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God ... struck him with an incurable and an invisible plague. For as soon as he had ended these words, a dreadful pain in his bowels came upon him, and bitter torments of the inner parts. And indeed very justly, seeing he had tormented the bowels of others. 9:5

Trivia: Who created the first and only library mentioned in the Bible?

The Second Book of Machabees

1 A letter from the Jews in Jerusalem to the Jews in Egypt (1-10a)

    Another letter (10b-36)

2 The second letter continues (1-19)

    A long prologue for a short story (20-33)

3 Heliodorus tries to rob the temple (1-40)

4 Jason replaces Onias as high priest (1-10)

    Jason set up places of exercise (11-20)

    Menelaus┬ábecomes high priest (21-26)

    Lysimachus┬ábecomes high priest (27-32)

    Onias is killed (33-35)

    Andronicus is killed (36-38)

    Lysimachus is killed (39-50)

5 For forty days horses flew above Jerusalem (1-3)

    Judas dies (4-10)

    King Antiochus ravages Jerusalem (11-27)

6 King Antiochus forces the Jews to abandon their religion (1-17)

    Eleazar, a Jewish martyr (18-31)

7 The torture and death of seven sons and their mother (1-42)

8 Judas Machabeus burned cities and killed their inhabitants (1-6)

    Judas kills more than 9000 in Nicanor's army (7-36)

9 The miserable death of Antiochus IV (1-29)

10 The temple is restored (1-9)

    Antiochus V Eupator becomes king (10-13)

    Idumeans are killed and burned to death (14-23)

    Timotheus and his army are killed (24-38)

11 A heavenly horsemen helps Judas defeat Lysias (1-12)

    Lysias becomes a friend of the Hebrews (13-15)

    A letter from Lysias to the Jews (16-21)

    A letter from King Antiochus to Lysias (22-26)

    A letter from King Antiochus to the Jews (27-33)

    A letter from the Romans to the Jews (34-38)

12 Jews are drowned and cities are burned (1-9)

    God help Judas make a huge pool of blood (10-16)

    More slaughters by Judas (17-38)

    Prayers for the dead (39-46)

13 God inspires Antiochus to throw Menelaus off a tower (1-8)

    Judas kills 4000 men and many elephants (9-26)

14 Alcimus tells Demetrius about Judas (1-10)

    Nicanor becomes governor of Judea (11-22)

    Judas and Nicanor become friends (23-25)

    Nicanor and Judas break up (26-36)

    Razias tries to commit suicide three times (37-46)

15 Violence on the Sabbath day (1-10)

    Judas's dream (1-20)

    Judas's prayer (21-25)

    Judas and his men kill 35,000 (26-29)

    The hanging of Nicanor's head, hand, and shoulder (30-38)

    Epilogue (39-40)

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