0 2 Machabees : Cruelty & Violence

He [Antiochus IV] himself could not now abide his own stench. 9:12

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2 Machabees : Cruelty & Violence (38)

  1. When Antiochus and his men entered the temple, the people cast stones at them, cut them in pieces, and cut off their heads. Blessed be God for doing things like that to the wicked. 1:16-17
  2. Two beautiful, srong, bright, and glorious young men appeared in comely apparel, who scourged Heliodorus with many stripes. 3:26
  3. Antiochus commanded Andronicus to be stripped of his purple clothes and led about through the city. Then he had the sacrilegious wretch killed, God delivered him his deserved punishment. 4:38
  4. The people began to throw stones, clubs, and ashes at Lysimachus. They killed or wounded many of his army, and the rest ran away. Then they killed Lysimachus, that sacrilegious fellow, himself. 4:41-42
  5. These things happened to us to correct us as a nation. We are being punished for our sins. 6:12-13
  6. The oldest son had his tongue cut off, the skin of his head was removed, and his hands and feet were cut off while his brothers and mother watched. After that, while he was still alive, he was fried in the frying pan. While he was being tormented, his brothers and mother told him to die like a man, saying, "God and his servants will take pleasure in us." 7:4-5
  7. The mother watched her seven sons die on the same day. She said to them, "I don't know how you were formed in my womb, but God will bring you back to life." 7:20-23
  8. Judas and his men set towns and cities on fire, taking their possessions, and slaughtered their enemies. 8:1-6
  9. Judas gathered 7000 men who were ready to fight. He told them to trust in God, who can destroy their enemies, even the whole world. And he reminded them of how God killed 185,000 under Sennacherib. 8:16-19
  10. With God's help, Judas's army killed more than 9000 men in Nicanor's army. 8:19
  11. They also killed more than 20,000 of those who were with Timotheus and Bacchides. 8:30
  12. They also killed the wicked man, Philarches, who had afflicted the Jews. 8:32
  13. God struck Antiochus IV with an incurable bowel disease, tormenting his inner parts, which was fitting, since he had tormented the bowels of other people. 9:5-6
  14. Worms also swarmed out of this body, while his flesh fell off, and his whole body smelled so awful that it disgusted his army. No one could his dead body because it smelled so bad. In this way God punished him, with his pain increasing every moment. 9:9-11
  15. Antiochus prayed to God for mercy. And said he would become a Jew himself, and go throughout the earth declaring the power of God. But God ignored his prayer and he died a miserable death. 9:13-28
  16. Judas Machabeus, asking God for help, attacked the Idumeans, killing at least 20,000. 10:16-17
  17. Those who were with Simon were bribed by some of the people in the towers and let some of them escape. When Judas heard about it, he called them traitors and killed them. 10:20-21
  18. Judas Machabeus killed more than 20,000 in the towers. 10:22-23
  19. They cast darts and fireballs on the enemy, causing them to be blind and confused. And more than 20,500 were killed, along with 600 horsemen. 10:30-31
  20. When Judas and the others heard their blasphemies, they set fire to the towers and burned the blasphemers alive. 10:36
  21. And they killed Timotheus and his brother Chereas, and Apollophanes. 10:37
  22. They attacked the enemy like lions, killing 11,000 footmen, and 1600 horsemen. 11:11
  23. Judas commanded his men to burn the city of Joppe, burn the boats, and kill whoever escaped from the fire. 12:5-6
  24. Then Judas heard that the people of Jamnia planned to do the same thing to the Jews as the people of Joppe did. So he set that city on fire and burning their boats. 12:8-9
  25. The people of Casphin provoked Judas by blaspheming. So Judas took the city with by God's will, and made an unspeakable slaughter of its inhabitants, so that a pool two furlongs wide formed from the blood of the victims. 12:14-16
  26. Two of Judas's captains, Dositheus, and Sosipater, killed 10,000 men in Timotheus's stronghold. 12:19
  27. Judas sent an army of 6000 to fight against Timotheus, who had an army of 120,000 men and 2500 horsemen. When the army of Timotheus saw Judas's army, they were afraid of the presence of God, and started to kill each other with their own swords. 12:20-22
  28. Judas killed 30,000 men for their profanities. 12:22
  29. Then Judas went to Carnion, where he killed 25,000 people. 12:26
  30. Judas did the same to the city of Ephron, killing another 25,000. 12:28
  31. Judas told his soldiers not to sin, or they would be killed like the idol-wearing soldiers. 12:42
  32. God inspired Antiochus to put Menelaus to death by throwing him off a 50-cubit high tower. So that's what they did. And he deserved it for offending God. 13:4-8
  33. After Judas said to his company, "The victory of God," he and his valiant young men attacked the kings army and killed 4000 men and most of the elephants. This was done with the help and protection of God. 13:15-17
  34. Judas told his soldiers about a dream that he had that should be believed. In his dream, Jeremias (Jeremiah) gave him a gold sword, and said, "Take this holy sword from God. With it you will defeat the enemies of my people, Israel." 15:11-16
  35. Judas prayed to God, saying, "Once you sent an angel who killed 185,000 soldiers in Sennacherib's army. Send that angel again for us now. So that the blasphemers will be afraid of us." 15:21-24
  36. Judas commanded that Nicanor's head, hand, and right shoulder be cut off, and carried to Jerusalem. 15:30
  37. When Judas arrived, he showed the people the head and hand of Nicanor. 15:32
  38. When Judas arrived, he showed the people the head and hand of Nicanor. Then he commanded that the tongue be cut out of Nicanor's head, and be fed in pieces to the birds, and hung up the hand the temple wall. Then he hung up Nicanor's head on the top of the castle, so it could be a manifest sign of the help of God. 15:32-35

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