0 Doctrine & Covenants : Absurdity

Doctrine & Covenants : Absurdity (875)

  1. This is the preface of my [the Lord's] book of commandments. 1:6
  2. The Lord is angry and his sword is bathed (in blood). 1:13
  3. So I (the Lord) spoke to Joseph Smith, Jun. from heaven, giving him my commandments. 1:17
  4. I am God and these are my commandments. 1:24
  5. I [God] gave Joseph Smith, Jun. the power to translate the Book of Mormon. 1:29
  6. I [the Lord] will reveal to you [Joseph Smith] the priesthood, by the hand of Elijah. 2:1
  7. Otherwise, the earth would be destroyed when he came. 2:3
  8. Martin Harris is called a wicked man (for losing the first 116 pages of the "sacred" Book of Mormon). 3:12
  9. A marvelous work (and a wonder) The "marvelous work" is, of course, the Book of Mormon. 4:1
  10. My servant Martin Harris would like to see the plates that you [Joseph Smith] received from me [the Lord]. 5:1
  11. If Martin Harris humbles himself sufficiently and bows down to me, I might let him see them. 5:24
  12. A great and marvelous work is coming. 6:1
  13. You're Oliver [Cowdery]. If you treasure these words in your heart, I'll encircle you in the arms of my love. 6:20
  14. I'm going to let you [Oliver Cowdery] translate, just like my servant Joseph. 6:25
  15. Much of my gospel has been hidden by wicked people. 6:26
  16. You [Oliver Cowdery] and Joseph (but mostly Joseph) are going to reveal these hidden scriptures. 6:27
  17. The Lord said to me, "John, my beloved, what do you want? I'll give you whatever you'd like." I [John] said to him, "I'd like to live forever." Jesus said to me, "Okay, you'll live until I return in all my glory." I'll make you like a flaming fire and an angel. 7:1
  18. Oliver Cowdery, you'll receive knowledge whatever you ask for, including knowledge about the engravings. 8:1
  19. I Jesus] will put things in your [Oliver Cowdery's] mind and heart, by the Holy Ghost. 8:2
  20. Whatever you [Oliver Cowdery] ask me [Jesus] to tell you, I'll tell you. 8:9
  21. You [Oliver Cowdery] will be able to translate the ancient records. 8:11
  22. I [Jesus] say to you [Oliver Cowdery]: Because you didn't translate what you wanted to translate, I'll only allow you to be Joseph Smith's scribe. But someday I'll let you translate some other things. 9:1
  23. Because you didn't continue translating, I've taken away your translating privileges. 9:5
  24. Don't whine. It's wise for me to deal with you this way. 9:6
  25. Here's the way to make a decision: Think about it. Then ask me if it's right. If it's right, I'll make your bosom burn, so you'll feel that it's right. 9:8
  26. But if it's not right, you won't have these good feelings. And you'll forget about it. That way, you'll only write sacred things from me. 9:9
  27. If you had known this, you could have translated. But it's not expedient for you to translate now. 9:10
  28. Now Satan has inspired them to change the words tha you translated. 10:10
  29. They'll say, we'll see if God has given him the power to translate. If so, he should be albe to do it again. But they will have altered the words, so the translations won't match. And they'll say that he lied and has no gift of translation. 10:16
  30. You won't translate again from the same plates that you had before. That way they can't accuse you of lying about your ability to translate, and you won't be caught contradicting yourself. 10:30
  31. you will translate from the plates of Nephi until you come to the reign of King Benjamin, or until you come to that that you previously translated. 10:41
  32. You'll publish this as the record of Nephi. That way I'll confound those who have altered my words. That will show everyone that I [Jesus] am more cunning than the devil. 10:42
  33. I'm Jesus Christ, the Son of God. 10:57
  34. A great and marvelous work is coming soon 11:1
  35. Study my word ... which is now translating. 11:22
  36. You're Hyrum. I'm Jesus. 11:23
  37. A great and marvelous work is coming soon 12:1
  38. John the Baptist who conferred the priesthood on Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery - under the direction of the apostles Peter, James, and John - on May 15, 1829.13:1
  39. A great and marvelous work is coming soon. 14:1
  40. I'm God. I'm Jesus. And you're David. 14:2
  41. God's arm is all over the earth. 15:2
  42. I [God] tell you [John Whitmer] things that no one knows except for me and you. 15:3
  43. God's arm is all over the earth. 16:2
  44. I [God] tell you [Peter Whitmer] things that no one knows except for me and you. 16:3
  45. You [Oliver Cowdery, David Whitmer, and Martin Harris] must believe what I say. If you do, you'll see the plates, breastplate, the sword of Laban, the Urim and Thummim (which were given to the brother of Jared when he talked to the Lord face to face), and the miraculous directors (which were given to Lehi while in the wilderness on the shore of the Red Sea). 17:1
  46. If you don't know the name that you'll be called by, you'll have no place in my father's kingdom. 18:25
  47. I [Jesus] am endless, so the punishment that I give is endless. Endless is my name. 19:10
  48. Keep the commandments that Joseph Smith, Jun. has given you. 19:13
  49. Repent, or Jesus will smite you with the rod in his mouth. 19:15
  50. The Book of Mormon is Jesus's word to the Gentiles, Jews, and the Lamanites (who are remnants of the Jews) not to look for a Messiah to come who has already come. 19:27
  51. The Church of Christ [1] was founded in the last days, in accordance with the laws of the United States, by the will of God, 1830 years after Jesus was born, on 6 April 1830. 20:1
  52. The commandments were given to Joseph Smith, Jun., an apostle of Jesus and the first elder of the church. And to Oliver Cowdery, another apostle of Jesus, and the second elder of the church. 20:2
  53. God sent an angel to visit Joseph Smith. The angel looked like lightning, with white clothes that were whiter than white. The angel gave him commandments, and the power to translate the Book of Mormon. 20:6
  54. These things are in accordance with the revelations of John, neither adding to, nor diminishing from the prophecies of his book. Of course everything in the Book of Mormon and other Mormon scriptures adds to the things in the Book of Revelation and in the Bible. "If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book." 20:35
  55. You [Joseph Smith] will be a seer, translator, prophet, apostle, and elder. 21:1
  56. Listen his [Joseph Smith's] words like they were coming from my [God's] own mouth. 21:5
  57. God will bless everyone who believes Joseph Smith's words. 21:9
  58. I [God] have done away with all the old covenants. This is a new and everlasting covenant, like it was from the beginning. 22:1
  59. Even if you were baptized a hundred times, it would be worthless. 22:2
  60. It's because of your dead works that I've made this last covenant. So enter at the gate, and don't tell God what to do. 22:3
  61. A few words to Oliver, Hyrum, Samuel, and two Josephs 23:1
  62. "Behold, thou [Joseph Smith] wast called and chosen to write the Book of Mormon." So Joseph Smith wrote the Book of Mormon. God said so himself! 24:1
  63. After you [Joseph Smith] have sowed your fields, go to the churches in Colesville, Fayette, and Manchester. They will support you financially, and I'll bless them for it. 24:3
  64. Thou shalt devote all thy service in Zion. Zion is a goofy catch-all name for Mormonism. 24:7
  65. Your strength is not in physical labor. You [Joseph Smith] are called to preach and lead the church. 24:9
  66. Don't do miracles, except when I command you - except for these: cast out devils, and heal the sick. And you won't be hurt by poisonous snakes or deadly poison. But only do miracles when requested. 24:13
  67. Whoever tries to sue you in court will be cursed by the law. 24:17
  68. Don't take anything with you; the church will immediately provide whatever you need. 24:18
  69. Listen to me [God] when I speak to you, Emma Smith. 25:1
  70. If you are good and faithful, I'll let you live, and you'll get an inheritance in Zion. 25:2
  71. You're an elect lady. 25:3
  72. It'll be your job to select hymns. I like to have hymns in church. 25:11
  73. My soul delights in songs. It's a blessing on their heads. 25:12
  74. Listen to Jesus. It doesn't matter what you eat or drink in the sacrament. But here's a commandment that I give to you: Don't buy wine or strong drink from your enemies. Make your own wine and strong drinks. 27:1
  75. Jesus will drink wine with you, Moroni, Elias, Elijah, Joseph, Michael (aka Adam), and many others, some who were out of this world. 27:5
  76. So gird up your loins so you can withstand the evil day. Amen. 27:15
  77. I [God] say to you, Oliver [Cowdery], that whatever you teach the church is okay with me. But only Joseph Smith, Jun. receives revelations and commandments from me - just like Moses did. 28:1
  78. You [Oliver Cowdery] must obey the commandments and believe the revelations that I give to him. And don't tell Joseph Smith what to do. 28:3
  79. I've given him [Joseph Smith] the keys to the mysteries and revelations, and only he will have them until I appoint someone else to replace him. 28:7
  80. I'm sending you [Oliver Cowdery] to preach to the Lamanites. You'll have some revelations, but no commandments. 28:8
  81. No one knows where the city of Zion will be built, but it'll be somewhere near the Lamanites. 28:9
  82. Tell Hiram Page that I didn't write the tings that were written from that stone. Satan deceived him. 28:11
  83. Keep your mouth open all the time. Amen. 28:16
  84. Listen to the voice of Jesus, the great I am. 29:1
  85. Soon I [Jesus] will burn all the wicked people. Then I'll reveal myself and dwell on earth for a thousand years. 29:9
  86. After that, a trumpet will sound, the earth will quake, and dead bodies will come alive. 29:13
  87. And the sun will darken, the moon will turn into blood, and stars will fall. 29:14
  88. When the thousand years are over, and people begin to deny God, I'll spare the earth for a while. 29:22
  89. Then the end will come, heaven and earth will be destroyed, and there'll be a new heaven and earth. 29:23
  90. But not a hair or a mote will be lost, because I made them. 29:25
  91. Before the earth is destroyed, Michael my archangel will blow his trumpet, and all the dead people will come forth. 29:26
  92. The righteous dead will be on my right side, and the wicked on my left. 29:27
  93. The devil existed before Adam and rebelled against me, along with one-third of the heavenly ghosts. And they were thrust down to hell. 29:36
  94. The devil had to tempt people or they couldn't be free. If you can't taste the bitter things, you can't taste the sweet. 29:39
  95. And that's all I have to say about that. Amen. 29:50
