0 1 Machabees Topical Outline

They yielded not the horn to the sinner. 2:48

Trivia: Who tried to uncircumcise themselves?

The First Book of Machabees

1 Antiochus forces the Israelites to abandon their religion (1-67)

2 The five sons of Mathathias refuse to worship idols (1-22)

    Mathathias murders a Jew who sacrificed to idols (and a Greek officer) (23-26)

    A thousand people are killed by King Antiochus's men (27-38)

    Mathathias and his friends kill the sinners and circumcise children (39-48)

    Mathathias dies (49-70)

3 Judas becomes the leader of the Machabeus family (1-7)

    Judas kills Apollonius and takes his sword (8-12)

    Judas kills 800 of Seron's men (13-26)

    King Antiochus prepares to attack (27-60)

4 Judas kills 3000 of Gorgias's men  (1-26)

    Judas kills  5000 of Lysias's men (27-35)

    Judas cleans the temple (36-61)

5 The Gentiles are angry because the Jews cleaned the temple (1-2)

    Judas slaughters the children of Esau, Bean, and Ammon (1-8)

    The Gentiles gather an army (9-16)

    Simon kills almost 3000 heathens (17-27)

    Judas killed every male in the city of Bosar (28-29)

    Timotheus's army is frightened away by trumpets (30-34)

    Judas killed every male and burned at least five more cities (35-39)

    Timotheus's army runs away and Judas burns them to death (40-44)

    Judas kills every male in Ephron and burns the city (45-55)

    Joseph and Azarias try to become famous by killing Gentiles (56-62)

    Judas and his brothers attack the strangers and destroy their altars (63-68)

6 King Antiochus is literally scared to death (1-16)

    The battle of Beth-zachariah (17-63)

7 Demetrius becomes king (1-4)

    Alcimus and Bacchides attack Judas (5-22)

     Judas kills Nicanor and all 5000 of his men (23-50)

8 The Jews form an alliance with the Romans (1-32)

    Eupolemus and Jason go to Rome (17-32)

9 Bacchides returns to Judea (1-4)

    Judas's last battle (5-22)

    Jonathan is chosen to replace Judas as leader (23-35)

    Jonathan and Simon massacre a wedding party (36-42)

    Jonathan and his friends kill 1000 of Bachides's soldiers (43-49)

    Alcimus destroyed the works of the prophets (so God killed him) (50-57)

    Jonathan and Bacchides make peace (and kill all the wicked people) (58-73)

10 Demetrius's letter to Jonathan (1-14)

    Alexander's letter to Jonathan (15-21)

     Demetrius's second letter (22-47)

    The death of Demetrius (48-50)

    Ptolemee gives his daughter Cleopatra to Alexandra (51-58)

    Jonathan is clothed in purple (59-66)

    Jonathan and Simon burn to death 8000 (67-89)

11 Ptlolemee comes to Syria (1-19)

    Letters between Demetrius and Jonathan (20-46)

    The Jews kill 100,000 men in one day (47-74)

12 A trip to Rome and letters to Sparta (1-23)

    Jonathan is captured (24-54)

13 Simon takes control (1-11)

    The death of Jonathan (12-30)

     Another letter and some psalm singing (31-54)

14 Every man sat under his vine and fig tree (1-15)

    Letters to Rome and Sparta (16-34)

    Simon was clothed in purple and gold (35-49)

15 More letters (1-41)

16 Simon's sons burn 2000 men to death (1-10)

    Simon and his sons, Judas and Mathathias, are killed (11-24)

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