0 God will shoot them with an arrow (Psalms 42-72)

Episode 170: God will shoot them with an arrow

Psalms 42-72 (Book II)

Where is your God?

42 3 I've been eating tears day and night, why do people say to me, Where is your God?

10 Like a sword in my bones, my enemies say to me, Where is your God?

An ungodly nation

43 1 Judge me, Oh God, and plead my cause against an ungodly nation.

In the place of dragons

44 2 Oh God, you drove out the heathen.

5 With your help, we pushed down our enemies.

8 We brag about you all the time.

12 But now, you've sold us for nothing.

14 The heathen now laugh at us and shake their heads.

19 You've broken us in the place of dragons.

21 But you should know these things since you know the secrets of the heart.

23 So wake up, God. Why are you sleeping?

24 Why do you hide your face?

25 Our soul is in the dust. Our belly is on the ground.

My tongue is the pen of a ready writer

45 1 My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.

2 God has blessed you forever. (Because you're the best-looking person on earth.)

8 You have nice-smelling clothes.

17 I'll make sure people remember your name forever.

The earth melted

46 1 God always helps those who are in trouble.

2 So don't worry if the earth is removed, the mountains shake or are carried into the sea.

4 There's a river that makes the city of God happy.

6 When the heathen raged and kingdoms moved, God uttered his voice and melted the earth.

8 Come see the desolation God has caused on the earth.

9 He stops wars, breaks bows, cuts spears, and burns chariots.

10 Be quiet and know that I'm God. I'll be exalted among the heathen.

God is terrible

47 1 Clap your hands and shout to God.

2 Because God is terrible. He is king over all the earth.

5 God has gone up with a shout and the sound of a trumpet.

8 God reigns over the heathens. He sits on the throne of his holiness.

The city of God

48 When the kings saw the city of God,

6 they were in pain like a woman in labor.

A dark saying

49 4 I will open my dark saying upon the harp.

12 The death of humans is like that of the beasts.

14 They are buried in the ground like sheep. Death will feed on them.

17 When the rich die, they take nothing with them. Their glory doesn't go with them.

19 The dead join their ancestors. They never again see light.

20 Humans are like the beasts that perish.

Will I drink the blood of goats?

50 1 God has shined out of Zion, with a fire burning before him.

7 Hear me and I will speak. I am God, even God.

10 All the beasts and cattle are mine.

11 I know all the birds of the mountains.

12 The world is mine.

13 Will I eat the flesh of bulls or drink the blood of goats?

22 If you forget about me, I'll tear you to pieces.

My mother conceived me in sin

51 5 My mother conceived me in sin.

16 You don't like animal sacrifices or burnt offerings.

The righteous will laugh

52 1 Why do you boast in mischief, Oh mighty man?

3 You love evil more than good. And lie, rather than speak the truth.

5 God will pluck you out of your house and kill you.

6 When righteous people see God kill you, they'll laugh at you, and say, This guy didn't trust God enough.

8 But I'm like a young olive tree in God's house. I trust in God's mercy.

The fool

53 1 The fool says there is no God. They are all corrupt and do abominable things. None of them does anything good.

3 They are all filthy.

5 God has scattered their bones because he hates them.

Save me, Oh God, with your name

54 1 Save me, Oh God, with your name.

2 Listen to the words of my mouth.

5 God will do evil to my enemies. He'll cut them off in his truth.

6 I'll sacrifice to you, O God. You have a good name.

7 God will destroy my enemies for me.

Let them all die and go to hell

55 1 Listen to my prayer, God, and don't hide from it.

2 Listen to me. Hear my complaint. I'm making a noise here.

3 My enemies hate me.

4 My heart hurts.

6 I said to myself, "I wish I had wings.

9 Destroy them and divide their tongues.

15 Let them die and go to hell.

16 But me, I'm going to ask God and he'll save me.

17 I'll pray and cry and he'll hear my voice.

22 But you, God, destroy them.

23 Don't let them live out half of their lives.

Tears in a bottle

56 1 Be merciful to me, Oh God, because my enemies want to swallow me up.

8 You put my tears into your bottle. Aren't they also in your book?

I'm going to wake up early

57 1 God will save me from those who want to swallow me up.

4 My soul is among lions and people who are on fire. Their teeth are spears and arrows, and their tongue a sharp sword.

8 Wake up, my glory. I myself am going to wake up early.

He shall wash his feet in the blood of the wicked

58 3 Wicked people are wicked before they are born. They are born speaking lies.

6 Break their teeth, Oh God, in their mouth.

7 Let them be cut into pieces.

8 Let them die, like a snail melts. Let them be aborted before they are born.

10 Righteous people will rejoice when they see the vengeance. They will wash their feet in the blood of the wicked.

They belch out with their mouths

59 5 Visit all the heathen, Oh God. Don't be merciful to them.

6 They make a noise like a dog

7 They belch out with their mouths.

8 But you, Oh God, will laugh at them.

10 The God of mercy will let me see my desire on my enemies.

13 Consume them in your wrath.

Moab is my washpot

60 2 Oh God, you've made the earth tremble, and have broken it.

6 God has spoken in his holiness, saying,

8 "Moab is my washpot. I'll throw my shoe at Edom."

The higher rock

61 1 Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

According to his work

62 12 God renders to each person according to their works.

My flesh longs for God

63 1 Oh God, my flesh longs for you. I've seen God in the sanctuary.

9 But my enemies will be killed with the sword and become food for foxes.

11 Everyone who swears to God will glory.

God will shoot them with an arrow

64 1 Hear me, Oh God, and hide me from my enemy.

3 Who sharpen their tongue like a sword and string their bows to shoot arrows at me.

7 But God will shoot them with an arrow.

10 And righteous people will be glad.

The river of God

65 8 Everyone on earth is afraid of your tokens, God.

9 You visit the earth and water it with the river of God (which is full of water).

13 The valleys sing and shout with joy.

God is terrible in all his works

66 1 Make a joyful noise to God.

3 Say to him, “You are terrible in all your works!”

5 Come and see the works of God. God has done terrible things to people.

11 Oh God, you have laid affliction on our loins.

The ends of the earth

67 7 All the ends of the earth shall fear him.

His name is JAH

68 1 Let God arise and scatter his enemies.

2 Let the wicked be killed by his presence.

3 Let the righteous be glad and rejoice exceedingly.

4 Sing to God as he rides upon the heavens. His name is JAH.

8 The earth shook, and the heavens dropped at God's presence. Even Mount Sinai was moved.

17 God has 20,000 chariots and thousands of angels.

21 God will wound the heads and hairy scalps of his enemies.

23 So that our feet can be dipped in the blood of our enemies, and the tongue of dogs in the same.

33 God rides on the heavens of heavens.

34 His strength is in the clouds.

35 He is terrible in his holy places

Let their eyes be darkened

69 11 I wore sackcloth for my garment. I became a proverb to them.

12 I was the song of drunkards.

23 Oh God, blind my enemies. Make their loins continually shake.

24 Get angry at them.

25 Destroy their homes.

28 Kill them.

Aha Aha!

70 3 Let them say, Aha Aha!

When I'm old and gray headed

71 18 Don't forsake me, God, when I'm old and gray headed.

Lick the dust

72 9 His enemies shall lick the dust.

A few more words about this episode

The fool (Psalm 53)
A repeat of Psalm 14
He shall wash his feet in the blood of the wicked (Psalm 58)
This is one of the Imprecatory Psalms that ask God to curse and bring calamity on one's enemies. This psalm was removed from the Liturgy of the Hours after the Second Vatican Council.
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