0 Mark Topical Outline

For he that hath, to him shall be given: and he that hath not, from him shall be taken even that which he hath. 4:25

Trivia: According to Jesus, what should you do if your hand, foot, or eye offends you?

The Gospel According to Mark

1 John the Baptist (1-8)

     The baptism of Jesus (9-11)

     Jesus is tempted by Satan (12-13)

     Jesus calls his first disciples (14-22)

     A man with an unclean spirit (23-28)

     Simon's mother-in-law (29-31)

     Jesus casts out devils and heals the sick (32-39)

     Jesus cleans a leper (40-45)

2 A man with palsy (1-12)

     The call of Levi (13-14)

     Why Jesus and his disciples didn't fast (15-22)

     The disciples pluck grain on the sabbath (23-28)

3 A man with a withered hand (1-6)

    Jesus to the unclean spirts: Don't tell anyone who I am (7-12)

    The twelve apostles (13-19)

    Jesus's family think he's crazy (20-21)

    Jesus and Beelzebub (22-27)

    The unforgivable sin (blasphemy against the Holy Ghost) (28-30)

    Jesus: Who is my mother? (31-35)

4 The parable of the sower (1-9)

     The purpose of the parables (to confuse people) (10-19)

     Jesus explains the parable of the sower (13-20)

     Candles, secrets, haves, and have nots (21-25)

     More seeds (26-29")

     A mustard seed (30-32)

     Jesus calms a storm (35-41)

5 Jesus casts out more devils (and drowns some pigs) (1-20)

     Jairus's daughter and a woman with an issue of blood (21-43)

6 Jesus is rejected in his hometown (1-6)

     The mission of the apostles (6-9)

     It'll be worse than Sodom and Gomorrah (10-11)

     They cast out many devils (12-13)

     Herod: Jesus is the risen John the Baptist (14-16)

     The imprisonment of John the Baptist (17-20)

     The death of John the Baptist (21-29)

     Jesus feeds five thousand men (30-44)

     Jesus walks on water (45-52)

     Jesus heals the sick in Gennesaret (53-56)

7 The Pharisees criticize Jesus's disciples (for not washing their hands before eating) (1-5)

    Jesus criticizes the Pharisees (for not killing disobedient children) (6-)

    Things that defile a person (14-23)

    Jesus removes a devil from a Canaanite woman's daughter (after calling her a dog) (24-30 )

    Jesus heals a deaf man with a speech impediment (by putting his own spit on the man's tongue) (31-37)

8 Jesus feeds four thousand (1-9)

     The Pharisees ask Jesus for a sign (10-13)

     The yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees (14-21)

     Jesus spits on a blind man's eyes (and he sees trees walking) (22-26)

     Who am I? (Don't tell anyone) (27-30)

     Jesus foretells his death and resurrection (and calls Peter "Satan") (31-38)

9 The last generation (1 Mk 13)

    The Transfiguration (2-13)

    Jesus: John the Baptist is Elijah (11-13)

    A boy with a dumb and deaf spirit (14-30)

    Jesus foretells his death (again) (31-32)

    Who's the greatest? (33-37)

    Who's for Jesus? (38-41)

    Cut off your hand and pluck out your eye (if they offend you) (42-50)

     Everyone will be salted with fire (salt is good) (49-40)

10 Divorce (1-12)

    Little children (13-16)

    The rich young man (17-27)

    Abandon your family for Jesus (and you'll get 100x more and live forever) (28-31)

    Jesus foretells his death (for the third time) (32-34)

    James and John ask Jesus for a favor (special seats in heaven) (35-45)

    Blind Bartimaeus (46-52)

11 Jesus rides into Jerusalem (1-11)

    Jesus curses a fig tree (12-14)

    Jesus's temple tantrum (15-19)

    The cursed fig tree dies (20-26)

    Jesus stumps the chief priests and elders (27-33)

12 A parable about a vineyard (1-12)

     Pay your taxes (13-17)

     There are no marriages in heaven (18-27)

     The great commandments (28-34)

     Jesus is not the son of David (35-37)

     Beware of scribes (they'll get the worst damnation) (38-40)

     The widow's mite (41-44)

13 The end of the world (1-37)

14 The plot to kill Jesus (1-2)

     Jesus gets his head anointed (the poor get nothing) (3-9)

     Judas betrays Jesus (10-11)

     The Last Supper (12-26)

     Peter's promise (and Jesus's prediction) (27-31)

     Jesus prays at Gethsemane (while the disciples sleep) (32-42)

     Jesus is arrested (and a young man runs away naked) (43-52)

     Jesus is taken to the high priest (53-65)

     Peter denies Jesus three times (before the cock crows twice) (66-72)

15 Jesus is taken to Pontius Pilate (1)

     Jesus is questioned by Pilate (2-5)

     The people prefer Barabbas to Jesus (6-15)

     The soldiers make fun of Jesus (16-20)

     Jesus is crucified (21-32)

     Jesus dies (33-41)

     Jesus's burial (42-47)

16 Jesus rises from the dead (1-8)

    The disciples don't believe Mary Magdalene (9-11)

    Jesus appears to two disciples, but the others don't believe them (12-13)

    Jesus: Nonbelievers are damned, believers will handle snakes and drink poisons (14-20)

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