0 2 Machabees : Intolerance

There appeared to the enemies from heaven five men upon horses, comely with golden bridles, conducting the Jews. 10:29

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2 Machabees : Intolerance (14)

  1. Jason asked King Antiochus to build a place for exercise and for young people in Jerusalem. The king granted Jason's request, and the people began to live like heathens. 4:9-10
  2. Thus the wicked and abominable Jason made the people more heathen-like by adopting foreign customs and manners. 4:13
  3. Antiochus commanded Andronicus to be stripped of his purple clothes and led about through the city. Then he had the sacrilegious wretch killed, God delivered him his deserved punishment. 4:38
  4. These things happened to us to correct us as a nation. We are being punished for our sins. 6:12-13
  5. And they burned Callisthenes, as he deserved for his impieties. 8:33
  6. Judas Machabeus threw down the altars and temples that the heathens had set up. 10:1-2
  7. When Judas and the others heard their blasphemies, they set fire to the towers and burned the blasphemers alive. 10:36
  8. The people of Casphin provoked Judas by blaspheming. So Judas took the city with by God's will, and made an unspeakable slaughter of its inhabitants, so that a pool two furlongs wide formed from the blood of the victims. 12:14-16
  9. Judas killed 30,000 men for their profanities. 12:22
  10. Then Judas collected the bodies of his soldiers who had died in battle, Â and he found the tokens of the idols of Jamnia, which if forbidden to the Jews. And so they plainly saw that this was the reason they had died in battle. 12:39-40
  11. Judas told his soldiers not to sin, or they would be killed like the idol-wearing soldiers. 12:42
  12. God inspired Antiochus to put Menelaus to death by throwing him off a 50-cubit high tower. So that's what they did. And he deserved it for offending God. 13:4-8
  13. Alcimus, who had been a chief priest, defiled himself by associating with heathens. 14:3
  14. Judas prayed to God, saying, "Once you sent an angel who killed 185,000 soldiers in Sennacherib's army. Send that angel again for us now. So that the blasphemers will be afraid of us." 15:21-24

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