  96. I [God] say to you David [Whitmer] that you haven't paid enough attention to me and those who have been set over you [Joseph Smith]. You shall stay at your father's house until I give you further commandments. Amen. 30:1
  97. Any you, Peter [Whitmer], you will go with Oliver [Cowdery] to preach to the Lamanites [Native Americans]. Amen. 30:5
  98. And you, John [Whitmer], you will stay at your brother Philip Burroughs' house. Amen. 30:9
  99. Thomas [B. Marsh], you're blessed because you have faith in my work. I'll bless you and your family. Someday they'll all belong to my church. 31:1
  100. You're going on a mission to preach the things I revealed to Joseph Smith, Jun. 31:3
  101. These words aren't the words of men, but of me, Jesus. Amen. 31:13
  102. Parley P. Pratt will join Oliver Cowdery and Peter Whitmer, Jun. on their mission to the Lamanites. 32:1
  103. Ziba Peterson will also go along, as will I, Jesus. 32:3
  104. But let none of them pretend to receive any revelations. Anen. 32:4
  105. Ezra [Thayre] and Northrop [Sweet], preach to this crooked and perverse generation. 33:1
  106. This is the last time I'm going to ask anyone to do that. 33:3
  107. No one does anything good anymore, except for a few. Their minds have all been corrupted by priestcrafts. 33:4
  108. Open your mouths and they will be filled. , 33:10
  109. I gave you the Book of Mormon for your instruction. 33:16
  110. Get ready for the coming of the bridegroom. Because I come quickly. Amen. 33:17
  111. This is what Jesus has to say to you, Orson [Pratt]. You are blessed because you believe. And even more blessed because I'm telling you to preach to this perverse and crooked generation. 34:1
  112. I'll soon be coming in a cloud. It'll be a great day. 34:7
  113. But before I come, the sun will darken, the moon will turn into blood, the stars won't shine, and some of them will fall. And the wicked will be destroyed. 34:9
  114. If you are faithful, I'll be with you until I come. And I come quickly. Amen. 34:11
  115. Sidney [Rigdon], I give you a commandment: baptize people. 35:1
  116. I am God and my arm isn't shortened. 35:8
  117. Whoever asks me in my name can cast out devils, heal the sick, blind, deaf, dumb, and lame. 35:9
  118. Those without faith will drink the wine of the wrath of fornication. 35:11
  119. It's time for me [Jesus] to come. 35:15
  120. I [Jesus] have sent my gospel to Joseph [Smith]. 35:17
  121. I [Jesus] give you [Sidney Rigdon] a commandment: write for him [Joseph Smith]. 35:20
  122. I [Jesus] come quickly. Amen. 35:27
  123. Edward [Partridge], preach my gospel with the voice of a trump. 36:1
  124. I'll lay my hand on you with the hand of Sidney Rigdon. 36:2
  125. Preach, saying this: "Come out of the fire, hating your garments that are spotted with the flesh." 36:5
  126. I'm Jesus, so gird up your loins and I'll suddenly come to my temple. Amen. 36:8
  127. Here is wisdom: Choose for yourself until I [Jesus] come. Amen. 37:4
  128. Thus says Jesus, the great I am. 38:1
  129. I've kept dead wicked people chained up in the darkness until the end of the earth. Wo, wo, wo is their doom. 38:5
  130. I see you, but you can't see me. 38:7
  131. Gird up your loins. 38:9
  132. All flesh is corrupted. ... All flesh is mine. 38:11
  133. The earth is my footstool, so I'm going to stand on it. 38:17
  134. Someday I'll be your king. Then you'll have no laws but mine. 38:21
  135. You have a secret enemy who is trying to kill you. 38:28
  136. Here's a commandment for you: Go to Ohio. 38:32
  137. From there, I'll tell the whole world what to do. Israel will be saved. No one can stop me. 38:33
  138. Here's a comandment for the church: Certain men will be appointed by the church. 38:34
  139. Here's another commandment for you: Everyone must do whatever I say. 38:40
  140. Be clean. Amen. 38:42
  141. Listen to Jesus, the great I am. 39:1
  142. I know you, James [Covill]. 39:7
  143. At this moment, your heard is right, and I've blessed your head. But you've rejected me many times before. 39:8
  144. If you listen to me, get baptized, and call on my name, you'll receive a better blessing than you've ever had before. 39:10
  145. You're not called to go east; you're called to go to Ohio. 39:14
  146. If my people go to Ohio, I'll bless them more than I've ever blessed anyone else. 39:15
  147. Go cry with a loud voice, saying: "The kigndom of heaven is here." 39:19
  148. The end is coming, but no one knows when it will come. 39:21
  149. I come quickly. Amen. 39:24
  150. Things were good between me [Jesus] and James Covel. He said he'd obey me. But Satan tempted him and he rejected the word. So he broke our agreement. Now I have to decide what to do to him. Amen. 40:1
  151. I'm God. If you listen to me, I'll give you the greatest blessing. If you don't, I'll give you the greatest cursing. 41:1
  152. Here's a commandment for the chuch: Gather together and agree about my word. 41:2
  153. I'll be your ruler when I come. And I come quickly. 41:4
  154. Build Joseph Smith, Jun. a house. 41:7
  155. Give Sidney Rigdon whatever he needs to live comfortably. 41:8
  156. Here's another commandment for you: Make Edward Partridge a bishop (by the voice of the church). Amen. 41:9
  157. I'm Jesus, listen to me and obey me. 42:1
  158. Here is the first commandment that I'm giving you:. Go forth in my name, except for Joseph Smith, Jun. and Sidney Rigdon. 42:4
  159. Go forth two by two with the sound of a trump. 42:6
  160. The Bible and the Book of Mormon contain the fullness of the gospel. 42:12
  161. Let your clothing be plain - and homemade. 42:40
  162. Sick people that don't have enough faith to be healed should not be fed by the enemy. 42:43
  163. Those that die in me won't taste death. Or maybe they'll taste it, but it'll taste sweet to them. 42:46
  164. Those who have faith in me will be healed and won't die. 42:48
  165. Blind people who have faith will see, deaf people will hear, and lame people will leap. 42:49
  166. If you ask me where the New Jerusalem will be, I'll tell you someday when I feel like it. 42:62
  167. Watch out for those secret combinations. . 42:64
  168. Don't cast out fornicators who have put away their companions. 42:74
  169. I [God] appointed him [Joseph Smith] to receive commandments and revelations from me. No one else will receive them from me. 43:2
  170. Only Joseph Smith can appoint someone to replace himself. 43:4
  171. So this is a law for you: Don't accept teachings, revelations, or commandments from anyone else. 43:5
  172. If you want glory, appoint and uphold Joseph Smith, Jun. 43:12
  173. And it you want the mysteries of the kingdom, give him [Joseph Smith] food, clothes, and whatever else he needs. 43:13
  174. The great day is coming soon. 43:17
  175. On that day, heavens and earth wiill shake, and the trump of God will say: "Get up, you saints. Stay asleep you sinners until I come again." 43:18
  176. So gird up your loins. 43:19
  177. I'll come when I'm ready to come. 43:29
  178. The great millennium is coming. 43:30
  179. Satan will be bound, then he'll be loosed. But he'll only reign for a little while, and then the earth will be destroyed by fire. 43:31
  180. I'm Jesus. Be sober. Obey my commandments. Amen. 43:34
  181. I, the Lord, would like the elders to meet. So send out letters asking them to come. (Or invite them in some other way.) So your enemies won't have power over you. 44:1
  182. I'm Jesus. Listen to me. 45:1
  183. Jesus prophesies as in the days of old 45:1
  184. Enoch had a city that was out of this world. 45:12
  185. Before the day of the Lord comes, there will be smoke and fire. 45:41
  186. The sun will darken, the moon will turn to blood, and the stars will fall from heaven. Then I'll come in the clouds with all my glory. 45:42
  187. Dead people will come to meet me in the cloud. 45:45
  188. The the Lord will put his foot on the mountain and split it two, and the heavens and earth will shake. 45:48
  189. Everyone will hear the Lord's voice. 45:49
  190. The Jews will look at my wounds and say, "What are thowe wounds in your hands and feet?" 45:51
  191. And I'll say to them, "I'm Jesus, the Son of God. These are the wounds of my crucifixion." 45:52
  192. Satan will be tied up. 45:55
  193. Then the parable about the ten virgins will be fulfilled. 45:56
  194. And that's all I'm going to say about that, until the New Testament is translated. Then you'll know all about it. 45:60
  195. So I'm giving it to you so you can translate it. 45:61
  196. Soon there will be wars in your own lands. So go west. 45:63
  197. It'll be called the New Jerusalem. The glory and the terror of the Lord will be there. It'll be called Zion. 45:66
  198. It will be the only place on earth where people won't be fighting with each other. 45:69
  199. Conduct meetings under the direction of the Holy Spirit. 46:2
  200. Allow everyone to attend your meetings, including those who don't belong to the church. 46:3
  201. Don't be seduced by evil spirits or devils. 46:7
  202. Seek the best gifts. 46:8
  203. Some sick people have enough faith to be healed. And others have enough faith to heal them. 46:19
  204. Some can work miracles, others can prophesy. Some understand spirits. 46:21
  205. Some can speak in tongues. Others understand what people who are speaking in tongues are saying. 46:24
  206. Amen. 46:33
  207. I [God] would like John [Whitmer] to write history. 47:1
  208. He can also talk at meetings. 47:2
  209. Oliver Cowdery used to write the history, but I've given him other duties. 47:3
  210. Amen. 47:4
  211. Save your money so you can buy some land in the city. I'll tell you what city later. 48:4
  212. Amen. 48:6
  213. Here is my [God's] commandment to Sidney [Rigdon], Parley [Pratt], and Leman [Copley] [1]: Go preach to the Shakers. 49:1
  214. The Son of Man will come soon to put feet on his enemies. But no one knows when he'll come. 49:6
  215. Everyone sins, except for some men that you don't know about. 49:8
  216. Whoever forbids marriage is not ordained by God. 49:15
  217. Whoever forbids eating meat, is not ordained of God. 49:18
  218. Animals were created by God for human use. 49:19
  219. The Son of Man won't be coming as a woman. 49:22
  220. When the angel blows his trumpet the heavens and earth will shake and mountains will fall. 49:23
  221. But before that happens, Jacob will flourish and the Lamanites will blossom. 49:24
  222. And Zion will be built wherever I decide to put it. 49:25
  223. So go. I'll be in front of you, behind you, and with you all the way. 49:26
  224. I'm Jesus and I come quickly. Amen. 49:28
  225. I, the Lord, have seen abominations in the church. There are hypocrites among you. But they'll be cut off, either in life or death. 50:4
  226. If you see a spirit that you can't understand, ask God about it. If it's not from God, you'll know it isn't from God. 50:31
