0 Ephesians Topical Outline

The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Ephesians

1 Greeting and Salutations (1-2)

     Predestination (3-23)

2 The prince of the power of the air (and the children of wrath) (1-4)

     Saved by grace (it's not about you) (5-14)

     Jesus destroyed the commandments (with his flesh) (15-22)

3 About my previous letter (Zeroth Ephesians) (1-21)

4 The prisoner of the Lord beseeches you (1-7)

     The descent of Jesus (8-13)

     Don't be like children (8-13)

     Some (mostly) good advice (25-32)

5 Some more advice (1-21)

     Wives, obey your husbands in everything (22-33)

6 Slaves obey your owners, as though they were Christ (1-9)

     Gird your loins with truth (10-24)

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