0 God sent his evil angels (Psalms 73-89)

Episode 171: God sent his evil angels

Psalms 73-89 (Book III)

What does God know?

73 3 I was envious when I saw the wicked prosper.

4 They are strong.

5 They aren't plagued or in trouble.

7 They have everything their hearts desire.

11 And they say, "What does God know? Does anyone know anything about God?"

12 They are ungodly, yet they prosper in the world.

21 So my heart was grieved, and I was pricked in my kidneys.

22 I was foolish like a beast. But you held my right hand.

23 You will destroy everyone who goes a whoring from you.

Leviathan's heads

74 1 Oh God, why did you reject us? Why are you angry with us?

3 Walk over to the sanctuary and see what your enemies did to it.

13 You broke the heads of sea dragons.

14 You broke the heads of the leviathan in pieces and fed him to the wilderness people.

22 Get up, God, and defend yourself. Foolish people make fun of you every day.

The horns of the righteous

75 4-5 I said to the fools, "Don't be foolish." And to the wicked, “Don't lift your horn or speak with a stiff neck.”

7 But God is the judge. He puts down one person and sets up another.

8 God has a cup of red wine in his hand. He'll pour it out and force the wicked to drink it.

10 I'll cut off the horns of the wicked, but the horns of the righteous will be exalted.

A dead sleep

76 1 People know God in Judah. His name is great in Israel.

2 His tabernacle is in Salem and he lives in Zion.

3 He breaks arrows, bows, shields, and swords there.

5 Many stout-hearted soldiers have died. They can't find their hands anymore.

6 At your rebuke, Oh God, the chariot and horse are cast into a dead sleep.

7 You, yes you, are to be feared. Who can be around you when you're angry?

11 Pay God. Bring presents to him who is to be feared.

The waters saw God and were afraid

77 1 I cried to God with my voice, even with my voice. And God heard me with his ears.

3 I remembered God and was troubled.

4 I can't sleep or speak.

16 When the waters saw you, they were afraid.

God sent his evil angels

78 1 Listen with your ears to the words of my mouth.

2 I'm going to tell you a parable, an old dark saying that you've heard many times before.

13 God split the sea and let the Israelites pass through.

14 He led them with a cloud in the day and a fire at night.

15 He gave them water from a rock.

17 But they sinned by asking for meat, saying,

19 "Can't God find food for us in the wilderness?

20 He hit a rock and water came out. Can't he provide meat as well?"

21 God heard them and was angry

25 He gave them angels' food.

27 And tons of feathered fowls.

30 But while the meat was still in their mouths,

31 God killed the fattest of them.

44 God turned rivers into blood.

45 He sent flies to devour them, and frogs to destroy them.

46 He gave their food to caterpillars and locusts.

47 He destroyed their vines with hail and their sycamores with frost.

48 He killed their cattle with hail and their sheep with hot thunderbolts.

49 He sent evil angels among them.

51 He killed the firstborn Egyptians.

55 He cast out the heathen and gave their land to the Israelites.

62 He had his people killed with the sword.

63 He sent fire to burn their young men and women before they could marry.

64 He had their priests killed with the sword, and their widows didn't mourn them.

65 God woke up like a man who drank too much wine the night before.

66 He smote his enemies in their hinder parts

The neighbors are laughing at us

79 1 The heathen have defiled your temple, God.

2 They killed your servants and fed them to the beasts and birds.

4 Our neighbors are laughing at us.

5 Will you be angry at us and jealous forever?

6 Pour out your wrath on the heathen that don't know you.

10 Don't let the heathen make fun of us, saying, “Where is your God?”

12 Punish them seven times as much as they've made fun of you, God.

Save us with your shining face

80 1 Oh God, who lives between the cherubim, start shining.

2 Stir up your strength and come save us.

4 How long are you going to be mad at us?

6 Our neighbors are laughing at us.

17 Put your right hand on the man at your right hand and upon the son of man.

19 Let your face shine and we'll be saved.

Open your mouth wide and God will fill it

81 3 Blow a trumpet on the new moon.

9 Don't worship any strange god.

10 I am God. Open your mouth wide and I'll fill it.

11 But my people wouldn't listen to me.

12 So I gave them up to their own hearts' lust.

15 The God-haters should have submitted to God.

16 If they did, he'd feed them with honey from out of a rock.

You are gods

82 1 God judges among the gods.

3 Help the poor and needy.

5 The earth is shaking on its foundations.

6 I have said, "You are gods." You are all children of the most high.

Like dung on the earth

83 1 Don't be silent, God.

2 Because those who hate you are behaving badly.

9 Do to them like you did to the Midianites, Sisera, and Jabin.

10 Make them like dung on the earth.

13 Scatter them like dust in the wind.

14 Burn them like a forest fire.

15 Persecute them with a storm.

16 Fill them with shame.

17 Make them suffer and then kill them.

18 So that everyone will know that your name is Jehovah, and you are king of the earth.

God is a sun

84 11 God is a sun and a shield. Those who walk uprightly will get what they want.

Righteousness and peace have kissed each other

85 5 Will you be angry with us forever?

10 Righteousness and peace have kissed each other.

The other gods aren't like you

86 1 Bow down your ear, God, and hear me.

2 Preserve my soul because I'm holy.

8 The other gods aren't like you.

I'll mention Rahab

87 4 I'll mention Rahab and Babylon to those who know me.

The dead, whom you remember no more

88 5 God doesn’t remember dead people anymore.

10 Will you show wonders to the dead? Will the dead praise you?

11 Will your loving kindness be declared in the grave?

12 Will your wonders be known in the dark? And your righteousness in the land of forgetfulness?

His right hand is in the rivers

89 3 I (God) swore to David that his kingdom would last forever.

10 You (God) have broken Rahab in pieces.

12 You created north and south.

13 You have a mighty arm, and a strong hand. Your right hand is especially high.

17 In your favor our horn is exalted.

20 I (God) found David my servant.

23 I'll beat down his enemies in front of his face, and plague those that hate him.

24 His horn will be exalted in my name.

25 I'll set his hand in the sea and his right hand in the rivers.

27 I'll make him my firstborn.

29 His seed will endure forever.

30 If David's children don't obey me,

32 I'll beat them with a rod.

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