  227. You'll be given power over the spirit. Then say to it in a loud voice, "It isn't from God." 50:32
  228. Those who hear these words from the mouth of my servant [Joseph Smith] are blessed. 50:36
  229. Edward Partridge isn't justiified in this thing. 50:39
  230. The day is coming when you'll see me and hear my voice. So get ready. Amen. 50:45
  231. I'm God, listen to me while I tell Edward Partridge how to organize the people. 51:1
  232. Edward Parttridge will distribute the wealth to every man and his family according to his needs. 51:3
  233. I'm Jesus, who comes quickly (when your not expecting me). Amen. 51:20
  234. This is what God says to the elders in these last days. 52:1
  235. I, God, will tell you what to do until the next conference, which will be in Missouri (a land I will give to you. 52:2
  236. Let Joseph Smith, Jun. and Sidney Rigdon go to Missouri as soon as possible. I'll tell them what to do (if they are faithful to me.) But if they're not faithful to me, I'll cut them off (if I feel like it). 52:3
  237. Let them go two by two. 52:10
  238. Let Lyman Wight beware, because Satan is out to get him. 52:12
  239. Satan is out an about deceiving nations. 52:13
  240. Since Heman Basset did something wrong, take whatever was given to him and put it on Simonds Rider's head. 52:37
  241. Give Joseph Smith, Jun., Edward Partridge, and Oliver Cowdery a recommend from the church. 52:41
  242. So go to Missouri, a land that I have given to you, but that your enemies now occupy. 52:42
  243. I, the Lord, will hasten the city in its time. 52:43
  244. I'm Jesus. Amen. 52:44
  245. I [God] say to you, Sidney Gilbert, that I heard your prayers in these last days. Become and elder and preach. You'll also be an agent for the church, and go on a journey with Joseph Smith, Jun. and Sidney Rigdon. I'll give you more instructions later. Amen. 53:1
  246. This is what Jesus says: Newell Knight, Leave this land, and go to Missouri to the boundaries of the Lamanites. When you get there, get a job. And patiently wait for me to come again. It won't be long. I come quickly. Amen. 54:1
  247. I'm God. Listen to me. I'm angry at those who rebel. They'll get to know my arm. 56:1
  248. I command and revoke whenever I feel like it. 56:4
  249. So I'm revoking the commandment I gave Thomas B. Marsh and Ezra Thayre. 56:5
  250. I'm also revoking the commandment that I gave to Selah J. Griffin and Newll Knight. 56:6
  251. Instead, Newell Knight will stay with the people in Thompson, Ohio, and lead them to Missouri after they repent. 56:7
  252. Ezra Thayre must repent of his pride and selfishness, and obey the former commandment that I gave him. If he does this, he'll still get to go to Missouri. 56:8
  253. Otherwise, the money he gave to the church will be returned to him and he'll be cut out of my church. Heaven and earth may pass away, but these words won't. 56:10
  254. If Joseph Smith, Jun. returns the money to Ezra Thayre, then I, the Lord, will reimburse Joseph Smith in Missouri. 56:12
  255. This is what I, the Lord, say to my people: You must repent because you have decided for yourselve what to do. 56:14
  256. And that's all I have to say about that. Amen. 56:20
  257. I, the Lord God, have gathered you elders of the church together in Missouri, a land which I have consecrated to you. 57:1
  258. This is where the city of Zion will be. 57:2
  259. Here is wisdom: Independence is the center place. Build the temple on the west side, near the courthouse. 57:3
  260. It is also wisdom that the all the land to the west should be purchased by the saints - to the line that divides the Jews from the Gentiles. 57:4
  261. And this also is wisdom: Buy all the land in the prairies for an everlasting inheritance. 57:5
  262. I've appointed Sidney Gilbert as the church's agent to buy land in all the regions round about. 57:6
  263. And I've appointed Edward Partridge to distribute the land. 57:7
  264. Sidney Gilbert will establish a store to get the money to buy land. 57:8
  265. And here is some more wisdom: Sidney Gilbert will get a license (let he who reads this understand) to sell things. 57:9
  266. William W. Phelps will be the church's printer. 57:11
  267. Here is even more wisdom: William W. Phelps will obtain righteousness (for the good of the saints). 57:12
  268. Oliver Cowdery will assist him with the help of the Spirit. 57:13
  269. Plant all of these people, along with their families, in Zion as soon as possible. 57:14
  270. I'll tell everyone else what to do later. Amen. 57:16
  271. Edward Partridge needs to repent of his unbelief. 58:14
  272. Here is wisdom: obey my laws, which are the laws of the church. 58:23
  273. If one of my commandments is disobeyed, I revoke it. Then people say to themselves, "This isn't the work of the Lord." Wo to them. They'll receive their reward from below, not above. 58:32
  274. It's wisdom that Martin Harris is an example to the church by giving his money to the bishop of the church. Every member of the church must do the same. 58:35
  275. It is also wisdom that the church buy land in Independence for the storehouse and a house of printing. 58:37
  276. The Spirit will give Martin Harris more directions later. But he must repent for seeking the praise of the world. 58:38
  277. I, the Lord, am not well pleased with William Phelps, because he isn't suffiently meek before me. 58:41
  278. Let an agent of the church in Ohio buy lands in Zion. 58:49
  279. Here's a commandment for Sidney Rigdon: write a description of the land of Zion and a statement of the will of God, as told to him by the Spirit. 58:50
  280. Put all the money in the hands of the bishop or the agent to buy land. 58:51
  281. The Lord wants to purchase the whole region of the country as soon as possible. Here is wisdom: If they don't do this, they won't receive any inheritance, except by bloodshed. 58:52
  282. Take what was given to Ziba Peterson until he is suffiently chastened. Because he didn't confess his sins and tried to hide them. 58:60
  283. The son of Man comes. Amen. 58:65
  284. Blessed are thos who keep an eye on my glory. 59:1
  285. Blessed are those whose feet stand on Zion. 59:3
  286. They'll get new commandments and revelations from me. 59:4
  287. Don't laugh, because laughing is a sin. (But be cheerful.) 59:15
  288. The beasts of the field, the fowls of the air, things that climb on trees and walk on the earth - they all belong to you. 59:16
  289. The herbs are all to eat, make clothes, barns, orchards, gardens, or vineyards. 59:17
  290. Everything was made just for you. 59:18
  291. Yeah, it was made for you to eat, taste, smell, strengthen your body, or make clothes from. God made it all for you. 59:19
  292. But you must obey the commandments. It's all there in the law and prophets, so don't bother me anymore about it. 59:21
  293. I, the Lord, have said it. Amen. 59:24
  294. This is what the Lord says to the elders of his church: I'm glad you're here. 60:1
  295. But I'm not pleased with some of you. You're afraid to open your mouths. So wo to you, because I'm angry with you. 60:2
  296. If they aren't more faithful to me, I'll take away what little they have. 60:3
  297. Because I, the Lord, rule the heavens above and the armies below. When I make up my jewels, everyone will know how powerful I am. 60:4
  298. Now about your journey. Build a craft (I don't care what kind, whatever seems good to you) and travel to St. Louis. 60:5
  299. From there, Sidney Rigdon, Joseph Smith, Jun., and Oliver Cowdery will travel to Cincinnati. 60:6
  300. In Cincinnati they will shout and lift up holy hands. 60:7
  301. Everyone else will leave St. Louis, two by two, to preach to the wicked. 60:8
  302. Edward Partridge will give some of the money that I gave him to the elders. 60:10
  303. Here's a commandment for you: Don't idle away your time while preaching to the wicked. 60:13
  304. When you get to Zion, preach to the wicked. 60:14
  305. Shake off the dust of from your feet and wash them, as a testimony against those who reject your preaching. (But don't do it while they're watching.) 60:15
  306. Joseph Smith, Jun.'s mouth will tell Sidney Rigdon and Oliver Cowdery what to do. Then he'll tell the rest of you. Amen. 60:17
  307. It's dangerous out there on the water. And it'll be worse from now on. 61:4
  308. I'm angry so I'm destroying things on the water. Especially, on this water [the Missouri River]. 61:5
  309. All flesh is in my hand. If you're faithful to me you won't die on the water. 61:6
  310. In the beginning I blessed the water, but now, in the last days, I (by John's mouth) curse the waters. 61:14
  311. Someday no one will be safe on the water. 61:15
  312. In the beginning I cursed the land, but in the last days I'll bless it. (So the saints can eat its fatness.) 61:17
  313. Now I give you another commanment: Warn the others about the waters. 61:18
  314. I've commanded the destroyer to ride on the water. I'll never tell him not to. 61:19
  315. Gird up your loins, and look for the coming of the Son of Man. He'll come when your least expect it. 61:38
  316. Pray that you'll be ready when he comes, whether you're alive or dead. Amen. 61:39
  317. Go two by two - if that seems good to you. It doesn't matter much to me. Just bear glad tidings to wicked people. 62:5
  318. It's okay with me if you ride on horses, or mules, or in chariots. You'll receive a blessing from the the Lord's hand no matter what you ride on. 62:7
  319. I kill, or keep alive, whoever I want. 63:3
  320. I destroy things for my own pleasure. I can even send souls to hell. 63:4
  321. I'm not pleased with those of you who ask for signs and wonders. 63:12
  322. Now its time for you to go to Zion. But don't hurry, or you'll be confused. And confusion causes disease. 63:24
  323. I, the Lord, hold Zion in my hands. 63:25
  324. I give to Ceasar the things that are Caesar's. 63:26
  325. I, the Lord, and angry with wicked people. I'm witholding my spirit from the people on earth. 63:32
  326. When I get angry I create wars where wicked people kill each other, and everyone is afraid. 63:33
  327. It'll be hard for the saints to escape. But I'll come down from heaven and save them by burning the wicked with unquenchable fire. I'm not going to do this for a while though. I'll do it by and by. 63:34
  328. I'd like every man to have righteous hands and faithful loins. 63:37
  329. Titus Billings should sell the land and go to Zion. I really don't care how much money he gets for the farm, but he should bring the money with him to Zion. 63:39
  330. I've given Joseph Smith, Jun. the job of deciding who will go to Zion and who will stay. 63:41
  331. Let Newel K. Whitney keep his store. Or in other words, keep the store for a while. But all the money he gets must be sent to Zion. 63:42
  332. Oliver Cowdery will receive all the money. 63:45
