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  1. "Paul ... to the saints to the saints which are at Ephesus"
    Although Ephesians claims to have been written by Paul, most scholars think it was written after his death by one of his followers. Also, the words "to the saints which are in Ephesus" does not occur in the best manuscripts. 1:1
  2. "As I wrote afore in few words" There was another epistle to the Ephesians that has since been lost. 3:3-4
  3. After he died, Jesus "descended into the lower parts of the earth."
    Catholics interpret this verse to mean that Jesus descended into hell (or the traditionalists say "limbo") after his death to preach to those who died before Jesus came. (Protestants just ignore this verse entirely.) 4:9
  4. "Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness."
    To JWs, everything outside of the Watchtower Organization is controlled by Satan. This is one of the verses that the the Governing Body uses to condemn all holidays, civic activities, and association with non-JWs. 5:11
  5. Is is OK to drink alcohol? 5:18
  6. Should women have the same rights as men? 5:22-24
  7. Is polygamy OK? 5:33
  8. Does God approve of slavery? 6:5

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