0 Judith : Absurdity

Vagao ... perceived no motion of one lying, he came near to the curtain, and lifting it up, and seeing the body of Holofernes, lying upon the ground, without the head, sweltering in his blood, he cried out with a loud voice, with weeping, and rent his garments. 14:13

Trivia: What gentile became circumcised and became an Israelite?

Judith : Absurdity (27)

  1. King Arphaxad built a very strong city. He made the walls 30 meters thick and 13 meters high, with towers that were 44 meters high. 1:1-2
  2. King Nabuchodonosor announced that he would take revenge on everyone. He told his officials that he would rule the entire earth. 2:1-2
  3. Holofernes gathered an army of 120,000 soldiers and 12,000 archers and horsemen. 2:7
  4. Holofernes went out with his army and covered the entire earth like locusts. 2:11
  5. King Nabuchodonosor commanded all the gods on earth be destroyed, so that only he would be called God. 3:13
  6. The priests put on haircloths and forced little children to lie prostrate in the temple, whose altar was covered in haircloth. 4:8
  7. The priest said, "Remember how Moses defeated Amalec, not with force but with prayers." 4:12
  8. So they sacrificed animals to God, while girded in sackcloth with ashes on their heads. 4:15
  9. Holofernes's army had 120,000 footmen, 22,000 horsemen. 7:1-2
  10. When the Israelites saw them, they prostrated themselves on the ground, put ashes on their heads, and prayed. 7:4
  11. Judith wore haircloth on her loins and fasted every day. 8:6
  12. Those who murmured against the Lord were punished by serpents. 8:25
  13. Judith put on her haircloth, put ashes on her head, fell down prostrate 9:1
  14. When Holofernes saw her he couldn't take his eyes off her. His officers said, "Who can despise the Hebrews when they have such beautiful women?" 10:17-18
  15. Holofernes and his servants said Judith was the most beautiful woman on earth. 11:19
  16. Blessed art thou [Judith], O daughter, by the Lord the most high God, above all women upon the earth. (For cutting of Holofernes head while he was passed out drunk.) 13:23
  17. Judith said to the people, "Hang this head on our walls." 14:1
  18. When Achior saw what God had done, he left the gentile religion, got circumcised, and joined the religion of Israel, along with his entire family. 14:6
  19. And in the morninig, they hung up the head of Holofernes on the wall, with every man taking up arms and shouting. 14:7
  20. Then all of the Assyrian army chiefs tore their clothes 14:17
  21. When the Assyrian army heard that Holofernes was beheaded, they were afraid, and ran away. 15:1-2
  22. Everyone blessed Judtih, saying in unison: You never had sex with any man except for your husband. That's why God made you strong and why you'll be blessed forever. 15:10-11
  23. It took thirty days for the people to gather all of the Assyrian's belongings. 15:13
  24. God delivered him into the hands of a woman, and killed him. Judith weakened him with her beautiful face. 16:7-8
  25. God captured his soul with her beauty and cut off his had with a sword. 16:11
  26. The face of God melts rocks. 16:18
  27. She lived in her husband's house for 105 years. 16:28

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