0 3 Nephi Topical Outline

May the Lord ... cause to be felled to the earth all who shall seek to slay them because of power and secret combinations. 3 Nephi 4:29 4:29

Trivia: At what age did Jesus say the nine mortal disciples would die?

The Third Book of Nephi

1 A night that was a bright as day (1-30)

2 God lightens the skin of the good Lamanites (Their skin became as white as the Nephites) (1-19)

3 An invitation to join a secret society (1-1-26)

4 A great God-assisted slaughter (1-33)

5 Mormon introduces himself (1-26)

6 Evil lawyers and their kindreds (1-30)

7 Nephi casts out devils and raises his brother (Timothy) from the dead (1-26)

8 When Jesus died, God went on a rampage (1-25)

9 A voice (who turns out to be Jesus) speaks to everyone on earth (1-2)

     Jesus kills everyone in sixteen cities (3-22)

10 How oft have I gathered you as a hen gathereth her chicks? (1-19)

     Jesus had to kill everyone in 16 cities because Zenos and Zenock said that he would (14-19)

11 Jesus's trip to Bountiful (1-41)

12 The Bountiful version of the Sermon on the Mount (1-48)

13 Jesus reads Matthew 6 to his 12 new Nephite disciples (1-34)

14 Jesus reads Matthew 7 to the Nephite multitude (1-27)

15 Jesus's other (New World) sheep (1-24)

16 Write down my saying after I'm gone (1-20)

17 Jesus's bowels are filled with compassion and mercy (1-25)

18 Jesus institutes the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (1-39)

19 The Nephite disciples become as white as Jesus! (1-36)

20 Jesus feeds the multitude with bread and wine (which is his body and blood) (1-8)

     Then he had a few more things to say (9-46)

21 Jesus gives us a sign -- The Book of Mormon (1-10)

     Jesus will destroy the unbelievers (11-29)

22 Jesus reads Isaiah 54 to the Nephites (1-17)

23 Jesus's new commandment: Study the book of Isaiah (1-14)

24 Jesus reads Malachi 3 to the Nephites (1-18)

25 Jesus reads Malachi 4 to the Nephites (1-6)

26 The Forbidden Teachings of Jesus (1-21)

27 Jesus names the church after himself (1-33)

28 The three Nephite disciples that will never die (1-40)

29 When God sees fit he'll reveal the Book of Mormon (1-9)

30 Hey all you Gentiles, repent and become Mormons (1-2)

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