0 Wisdom Topical Outline

Or unknown beasts of a new kind, full of rage: either breathing out a fiery vapour, or sending forth a stinking smoke, or shooting horrible sparks out of their eyes ... the very sight might kill them through fear. 11:19

Trivia: According to the Book of Wisdom, who were "eaters of men' s bowels, and devourers of blood"?

The Book of Wisdom

1 Love Justice and wisdom (1-16)

2 True wisdom (that is condemned by the book of Wisdom) (1-9)

    The son of God (10-25)

3 Just people never die (It just looks that way) (1-9)

    Foolish wives and cursed children (10-19)

4 O how beautiful is the chaste generation! (1-20)

5 Things people say in hell (1-24)

6 Wisdom is better than strength (1-27)

7 True knowledge of the things that are (1-30)

8 I love wisdom and want to marry her (1-21)

9 God chose me to be king (1-19)

10 Wisdom's activities from Adam to Moses (1-21)

11 You forced them to drink human blood (1-27)

12 You sent wasps to destroy them little by little (1-27)

13 Atheists and nature worshipers are fools  (1-19)

14 God hates sin and sinners alike (1-31)

15 Some things about God (1-19)

16   (1-29)

17   (1-20)

18   (1-25)

19   (1-20)

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