  333. Dead people that rise from the dead will never die again. 63:49
  334. Those that are alive when the Lord comes, will still die at the age of man. 63:50
  335. The Son of Man is coming soon. 63:53
  336. He'll come to the wise and foolish virgins. His angels will pluck out the wicked and cast them into unquenchable fire. 63:54
  337. I, the Lord, am not pleased with Sidney Rigdon. I don't like his writing, so he'll have to make another. If I don't like that, I'll fire him. 63:55
  338. This is a day of warning, not a day of many words. Don't mock me in these last days. 63:58
  339. I'm from above and my power lies below. I'm over everything - in, out, and through it all. 63:59
  340. I'm Jesus. Be careful when you say my name. 63:60
  341. Let Joseph Smith, Jun. and Sidney Rigdon look for homes. 63:65
  342. Be patient, or you'll be condemned. Amen. 63:66
  343. So when you get there, buy the land. You'll ether get the land by buying it or killing others for it. If you buy it, you'll be blessed. But if you kill for it, you'll be scourged from synagogue to synagogue. 63:76
  344. Joseph Smith, Jun. has the keys to the kingdom, and they will never be taken from him. 64:5
  345. Edward Partridge has sinned, and Satan is trying to destroy his soul. But I'll forgive them. So God is going to forgive Edward Partridge and Satan? 64:17
  346. Sidney Gilbert should return to his business in Zion. 64:18
  347. I command Isaac Morley to sell his farm. 64:20
  348. But I don't want Frederick G. Williams to sell his farm. I want to have a strong hold on Kirtland for the next five years. (I won't destroy the wicked during that time.) 64:21
  349. From now until the Son of Man comes is called "today". Everyone must tithe until the Son of Man comes. Those who tithe won't be burned when he comes. 64:23
  350. After "today" comes the burning (I'm speaking the way the Lord speaks). "Tomorrow" I'll burn all the proud and wicked people. I won't spare anyone in Babylon. 64:24
  351. Wherefore, if ye believe me, ye will labor while it is called today. 64:25
  352. I don't want Newel K. Whitney and Sidney Gilbert to sell their store - until everyone here goes to Zion. 64:26
  353. I forbid any of you to get in debt to your enemies. 64:27
  354. The Lord takes what he wants and pays back whenever he wants. 64:28
  355. You're on the Lord's errand, doing the Lord's business. 64:29
  356. The rebellious aren't of the blood of Epraim, so they'll be plucked out. 64:36
  357. I've made my church in these last days the judge of all nations. 64:37
  358. The nations of the earth will tremble because of the church, and fear her terrible ones. I, the Lord, have said so. Amen. 64:43
  359. William E. McLellin, you are blessed for believing. But you're not quite clean. 66:1
  360. Now I, the Lord, will tell you what I want you to do, or what I want you to do. 66:4
  361. Don't go to Zion yet, but send as much money there as you can. 66:6
  362. Go preach in all of the eastern synagogues. 66:7
  363. Touch sick people with your hands, and they'll recover. 66:9
  364. Don't commit adultery. (Which is something you have a bit of a problem with.) 66:10
  365. That's what I, Jesus, your God, say to you. Amen. 66:13
  366. Behold and hearken, elders of my church. You wanted to receive my blessing, but you were afraid, so you didn't get it. 67:1
  367. You've seen Joseph Smith, Jun. And you've heard his language and his imperfections. So select the least commandment in the Book of Commandments, and let the wisest person among you write a commandment like it. If you can do that, then you can say they aren't true. But if you can't do it, you will be condemned. 67:5
  368. Orson Hyde was called by the Spirit of God to preach to the wicked in their synagogues. 68:1
  369. Whatever anyone says when moved by the Holy Ghost is scripture, and is the will, mind, word, voice, and power of God. 68:4
  370. Literal descendants and firstborn sons of Aaron have a legal right to be bishops. 68:16
  371. I'm not pleased with the inhabitants of Zion. They're lazy and their children are wicked. 68:31
  372. I come quickly. Amen. 68:35
  373. All temporaal things shall be shared equally. 70:14
  374. Confound and shame your enemies. Challenge them to public debates where they can be humiliated. 71:7
  375. No weapon against your will prosper. 71:9
  376. I'll confound them (in my own due time). 71:10
  377. Gird us your loins and be sober. Amen. 73:6
  378. I revoke the commission that I gave to William E. McLellin to go to the eastern countries. I'm giving him a new commandment to chasten him for murmuring. 75:6
  379. Amen 75:36
  380. Gird up your loins. 75:226
  381. Listen, heaven and earth, because the Lord is God and Savior ... Hist years never fail. 76:1
  382. We, Joseph Smith, Jun. and Sidney Rigdon on February 16, 1831 were in the spirit, when we saw things that existed before anything exisited. 76:11
  383. We saw and talked to Jesus. 76:14
  384. The Lord touched the eyes of our understanding, and we saw the glory of the Lord round about. 76:19
  385. We saw angels and people worshiping God and the Lamb. 76:21
  386. And we also saw Lucifer. 76:25
  387. While we were in the spirit, the Lord commanded us to write down the vision of Satan, the old serpent, the devil. 76:28
  388. Everyone will be saved except for the sons of perdition, who will be tormented forever. 76:43
  389. Those who are in the resurrection of the just are gods. 76:50
  390. They have celestial bodies, and have a glory that is like the sun, and is equal to the glory of God. 76:70
  391. We saw the terrestial world. Their glory is like the moon. 76:71
  392. The glory of the telestial world is like the stars - compared to the terrestrial, which is like the moon. 76:81
  393. We saw the glories of the telestial, which no one can understand. 76:89
  394. The occupants of the telestial world say they are of Paul, Apollos, Cephas, Christ, John, Moses, Elias, Esaias, Isaiah, and Enoch. 76:109
  395. That's all we saw and were commanded to write down while we were still in the spirit. 76:113
  396. hen he commanded us not to write anything else while we were in the spirit. It's against the law for anyone to say what we saw. 76:115
  397. There will be more inhabitants of the telestial world than there are stars in the sky or sand on the seashore. 76:119
  398. Amen. 76:119
  399. The earth is the sea of glass in Rev 4:6. 77:1
  400. The four beasts in the same verse are the paradise of God, the happiness of man, creeping things, and fowls. 77:2
  401. The four beasts are four individual beasts, not taxonomic ranks. 77:3
  402. Their eyes are full of knowledge, their wings show they can move, act, etc. 77:4
  403. The 24 elders are dead members of seven churches. They're now in God's paradise. 77:5
  404. The earth will exist for a total of 7000 years. 77:6
  405. Each of the seven seals represents 1000 years of the earth's history. 77:7
  406. The angels in Rev 7:1 are four angels God sent to save and destroy life. 77:8
  407. The angel ascending from the east in Rev 7:2 is sent by God to seal the twelve tribes. They said, "Don't hurt the trees until we've marked their foreheads." This is also Elias, if you can believe it, who was to come gather the tribes of Israel and restore all things. 77:9
  408. The things in this chapter will happen in the sixth thousand year period, when the sixth seal is opened. 77:10
  409. The 144,000 are high priests who were ordained by angels to bring people into the church of the Firstborn. 77:11
  410. The trumpets in Rev 8 prepare and finish God's work, and mark the beginning of the 7000 years - preparing the way of his coming. 77:12
  411. The things in Rev 9 will happen after the seventh seal is opened, before Christ comes. 77:13
  412. The little book that John ate in Rev 10 was a mission to gather the tribes of Israel. It was also Elias, who must come to restore everything. 77:14
  413. The two witnesses in Rev 11 are two prophets that will appear in the last days. They'll prophesy to the Jews after they build the city of Jerusalem. 77:15
  414. If you're not equal in earthly things, you can't be equal in heavenly things. 78:6
  415. If you wan't a place in the celestial world, you have to do what I say. 78:7
  416. You must do everything for my glory. 78:8
  417. Newel K. Whitney, Joseph Smith, Jun., and Sidney Rigdon will sit on the council. Otherwise Satan will try to blind them. 78:9
  418. The church must be independent and above everthying below the celestial world. 78:14
  419. You will rule over many nations, says God, who has established the foundations of Adam-ondi-Ahman. 78:15
  420. And who has appointed Michael your prince, established his feet, and given him the keys to salvation. 78:16
  421. Do what I command you to do, says your Redeemer, the Son Ahaman. 78:20
  422. Because you are the church of the Firstborn, he'll take you up in a cloud. 78:21
  423. Whoever is a faithful and wise steward will inherit everything. Amen. 78:22
  424. Jared Carter should go again into the eastern countries, from place to place. 79:1
  425. The Comforter will tell him where to go. 79:2
  426. If he's faithful, I'll crown him with sheaves. Amen. 79:3
  427. Stephen Burnett: Go preach to every creature on earth. Since you'd like a companion, I'll give you Eden Smith. I don't care whether you go north, south, east, or west. You can't go wrong. Just say what you've heard and believe to be true. 80:1
  428. Frederick G. Williams, this is God. Listen to me 81:1
  429. I've given the keys of the kingdom to Joseph Smith, Jun. They will always belong to the Presidency of the High Priesthood. I'll bless him and you. 81:2
  430. Lift up the hands that hang down, and strenghen the feeble knees. 81:5
  431. Behold, and lo, these are the words of Jesus. Amen. 81:7
  432. You are all equal and have equal claims on the properties. Each man will receive what he wants and needs (if those needs are just). 82:17
  433. This is an everlasting command to you and your successors. 82:20
  434. Whoever disobeys this command will be given to Satan. 82:21
  435. This is wisdom: make friends with the mammon of unrighteousness. 82:22
  436. The Lord's church is established in the last days. And it will gather on Mount Zion in the city of New Jerusalem. 84:2
  437. The city will be built at the temple lot, appointed by the Lord's finger, and dedicated by Joseph Smith, Jun., on the western boundary of the state of Missouri. It will be created in this generation. 84:3
  438. This generation will still be alive when a cloud will rest on the house, and the glory of the Lord will fill it. 84:5
  439. Esias [Isaiah]received the priesthood from the hand of God - five or so generations before Moses. 84:12
  440. Esais [Isaiah] was a contemporary of Abraham. 84:13
