0 3 Nephi : Science

And the regulations of the government were destroyed, because of the secret combination. 3 Nephi 7:6 7:6

Trivia: What happened to Jesus's Nephite disciples after he blessed them?

3 Nephi : Science (6)

  1. And God's prophecy came true! That night "there was no darkness when night came ... but it was as light as thought it was mid-day." 1:15, 19
  2. More talk of horses and chariots at a time and place in which neither existed. 3:22
  3. Domesticated horses did not exist in per-Columbian America. 4:4, 6:1
  4. When Jesus died, the inhabitants of many great cities died with him. Entire cities were sunk into the ocean, or were burned, or destroyed by earthquakes. 8:8-10, 14
  5. When Jesus died, "the face of the whole earth became deformed." 8:17-18
  6. For three days after Jesus died, there was absolutely no light -- not from the sun, moon, or stars, or from candles, campfires, or fireflies. 8:20-22

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