0 Wisdom : Absurdity

The children that are born of unlawful beds, are witnesses of wickedness against their parents in their trial. 4:16

Trivia: According to the Book of Wisdom, who were "eaters of men' s bowels, and devourers of blood"?

Wisdom : Absurdity (29)

  1. Just people never die. It only seems like they do to foolish people. 3:1-2
  2. Just people shine, and run to and fro. 3:7
  3. Barren women and virgins are happy. They will have fruit when holy souls visit. 3:13
  4. Eunuchs have the git of faith, and have a good seat in the temple of God. 3:14
  5. How beautiful is the chaste generation! 4:1
  6. Dead people who are just will condemn the wicked who are now living. 4:16
  7. God will laugh them to scorn. 4:18
  8. Things people say in hell 5:1-24
  9. God gave me the true knowledge of all things. I know how the universe was made, what it is made of, when it was created, and when it will end. I know about the stars, and the natures of living things. 7:15-19
  10. I love wisdom and want to marry her. 8:2
  11. It's fun to be a friend of wisdom. 8:18
  12. Wisdom has given humans dominion over all living things. 9:2
  13. God has chosen me to be king, and told me to build a temple. 9:7
  14. Wisdom directed the course of the just (Noah) during the flood. 10:4
  15. When the nations conspired to wickedness (by building the Tower of Babel), she knew the just (Abraham) and kept him strong so he didn't show compassion for his son (Isaac). 10:5
  16. She delivered the just man (Lot) in the Pentapolis (Sodom and the five cities of the plain). 10:6
  17. The land of which still smokes, whose trees have fruit that never ripens, and where there is a pillar of sail as a monument to the incredulous soul (Lot's wife). 10:7
  18. She guided the just (Jacob) when he fled from his brother's (Esau's) wrath. She helped him overcome (God) in conflict (a wrestling match). 10:10-12
  19. She brought them through the Red Sea and carried them over the water. 10:18
  20. The Israelites drank water out of the rock. 11:4
  21. God was able to send many bears, lions, and fire-breathing beasts, emitting stinking smoke and fire out of their eyes. The very sight of these beasts scared them to death. 11:18-20
  22. But you are meciful to everyone. 11:24
  23. Who can say to you, "What have you done?" Who can complain after you have killed them all? By doing such things, you teach your people to be just and humane. 12:12-19
  24. Those who don't know God are foolish. They worship nature as god. But God is more beautiful and powerful than anything in nature. 13:1-3
  25. There is no excuse for not believing in God. 13:8
  26. If they know so much about the world, how could they not know about God? 13:9
  27. Atheists are unhappy and have no hope. 13:10
  28. Making idols leads to fornication. 14:12
  29. The worship of idols is the cause of all evil. 14:27

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