  441. Abraham received the priesthood from Melchizedek, who received it from his fathers, all the way back to Noah. 84:14
  442. Without this priesthood no one can see God and live. 84:22
  443. John the Baptist was filled with the Holy Ghost in his mother's womb. He was baptized when he was a child, and was ordained to the priesthood by an angel when he was eight days old. 84:27
  444. Everyone is condemned until they read and believe the Book of Mormon. 84:57
  445. And these believers will show these things: They will cast out devils, heal the sick, cure blind and deaf people, and make dumb people speak. Poisons won't hurt them, and venomous snakes won't harm them. 84:65
  446. Those who don't believe and aren't baptised will be damned. Condemn them for their evil unbelieving hearts. 84:74
  447. Those who preach the gospel will never be hungry or thirsty. So don't worry about what to eat, drink, or wear for clothing. 84:80
  448. Make no plans for the future. 84:84
  449. Those who you preach to will give your clothes, food, and money. 84:89
  450. If you're not welcomed, wash your feet with pure water, either hot or cold. 84:92
  451. Send money to the bishop in Zion or Ohio. 84:104
  452. Don't let the head say to the feet, "I don't need you." 84:109
  453. Bishop Newell K. Whitney should travel around helping the poor by humbling the rich. 84:112
  454. Bishop Newell K. Whitney should also go to New York, Albany, and Boston to warn them that they and their famlies will all be killed if they reject the teachings of his church. 84:114
  455. If he trusts me, I'll know whenever a hair falls from his head. 84:116
  456. All the rest of you should do the same: Go preach everywhere telling everyone that they will be killed if they don't believe what you say. 84:117
  457. I will destroy their kingdoms and shake the earth and stars. 84:118
  458. You can't see it now, but in soon I'll come and you'll see it. Amen. 84:119
  459. Your prayers come up into the ears of the Lord, and are recorded in the celestial world book. 88:1
  460. I forgive your sins, because I heard (with my ears) the prayers of your friends 90:1
  461. So you are blessed forever, and I'm giving you the keys to the last kingdom. 90:2
  462. The keys will never be taken from you, while you're alive or after you're dead. 90:3
  463. I've also forgiven Sidney Rigdon and Frederick G. Williams. They will also have the keys of this last kingdom. 90:6
  464. I've also forgiven Sidney Rigdon and Frederick G. Williams. They will also have the keys of this last kingdom. 90:6
  465. From time to time, the Comforter will deliver revelations to you. 90:14
  466. Find a home for Frederick G. Williams and his family. 90:19
  467. Let Joseph Smth, Sen. continue to like with his family in their current residence. 90:20
  468. Let Sidney Rigdon live where he is currently living (until the mouth of the Lord names another place). 90:21
  469. Have small families. 90:25
  470. Have small families. 90:25
  471. Give Vienna Jaques money so she can go to Zion. 90:28
  472. Give Vienna Jaques money so she can go to Zion. 90:28
  473. Vienna Jaques will pay her expenses for the trip to Zion. 90:28
  474. And give me [the Lord] whatever money is left over. She'll be rewarded in my own time. 90:29
  475. And give me [the Lord] whatever money is left over. She'll be rewarded in my own time. 90:29
  476. And give me [the Lord] whatever money is left over. She'll be rewarded in my own time. 90:29
  477. And she will give me [the Lord] whatever money is left over. She'll be rewarded in my own time. 90:29
  478. Let her live in peace, so long as she isn't idle. 90:31
  479. Don't bother me about this anymore. 90:33
  480. I'm not pleased with William E. McLellin, Sidney Gilbert, the bishop, and many others. 90:35
  481. But I will contend with Zion until she is clean. 90:36
  482. In the meantime, she'll stay where she is. I, the Lord, have spoken it. Amen. 90:37
  483. This is what the Lord says about the Apocrypha. There are many true things in it, if it's translated correctly. 91:1
  484. But there are many things in it that are false. 91:2
  485. So it's not necessary to translate it. 91:3
  486. I, the Lord, give you the united order. Here's a revelation and commandment for you: Receive Frederick G. Williams into the united order. What I say to one I say to all. 92:1
  487. I, the Lord, give you the united order. Here's a revelation and commandment about Frederick G. Williams: Receive him into the order. What I say to one person, I say to everyone else. 92:1
  488. You, Frederick G. Williams will be a lively member of this order. If you're faithful in keeping all the former commandments, you'll be blessed forever. Amen. 92:2
  489. Frederick G. Williams, you will be a lively member of this order. If you are faithful in keeping all former commandments, you'll be blessed forever.  Amen. 92:2
  490. Everyone who stops sinning, calls my name, obeys my voice, and keeps my commandments will see my face and know that I exist. 93:1
  491. In the beginning I was with the Father.  I'm the firstborn. 93:21
  492. You were also there in the beginning with Father. 93:23
  493. Humans were with God from the beginning.. 93:29
  494. You are God's temple. If you defile that temple, God will destroy you. 93:35
  495. But you, Frederick G. Williams, continued under this condemnation. 93:41
  496. You didn't teach your children light and truth. 93:42
  497. Here's a commandment for you: Clean up your house. 93:43
  498. Sidney Rigdon hasn't kept the commandments about his children. 93:44
  499. Joseph Smith, Jun., you haven't kept the commandments, and need to be rebuked before the Lord. 93:47
  500. Your family needs to repent, and pay more attention to your sayings, or they'll be removed from their place. 93:48
  501. I say the same thing to everyone. 93:49
  502. Newel K. Whitney needed to be chastened. If his family isn't set in order, they'll be removed. 93:50
  503. Let Sidney Rigdon go on his journey to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord. 93:51
  504. Joseph Smith, Jun., and Frederick G. Williams won't be confounded in this world, or the next. 93:52
  505. Hurry and translate my scriptures. Amen. 93:53
  506. I give you a commandment: Start building the stake of Zion, here in Kirtland, beginning with my house in Kirtland. 94:1
  507. Build it according to the plan that I gave you. 94:2
  508. Make it 55 by 65 feet. 94:4
  509. I'll give you more instructions later. 94:5
  510. Don't let any unclean thing come into it. My glory and presence will be there. 94:8
  511. Don't let any unclean thing come into it. My glory and presence will be there. 94:8
  512. If any unclean thing comes into it, my glory won't be there. 94:9
  513. Build a house on the second lot on the south side for printing the translation of my scriptures. 94:10
  514. It will also be 55 by 65 feet. 94:11
  515. Hyrum Smith will receive his inheritance on the third lot. 94:13
  516. Reynolds Cahoon and Jared Carter will receive their inheritances on the first and second lot. 94:14
  517. Don't build them, though, until I tell you. 94:16
  518. And that's all I have to say about that. Amen. 94:17
  519. You must be chastened for not building my house. It is a very grievous sin. 95:2
  520. I've asked my apostles to prune my vineyard for the last time, so I can do my strange act, and pour out my spirit on all flesh. 95:4
  521. I gave you a commandment that you should have a solemn assembly, where the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth (which being interpreted is the creator, the beginning and the end). 95:7
  522. I gave you a commandment that you should build a house. 95:8
  523. Contentions arose in the school of the prophets. 95:10
  524. Here is wisdom and the mind of the Lord: Build the house like I showed three of you. 95:13
  525. Make it 55 by 65 feet. 95:15
  526. So says Son Ahman; or, in other words, Alphus; or, in in othe words, Omegus. [3] Or Jesus. Amen. 95:17
  527. Here is wisdom: This stake should be strong. 96:1
  528. I, the Lord, am well pleased with the a school in Zion, and that Parley P. Pratt presides over it, until I give him other commandments. 97:3
  529. Build me a house in Zion, with the plans I've given you. 97:10
  530. Build it quickly by tithing the people. 97:11
  531. As long as there's no unclean things in it, my glory will rest upon it. 97:15
  532. I'll come into it, and the pure of heart will see me there. 97:16
  533. But if there's an unclean thing in there, I won't come into it and my glory won't be there. 97:17
  534. If Zion does these things, it will become very great and very terrible. 97:18
  535. And all the nations will honor her and say, "Zon is the city of God." 97:19
  536. But Zion will escape, if she does what I tell her to do. 97:25
  537. But Zion will escape, if she does what I tell her to do. Otherwise, I'll send plagues, wars, and fire on her. 97:25
  538. Renounce war and proclaim peace. Or I will smite the whole earth with a curse and everything livng thing will die. 98:16
  539. Renounce war and proclaim peace. Or I will smite the whole earth with a curse and everything livng thing will die. 98:16
  540. I'm not well pleased with many members of the Kirtland church. They do detestable things. 98:19
  541. I will chasten them and do whatever I list, if they don't obey me. 98:21
  542. If you are attacked once, bear it patiently and don't seek revenge. 98:23
  543. If you're attacked again, don't revile your enemy. 98:25
  544. If you're attacked a third time, bear it patiently. 98:26
  545. If that enemy escapes my vengeance, warn them in my name. 98:28
  546. If your enemy attacks you again (for the fourth time in your life or your 3rd or 4th generation descendants), I'll deliver them into your hands. 98:29
  547. I'll reward you (and your descendants to the third or fourth generation) if you don't kill them all.  98:30
  548. But if your enemy is in your hands, go ahead and kill them. 98:31
  549. That's what Nephi, Joseph, Jacob, Isaac, and Abraham did - as did all of my ancient prophets and apostles. 98:32
  550. But don't go to war unless I command you. 98:33
  551. If someone proclaims war against you, first wage a peace flag. 98:34
  552. If they don't accept your flag the first, second, or third time, come talk to me about it. 98:35
  553. I'll give you a commandment to go to war with them. 98:36
  554. I'll fight your battles, and your children's battles, and your children's children's battles, until you are avenged of your enemies (for three or four generations). 98:37
  555. But like I was saying, if your enemy attacks you the first time, and they repent, forgive them. 98:39
  556. And so on to through the second and third time, even 490 times. 98:40
  557. So forgive them the first time, even it they don't repent. 98:41
  558. And the second time. 98:42
