0 Judith Topical Outline

Judith said: Praise ye the Lord ... by me ... he hath killed the enemy of his people. 13:17

Trivia: What gentile became circumcised and became an Israelite?

The Book of Judith

1 Araphaxad and Nabuchodonosor (1-12)

2 Holofernes's army defeats everyone on earth (1-18)

3 King Nabuchodonosor becomes the king of the earth (and its only God) (1-15)

4 The Israelites prepare for war with prayer   (1-16)

5 Achior tells Holofernes about the Israelites (1-29)

6 Holofernes ties Achior to a tree (9-21)

    The Israelites comfort Achior (10-21)

7 The Israelites want to surrender to Holofernes (1-25)

8 Judith wore a haircloth on her loins  (1-34)

9 Judith asks God to help her kill Assyrians (1-19)

10 Judith dresses up and goes to see Holofernes (1-20)

11 Judith lies to Holofernes (1-21)

12 Judith seduces Holofernes (1-20)

13 Judith beheads Holofernes (1-31)

14 The head of Holofernes is hung on the wall and Achior gets circumcised (1-18)

15 The Israelites defeat the Assyrians and take all their stuff (1-15)

16 Judith sings a song about herself (1-31)

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