0 2 Machabees Topical Outline

Worms swarmed out of the body of this man, and whilst he lived in sorrow and pain, his flesh fell off, and the filthiness of his smell was noisome. 9:9

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The Second Book of Machabees

1 A letter from the Jews in Jerusalem to the Jews in Egypt (1-10a)

    Another letter (10b-36)

2 The second letter continues (1-19)

    A long prologue for a short story (20-33)

3 Heliodorus tries to rob the temple (1-40)

4 Jason replaces Onias as high priest (1-10)

    Jason set up places of exercise (11-20)

    Menelaus┬ábecomes high priest (21-26)

    Lysimachus┬ábecomes high priest (27-32)

    Onias is killed (33-35)

    Andronicus is killed (36-38)

    Lysimachus is killed (39-50)

5 For forty days horses flew above Jerusalem (1-3)

    Judas dies (4-10)

    King Antiochus ravages Jerusalem (11-27)

6 King Antiochus forces the Jews to abandon their religion (1-17)

    Eleazar, a Jewish martyr (18-31)

7 The torture and death of seven sons and their mother (1-42)

8 Judas Machabeus burned cities and killed their inhabitants (1-6)

    Judas kills more than 9000 in Nicanor's army (7-36)

9 The miserable death of Antiochus IV (1-29)

10 The temple is restored (1-9)

    Antiochus V Eupator becomes king (10-13)

    Idumeans are killed and burned to death (14-23)

    Timotheus and his army are killed (24-38)

11 A heavenly horsemen helps Judas defeat Lysias (1-12)

    Lysias becomes a friend of the Hebrews (13-15)

    A letter from Lysias to the Jews (16-21)

    A letter from King Antiochus to Lysias (22-26)

    A letter from King Antiochus to the Jews (27-33)

    A letter from the Romans to the Jews (34-38)

12 Jews are drowned and cities are burned (1-9)

    God help Judas make a huge pool of blood (10-16)

    More slaughters by Judas (17-38)

    Prayers for the dead (39-46)

13 God inspires Antiochus to throw Menelaus off a tower (1-8)

    Judas kills 4000 men and many elephants (9-26)

14 Alcimus tells Demetrius about Judas (1-10)

    Nicanor becomes governor of Judea (11-22)

    Judas and Nicanor become friends (23-25)

    Nicanor and Judas break up (26-36)

    Razias tries to commit suicide three times (37-46)

15 Violence on the Sabbath day (1-10)

    Judas's dream (1-20)

    Judas's prayer (21-25)

    Judas and his men kill 35,000 (26-29)

    The hanging of Nicanor's head, hand, and shoulder (30-38)

    Epilogue (39-40)

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