  559. And the third time. 98:43
  560. But if they do it a fourth time, don't forgive them. Come tell me about it. They won't be forgiven until they reward you with four times whatever they took from you. 98:44
  561. If they pay you back four times, forgive them. If they don't, I'll make them pay 100 times as much. 98:45
  562. And their descendants to the third and fourth generation. 98:46
  563. But if their children or grand children repent, and give you back four times what they took, don't be angry with them anymore. 98:47
  564. Vengeance won't come on them anymore. Amen. 98:48
  565. This is what the Lord says about John Murdock. He will go preach in the eastern countries. 99:1
  566. My father will reject whoever rejects you. When this happens, wash your feet in the secret places. 99:4
  567. Behold, I come quickly to pay them back for all their ungodly deeds against me (as is written in the book). 99:5
  568. If after a few years, you may go to the goodly land to possess your inheritance. 99:7
  569. Otherwise, just keep preaching until you die. Amen. 99:8
  570. Joseph and Sidney, your families are well. They're in my hands. I'll do to them whatever seems good to me. I have all the power. 100:1
  571. There's a lot of people around here. And a door will be opened in the eastern land. 100:3
  572. Here's a commandment for you: Say whatever you say in my name. 100:7
  573. If you do this, the Holy Ghost will be shed forth. 100:8
  574. Those in the church who have been afflicted, were afflicted by me to punish them for their transgressions. I'll own them on the day that I make up my jewels. 101:1
  575. But my bowels are filled with compassion for them. 101:9
  576. My anger will soon be poured out on all nations. I"ll do it when the cup of their iniquity is full. 101:11
  577. Everyone on the watch-tower, or in other words, everyone in Israel will be saved. 101:12
  578. All flesh is in my hands. 101:16
  579. I have other places that will be called stakes, for the curtains or the strength of Zion. 101:21
  580. When the veil of my temple is removed, all flesh will see me. 101:23
  581. Everything else will melt and will become new. 101:25
  582. The parable of the watchtower 101:43
  583. Buy land with money in the land of Zion. 101:70
  584. Buy everything you can in Jackson County, Missouri and the counties round about, leaving the rest in my hand. 101:71
  585. We'll do all this in accordance with the constitution. 101:77
  586. For this purpose, I established the Constitution. 101:80
  587. The parable of the woman and the unjust judge (and God's strange act) 101:81
  588. So I can do my strange act and my strange work. 101:95
  589. It's contrary to my commandment for Sidney Gilbert to sell my storehouse. 101:96
  590. The president of the church is appointed by revelation. 102:9
  591. If the council can't decide a matter of doctrine or principle, the president will ask and receive a revelation from the mind of the Lord. 102:23
  592. I'll begin to defeat my enemies starting right now. 103:6
  593. If the saints obey me, they will prevail until I defeat all of the kingdoms of the world and give the earth to them to possess forever. 103:7
  594. But if they don't obey me, the kingdoms of the world will defeat them. 103:8
  595. I'll send a man like Moses to lead them. 103:16
  596. Joseph Smith, Jun. is the man whom I likened to Moses. 103:21
  597. So let him say to the young and middle-aged men, Go to the land of Zion, which I have bought with money. 103:22
  598. Let all the churches send money to buy land there, as I have commanded them. 103:23
  599. Parley Pratt and Lyman Wight should gather soldiers in groups of 10s, 20s, or 100 until they have a total of 500.
    If you can't find 500, maybe your can find 300.
    And if you can't find 300, try for 100. 103:30-33

  600. Pray that Joseph Smith, Jun. will be with you. 103:35
  601. Orson Hyde and Orson Pratt will go wherever Joseph Smith, Jun. goes. Leave the rest to me. Amen. 103:40
  602. You can't escape Satan either. 104:9
  603. Anyone member of the order who transgresses will be delivered to Satan. 104:10
  604. I've given Joseph Smith, Jun. the lot for my house, which is 660 feet long and 198 feet long.  This is also where his father lives. 104:43
  605. You are dissolved as a united order. 104:53
  606. All of the properties are mine. 104:55
  607. It will be called the sacred treasury of the Lord. 104:66
  608. Money will go into the Lord's treasury by hundreds, fifties, twenties, tens, or by fives. 104:68
  609. If you humble yourselves before me, I'll soften th hearts of those who loaned you the money. 104:80
  610. So write to New York [10] that will be dictated by my Spirit. I'll soften the hearts of those to whom you owe money. 104:81
  611. You'll obtain loans of hundreds or thousands - it's your priviledge. 104:84
  612. Members of my churches abroad say, "Where is their God? We'll keep our money." 105:8
  613. Now I give you a commandment: let as many who have come here, stay. 105:20
  614. The the people around here must humble themselves before me, and not reveal what I've revealed to them, until it is wisdom in me that they should be revealed. 105:23
  615. I've sent wise men to buy all the lands they can in Jackson County, and in the surrounding counties. 105:28
  616. The kingdoms of the world will acknowledge that the kingdom of Zion is God's kingdom, and they will become subject to her laws 105:32
  617. The first elders of my church will receive their endowments in my house, which will be built in the land of Kirtland. 105:33
  618. Appoint Warren A. Cowdery as high priest over my church in the land of Freedom. 106:1
  619. The Lord is coming soon. So gird your loins. 106:4
  620. Everyone in heaven rejoiced when Warren bowed to my scepter. 106:6
  621. I will have mercy on him; and, notwithstanding the vanity of his heart. 106:7
  622. I've made a crown for him in my Father's mansions. Amen. 106:9
  623. There are two priesthoods in the church: Melchizedek and Aaronic, including the Levitical priesthood. 107:1
  624. Seth ordained by Adam when he was 69 years old, and was blessed by Adam three years before Adam died. 107:2
  625. Before Melchizedek, it was called the holy priesthood, after the order of the Son of God. 107:3
  626. But to avoid using God's name too much, the ancient church called it the priesthood of Melchizedek. 107:4
  627. The priesthood is handed down from father to son, and belongs to the literal descendants of the chosen seed. 107:40
  628. The order began in the days of Adam. 107:41
  629. Cainan was 87 years old when he was ordained. 107:45
  630. Mahalaleel was 496 years and seven days old when he was ordained by Adam. 107:46
  631. Jared was 200 years old when Adam ordained him. 107:47
  632. Enoch was 25 years old when Adam ordained him, and 65 when Adam blessed him. 107:48
  633. Enoch walked with God for 365 years, making him 430 years old when he was translated. 107:49
  634. Methuselah was 100 years old when Adam ordained him. 107:50
  635. Lamech was 32 years old when he was ordained by Seth. 107:51
  636. Noah was ten years old when he was ordained by Methuselah. 107:52
  637. Three years before Adam died, he blessed Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahalaleel, Jared, Enoch, and Methuselah, who were all high priests in the valley of Adam-ondi-Ahman. 107:53
  638. The Lord appeared to him, and they blessed Adam, and called him Michael the archangel. 107:54
  639. These things are written in the book of Enoch, which you'll hear more about someday. 107:57
  640. The President of the office of the High Priesthood rules the whole church like Moses. 107:91
  641. Here is wisdom: He is to be a seer, revelator, translator, and prophet,. 107:92
  642. The seventh president presides over the six. 107:94
  643. And the seven presidents choose another seventy besides the first seventy, and they preside over them. 107:95
  644. And so on, with another seventy, until seven times seventy, as required. 107:96
  645. These seventy are traveling preachers to Gentiles first, and also the Jews. 107:97
  646. We know you've said terrible things about the wicked in the last days. 109:45
  647. Bare your arm, O Lord. 109:51
  648. May those who you have cursed and smitten be converted from their wild and savage ways. 109:65
  649. When the trump sounds for the dead, let us go up in a cloud to meet you. 109:75
  650. Let our garments be pure. 109:76
  651. Amen and amen. 109:80
  652. We saw the Lord standing on a pavement of amber-colored pure gold. 110:2
  653. His eyes were like flames of fire; his hair was as white as snow; he was a bright as the sun; and his voice sounded like a river or like Jehovah. 110:3
  654. After Jesus left, Moses appeared and gave us the keys to the gathering of Israel from the four parts of the earh, and the leading of the ten tribes from the land of the north. 110:11
  655. Then Elias appeared, saying that all generations would be blessed by our seed. 110:12
  656. Next up was Elijah, who said: "The time has come that Malachi mentioned, that I would be sent before the great and terrible day of the Lord." 110:13
  657. I'm here to make fathers and sons like each other, so that God doesn't smite the whole earth with a curse. 110:15
  658. You have the keys of this dispensation. The great and dreadful day of the Lord is near. 110:16
  659. I, the Lord and your God, am okay with you going on this journey, even though you've made some mistakes. 111:1
  660. I'll give you a lot of treasure from this city [Salem, Massachusetts]. 111:3
  661. So get to know the men who live here, since I'll soon be giving it to you. 111:3
  662. Someday I'll give the city to you, and you'll have power over it. They'll never discover your secret parts, and all its wealth, gold, and silver will be yours. 111:4
  663. Don't worry about your debts, I'll help you pay them. 111:5
  664. My spirit will signalize you with a power that will flow into you. 111:8
  665. You can buy this place. Find out about its ancient founders and inhabitants. 111:9
  666. So be wise as serpents but without sin. I'll make everything happen as soon as you're ready. Amen. 111:11
  667. Don't rebel against Joseph Smith. I'm with him, and he'll have my keys until I come. 112:15
  668. You [Thomas B. Marsh] will be the one to unlock the kingdom's doors, where not even Joseph [Smith], Sidney [Rigdon], and Hyrum [Smith] can come. 112:17
  669. The earth is covered in darkness and all flesh looks corrupt to me. 112:23
  670. I come quickly. Amen. 112:34
  671. Ask me anything 113:1
  672. My church will be called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 115:3
  673. Because thats' what it'll be called in the last days, even The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 115:4
  674. Far West is a holy city on holy land. 115:7
