesh and drink my blood (or you won't have life in you)
7 Jesus's brothers don't believe in him
The people said to Jesus: You have a devil
Living water will flow out of your belly (if you believe on Jesus)
And every man went to his own house
8 The woman caught in adultery
Jesus is his own witness
Is he going to kill himself?
The truth will set you free
Your father is the devil
Jesus claims to be God (and the Jews try to stone him for it)
9 Jesus heals a blind man (with his spit)
10 Jesus is the good shepherd (Everyone else is a thief and a robber)
Jesus claims to be God (again)
The Jews try to stone him (again)
11 Lazarus dies (and Jesus is glad he did)
Lazarus rises from the dead
The plot to kill Jesus
12 Jesus gets his head anointed (the poor get nothing)
Jesus rides into Jerusalem
Some teachings of Jesus (dead seeds, hate your life, etc.)
13 Jesus washes his disciples' feet
Judas betrays Jesus
A new commandment: Love one another
Peter's promise (and Jesus's prediction)
14 Jesus's farewell address (Part 1)
15 Jesus's farewell address (Part 2)
16 Jesus's farewell address (Part 3)
17 Jesus prays (for glory)
18 Jesus is arrested
Jesus is taken to Annas
Peter denies Jesus
Annas questions Jesus
Jesus is taken to Caiaphas
Peter denies Jesus again
Jesus is taken to Pilate
Jesus is questioned by Pilate
The people prefer Barabbas to Jesus
19 The soldiers make fun of Jesus
Pilate tries to release Jesus (but the Jews wouldn't let him)
Jesus is crucified
The burial of Jesus
20 The missing body of Jesus
Mary sees two angels
Jesus appears to Mary (but doesn't let her touch him)
Jesus appears in a locked room
Doubting Thomas
21 Peter goes fishing (naked)
Jesus helps the disciples catch 153 fish
Do you love me (feed my sheep)
The beloved disciple will live until Jesus returns