  675. I command you to build me a house in Far West. 115:8
  676. Start to work this summer, on the fourth of July. 115:9
  677. Work on it until it's finished. 115:12
  678. Don't let Joseph [Smith], Sidney [Rigdon], or Hyrum [Smith] get into debt building my house. 115:13
  679. I'll show them later how to build the house. 115:14
  680. If you don't build it the way I tell you to build it, I won't accept it. 115:15
  681. But if you build it the way I tell you, I'll accept it. 115:16
  682. Hurry and build the city of Far West. 115:17
  683. I'll tell Joseph [Smith] where to build stakes around here from time to time. 115:18
  684. I'l be with him, because I've given him the keys of this kingdom to him. Amen. 115:19
  685. The Lord named Spring Hill "Adam-ondi-Ahman" because it's the place Adam will visit his people - or, as Daniel called him, the Ancient of Days. 116:1
  686. Isn't there room enough on the mountains of Adam-ondi-Ahman? And on the plains of Olaha Shinehah where Adam lived?  117:8
  687. Newel K. Whitney should be ashamed of the Nicolaitane band with all their secret abominations. 117:11
  688. Everyone will remember Oliver Granger forever and ever. 117:12
  689. I'm telling everyone in Kirtland again to overthrow the moneychanges in my own time, says the Lord. Amen. 117:16
  690. Replacing four or the Twelve who have been excommunicated  118:1
  691. I, the Lord, require that all surplus property be given to the bishop. 119:1
  692. For the building of my house, the foundation of Zion, the priesthood, and to pay the debts of my church. 119:2
  693. Everyone must pay one-tenth of their income each year for my holy priesthood. This is a law that is forever binding. 119:3
  694. The money from tithes belongs to the Church and will be disposed of by a council - and by my own voice. Amen. 120:1
  695. Where are you hiding, God? 121:1
  696. How long will your pure eye watch what's going on without  doing anything? 121:2
  697. When will your bowels be moved with compassion? 121:3
  698. And in a few years, not one of them or their posterity will be left to stand by the wall. 121:15
  699. Their baskets won't be full, and they'll be despised by those that used to flatter them. 121:20
  700. It will be revealed whether there is one God or many gods. 121:28
  701. According the the Council of the Eternal God of all the other gods. 121:32
  702. Let your bowels be full of charity. 121:45
  703. Everyone on earth will know about you [Joseph Smith]. Fools will deride you, and hell will rage against you. 122:1
  704. Pure, wise, noble, and virtuous people will ask you for your advice and blessing. 122:2
  705. Traitors will never turn your people away from you. 122:3
  706. Though you will get into trouble and jail,  you will be a fierce lion to your enemies. And God will be with you forever. 122:4
  707. Make an account of all of the damages the saints have suffered from the people of Missouri. 123:1
  708. And also make a list of the prople who have oppressed them. 123:3
  709. Gather all the libelous magazines, encyclopedias, and histories, and make a list of their authors. Present the whole diabolical rascality, nefarious, murderous list of things that have been produced against us. 123:4
  710. Present them to to government in all their dark and hellish hue. Use this list to call our Heavenly Father from his hiding place. So that the whole nation will be without excuse when he sends forth the power of his mighty arm. 123:6
  711. These dark and black deeds are enough to make hell shudder, and make the devil's hands tremble. 123:10
  712. Many sects and denominations are blinded by the subtle craftiness of men, who seek to deceive others, and are blind to the truth because they don't know where to find it. 123:12
  713. I, the Lord, am well pleased with you, Joseph Smith. 124:1
  714. I like your prayers, and I'd like you to make a proclamation to all the kings of this world, to the president elect, governors, and to all nations. 124:2
  715. It will be written by the Holy Ghost. 124:4
  716. And the Holy Ghost will give the proclamation to you. 124:5
  717. When I come to visit, I'll reveal my face. 124:8
  718. Oh you kings of the earth, give your gold and silver to the people of Zion. 124:11
  719. Robert B. Thompson will help you write the proclamation. I'll bless him with lots of blessings and he'll be great in my eyes. 124:12
  720. I, the Lord, love Hyrum Smith. 124:15
  721. Let John C. Bennett stand by Joseph Smith while sending my word to the kings and people of the earth. If he does this, he'll be mine, and I'll crown him with blessings and glory. 124:16
  722. Lyman Wight will keep preaching in Zion.  He'll begat glory and honor to himself and my name. 124:18
  723. I'll receive him like I did David Patten, who is here with me at this time, along with Edward Partridge and Joseph Smith, Sen., who is sitting at Abraham's right hand. He is holy and he is mine. 124:19
  724. George Miller is without guile. He loves my testimony and I, the Lord, love him. 124:20
  725. I am making him a bishop. Don't let any man despise him. 124:21
  726. Let George [Miller], Lyman [Wight], John Snider, and others build a house for me. Joseph [Smith] will show them how and where to build it. 124:22
  727. Send swift messengers to tell everyone to bring their gold, silver, precious stones, and antiques, along with box, fir, and pine trees, and all the other precious trees of the earth. 124:26
  728. Have them bring iron, copper, brass, zinc, and other precious things to build a house for me to live in. 124:27
  729. And build a baptismal font to baptize dead people. 124:29
  730. I command all you saints to build me a house. 124:31
  731. If you don't, your baptisms for dead people won't be acceptable to me. 124:32
  732. I originated the law of baptism for the dead before the world began. 124:33
  733. But after this time, your baptism of the dead won't be acceptable to me. 124:35
  734. You can only baptize dead people in Zion, Jerusalem, and other places I've appointed for refuge. 124:36
  735. Your anointings, washings, baptisms for the dead, assemblies, memorials, sacrifices, oracles, conversations, statutes, judgments, revelations, glory, honor, and endowment must be in my holy house. 124:39
  736. I'll reveal to my church things that have never been revealed. 124:41
  737. I'll show Joseph [Smith] things about this house. 124:42
  738. Build it on the spot I tell you to build it on. 124:43
  739. If you work hard, I'll make the spot holy. 124:44
  740. I accepted the offerings of those whom I commanded to build me a house in Jackston County, Missouri. But they were hindered by their enemies. 124:51
  741. I'll save all the pure of heart who were slain in Missouri. 124:54
  742. I command you again to build me a house in this place. 124:55
  743. Let Joseph [Smith] and his family live there forever. 124:56
  744. I've put a blessing on Joseph [Smith]'s head and on the head of his posterity. 124:57
  745. Everyone on earth is blessed by Joseph [Smith]'s seed. 124:58
  746. So let Joseph [Smith] and his seed live in that house forever. 124:59
  747. It'll be called the Nauvoo House. 124:60
  748. Each man may buy $50 to $15,000 of stock in the house. 124:64
  749. I'm not pleased with Almon Babbitt.  He set up a golden calf for my people to worship 124:84
  750. He [William Law] should obey Joseph [Smith] and publish the new translation of the Bible. 124:89
  751. If he does this, his seed won't have to beg for bread. 124:89
  752. Whoever he [Hyrum Smith] blesses will be blessed and whoever he curses will be cursed. Whatever he binds on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever he looses on earth will be bound in heaven. 124:93
  753. From now on he [Hyrum Smith] is a prophet, seer, revelator to my church, along with Joseph [Smith]. 124:94
  754. He [Hyrum Smith] will have the same gifts and honor that Oliver Cowdery once had. 124:95
  755. William Law will heal the sick, cast out devils, and be immune to deadly poison. 124:98
  756. He'll also go places where poisonous serpents can't bite his heel, and his thoughts will be like eagles' wings. 124:99
  757. And he'll raise the dead. 124:100
  758. Robert D. Foster must build a house for Joseph [Smith]. If he does that, the door will be opened to him from time to time. 124:115
  759. But he must repent of his folly and quit doing evil things. 124:116
  760. And obey Joseph [Smith], Hyrum [Smith], and William Law. Everything will go well for him forever. Amen. 124:118
  761. God told me [Joseph Smith] that my enemies in Missouri and Illinois are after me. So I'm leaving for a while. I'll come back when it's a bit safer. 127:1
  762. God said that I'll triumph over my enemies. 127:2
  763. I had planned to tell you more about baptizing dead people next Sunday. But since I won't be here, I'll write you more about it later. 127:10
  764. The enemy is on the alert and the devil is coming, so I must end this letter. 127:11
  765. I'm the prophet and seer of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 127:12
  766. I [Joseph Smith] told you in my letter before leaving that I'd write you from time to time. So now I'll tell you some more about baptizing dead people. 128:1
  767. Sometime before the world began, the Lord decided to save people who didn't hear the gospel while they were alive by baptizing them after they were dead. 128:5
  768. When Jesus said, "Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound int heaven, etc." what he really meant was (if translated properly), "Whatever you record on earth shall be recorded in heaven, etc." 128:8
  769. The baptismal font was made to look like a grave, as Paul declared in 1 Corinthians 15:46-47. 128:13
  770. If you are to be saved, dead people must also be saved. As Paul said, "Dead people can't be made perfect without us, and we can't be made perfect without dead people." 128:15
  771. I could make a better translation of this verse [Malachi 4:5-6] , but you get the idea. It's enough to know that God plans to smite the earth with a curse - unless there's a link of some kind between fathers and children. And that something is the baptism of dead people. Because we can't be made perfect without dead people, and dead people can't be made perfect without us. Also the end times won't come unless we baptize dead people. 128:18
  772. What do we hear from the gospel? Glad tidings for dead people. How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring glad tidings. 128:19
  773. So what do we hear? Glad tidings from Cumorah! The angel Moroni revealing a new book to be published. The voice of the Lord in Fayette, Seneca County with three men who saw the book. Michael on the banks of the Susquehanna with a devil detector. Peter, James and John somewhere between Harmony, Susquehanna county, and Colesville, Broome county, on the Susquehanna River with the keys to the kingdom. 128:20
  774. And again, the voice of God in old Father Whitmer's room in Fayette, Seneca County. The voices of Michael, Gabriel, and Rphael the Archangels and other angels. 128:21
  775. Go forward, not backward. On to victory! Let the earth start singing and  dead people start talking. 128:22
  776. Shout for joy, you mountains, valleys, seas, dry lands, rivers, woods, and trees. And you rocks, weep for joy. Sun, moon, and start - start singing. 128:23
  777. The Lord's great day is nearly here. He's like fuller's soap. Let's finish this temple an put the records of the dead people that we've baptized in it. 128:24
  778. I have a lot more to say, but I'll save it for later. I'm your humble servant, Joseph Smith. 128:25
  779. There are two kinds of beings in heaven: Angels, who are resurrected men, having flesh and bones. 129:1
  780. Secondly, there are the spirits of just men made perfect. They're not resurrected, but have the same glory. 129:3
  781. When a messenger comes to you saying he has a message from God, ask to shake his hand. 129:4
  782. If he's an angel, he will shake your hand, and you'll feel his hand. 129:5
  783. If he is the spirit of a just man made perfect, he will come in all his glory. 129:6
  784. Ask him to shake hands.  He will refuse to shake your hand, because it's against the law in heaven to deceive. But he'll still deliver his message. 129:7
  785. If it's the devil pretending to be an angel of light, ask him to shake hands.  He will shake hands with you, but you won't feel anything, and you'll detect him. 129:8
  786. These are the three grand keys whereby you can tell if a messenger is from God. 129:9
  787. When the savior arrives, we'll see him as he is: a man, like ourselves. 130:1
  788. God lives on a great Urim and Thummim. 130:8
  789. The earth will be made into a crystal Urim and Thummim. 130:9
  790. Each person who receives a white stone will that turns into a Urim and Thummim. 130:10
  791. A white stone is given to each person who comes to the celestial kingdom, where they receive a new name that no one else knows. The new name is the key word. 130:11
  792. I prophesy that there will be difficulties and bloodshed before the Son of Man comes in South Carolina. 130:12
  793. It might probably be associated with the slavery question. A voice told me so on December 25, 1832. 130:13
  794. Once while I was praying, I asked when the Son of Man would come. A voice said to me: "If you live to be 85 years old, you'll see the face of the Son of Man. This should satisfy you. Don't bother me any more about this." 130:14
  795. I believe the Son of Man won't be coming any time before then. 130:17
  796. The Father has a body of flesh and bones just like ours. And so does the Son. But not the Holy Ghost. It is a spirit, otherwise it couldn't live in us. 130:22
  797. There are three heavens or degrees in the celestial glory. 131:1
  798. To get to the highest level of glory, a man must be married in the new and evelasting covenant. 131:2
  799. He can still get into the other, but that's the end of his kingdom, because he can't have any more children. 131:4
  800. Ignorant me can't be saved. 131:6
  801. All spirit is matter, but you can olnly detect it with pure eyes. 131:7
  802. We can't see it now, but when our bodies are purified, we'll see that everything is matter. 131:8
  803. Since you asked me how I, God, justified the many wives and concubines of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David and Solomon, here is my answer. 132:1
  804. This law was instituted before the foundation of the world. 132:5
  805. The law was instituted for the fulness of my glory. Abide by it or be damned, says the Lord God. 132:6
  806. I've appointed Joseph Smith in the last days to hold power on earth. No one else has this power. 132:7
  807. My Father and I appointed you [Joseph Smith] before the world began. 132:11
  808. Whatever remains is mine; whatever isn't mine will be destroyed. 132:14
  809. So if a man marries a wife in the world and not by me, their marriage no longer exists when they are dead. When they are dead, they are no longer bound by any law. 132:15
  810. Those who are out of the world don't get married, but are appointed to be angels in heaven to serve those who have more glory. 132:16
  811. These angels didn't obey my law, so they can't be enlarged. They are angels, not gods. 132:17
  812. And again, I say to you: If a man marries a wife in the world and not by me and isn't sealed, their marriage no longer exists when they are out of the world.  132:18
  813. But if a man marries a wife by my word and law, and it is sealed by the Holy Spirit, they and their seeds will have a fulness of glory forever. 132:19
  814. Then they will be gods, with everything subject to them. They will hall all power and the angels will be subject to them. 132:20
  815. Those who commit blasphemy against the Holy Ghost or commit murder will be damned. 132:27
  816. God commanded Abraham and Sarah gave him Hagar for a wife. 132:34
  817. Should Abraham be condemned for this? No, I commanded him to do it. 132:35
  818. Abraham had concubines, who bore him children. And he was righteous for that too. 132:37
  819. Isaac and Jacob only did what I told them to do. They are now gods, not angels. 132:37
  820. I gave David his wives and concubines. And he never sinned - except for once, in the matter of Uriah and his wife. But David won't get Uriah's wife when he's out of the world; I'll give her to another man. 132:39
  821. You [Joseph Smith] asked me [God] about adultery. Here is my answer: If a man receives a wife in the new and everlasting covenant, and if she has sex with another man that I haven't appointed to her, then she has committed adultery and must be killed. 132:41
  822. Because I've given you [Joseph Smith] the keys and power of the priesthood, by which I someday will reveal and restore everything. 132:45
  823. Whatever you [Joseph Smith] seal on earth will be eternally sealed in heaven, and whatever sins you remit or retain will be remitted and retained in heaven. 132:46
  824. Whoever you [Joseph Smith] bless I will bless, and whoever you curse I will curse. 132:47
  825. Whatever you, Joseph [Smith], give on earth, and whoever you give it to, will be blessed by me and condemned by no one in heaven or on earth. 132:48
  826. You [Joseph Smith] will be exalted by me.  I've prepared a throne for you in the kingdom of my Father, with Abraham your father. 132:49
  827. I'll forgive you [Joseph Smith] of all your sins. So go, I'll find a way for you to escape, like I accepted Abraham's offering of Isaac. 132:50
  828. If ten virgins are given to him, he can't commit adultery, because they belong to him. So he is justified. 132:62
  829. But if any of these ten virgins after they are married to one man, has sex with another man, she has committed adultery and shall be destroyed. Wives are given to a man to produce children. 132:63
  830. I'll reveal more on this later. But this should satisfy you for now. Amen. 132:66
  831. I'm God. Listen to me. 133:1
  832. I'm going to come down and curse the world. 133:2
  833. I'll show everyone my holy arm. 133:3
  834. The bridegroom is coming. 133:10
  835. Don't hurry, but don't look back or you'll be destroyed. 133:15
  836. The Lamb will stand on Mount Zion with 144,000 people, with his Father's name written on their foreheads. 133:18
  837. So go meet the bridegroom. 133:19
  838. He'll speak from Jerusalem, but everyone on earth will hear him. 133:21
  839. His voice will be like many waters, and the voice of thunder.  It will break mountains and fill valleys. 133:22
  840. The ocean will be driven back to the north countries, and the islands will merge to become one land. 133:23
  841. The earth will be like it was before it was divided. 133:24
  842. The prophets will break rocks and melt ice. 133:26
  843. There will be a highway over the ocean. 133:27
  844. The deserts will become less dry. 133:29
  845. I've sent my angel flying through heaven, who has appeared to some people. 133:36
  846. The moon will not shine and the stars will be trhown. 133:49
  847. And he'll say: "I've troddent the wine-press alone." 133:50
  848. I've trample them in my fury. I've tread on them in my anger. I've sprinkle their blood on my garments. 133:51
  849. The graves of the saints shall be opened, and they'll sing the song of the Lamb. 133:56
  850. I killed all the fish in the rivers and sea and made them stink. 133:68
  851. Joseph Smith did more for the salvation of men than any other man who has ever lived, except for Jesus. 135:3
  852. Don't be afraid of your enemies. They won't be able to stop my work. 136:17
  853. Stop getting drunk. 136:24
  854. I called on Joseph Smith with my angels, and my own voice from the sky, to do my work for me. 136:37
  855. His [Joseph Smith's] death was necessary to seal his testimony with his blood, so he could be honored and the wicked condemned. 136:39
  856. That's all for now. Amen and Amen. 136:42
  857. The heavens opened and I [Joseph Smith] saw the celestial kingdom. I couldn't tell if I was in the body or out of the body. 137:1
  858. The gate looked like it was on fire. 137:2
  859. Both the Father and the Son were sitting on the same throne, which was blazing with fire. 137:3
  860. The streets were paved with gold. 137:4
  861. I was surprised to see Alvin, since he wasn't baptized, and died before the Lord gathered Israel for the second time. 137:6
  862. Then the Lord said to me, "Those who died without knowing the gospel, but would have believed it if they had lived longer, will enter the celestial kingdom." 137:7
  863. As I pondered on these things, the spirit of the Lord rested on me, and I saw many dead people. 138:11
  864. They were all happily waiting for the Son of God to enter the spirit world. 138:15
  865. Their spirits and bodies were to be reunited. 138:17
  866. Then, while the dead people were talking and waiting around, the Son of God appeared. 138:18
  867. And he preached to them. 138:19
  868. But he stayed away from the wicked, ungodly, and unrepentant, wo had deviled themselves in the flesh. 138:20
  869. The dead saints rejoiced and sang. 138:23
  870. This is the way the gospel was preached to dead people. 138:32
  871. Joseph Smith and my father, Hyrum Smith, Brigham Young, John Taylor, Wilford Woodruff, and others built temples where dead people can be baptized. 138:53
  872. They were also among the dead people that I saw. 138:55
  873. They learned things even before they were born in the spirit world. 138:56
  874. And I saw elders preach to the spirits of the dead. 138:57
  875. After the dead people are washed clean, they'll be rewarded for their works. 138:59

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