0 1 Machabees : Injustice

They built a place of exercise in Jerusalem ... And they made themselves prepuces. 1:15

Trivia: Who tried to uncircumcise themselves?

1 Machabees : Injustice (27)

  1. When Mathathias saw a Jew sacrifice to idols on the altar, he killed him on the altar. 2:23-24
  2. Mathathias also killed an officer of of King Antiochus. 2:25-26
  3. He showed that his zeal was like that of Phinees [Phinehas]. 2:26
  4. Mathathias and his friends gathered an army, and killed the sinners and wicked men. 2:44
  5. Phinees [Phinehas] received the priesthood for being zealous. 2:54
  6. Judas Maccabees ... pursued the wicked and burned whoever troubled his people. 3:5
  7. He killed all the wicked people in Juda. 3:8
  8. When Judas and his small army went to meet him, they said to him, "How are our few soldiers going to beat so large an army?" Judas said, "God is on our side, so the numbers don't matter. The Lord himself will overthrow them." 3:16-18
  9. Judas slaughtered the descendants of Esau. And he burned to death the children of Bean in a tower. 5:3-4
  10. Simon defeated the heathens in Galilee. He killed 3000 and took their wives, children, and possessions. 5:21-22
  11. Judas and his army marched to Bosar, burned the city, and killed every male, and took their spoils. 5:29
  12. Judas did unto the city of Maspha as he did to Bosor -- burning it to the ground after kiling every male "with the edge of the sword." And then he did likewise to "Casbon, and Mageth, and Bosor, and the rest of the cities of Galaad." 5:35-35
  13. The heathens threw down their weapons and ran into the temple. Then Judas burned the temple and the city. 5:43-44
  14. Judas gathered the Israelites and came to the great city of Ephron. The residents closed the gates, and Judas said to them, "Let us pass through you land and no one will get hurt." But the citizens of Ephron wouldn't open their gates. So Judas commanded his soldiers to attack Ephron, kill every male, and then burn it. And his army killed every male, in the city, took all the spoils, and then burned it. 5:45-51
  15. When Joseph and Azarias heard about the Maccabees brothers' killings, they said, "Let's become famous by killing some of our Gentile neighbors." 5:56-57
  16. Joseph and Azarias went go Jamnia to fight Gorgias and his men. About 2000 of their soldiers died, because Joseph and Azarias didn't hearken to Judas, and "were not of the seed of those men by whom salvation was brought to Israel." 5:58-62
  17. Judas and his brethren attacked the children of Esau, and burned walls and towers in Chebron. They went on to Samaria and Azotus in the land of the strangers, where they destroyed their altars, butned their statues, and took the spoils of their cities. 5:65-68
  18. Judas saw what Alcimus had done to the Israelites, and took revenge on the men who deserted. 7:23-24
  19. The priests went to the temple and said while weeping, "Remember their blasphemies and kill Nicanor and his army." 7:36-38
  20. Judas gathered an army of 3000. Then he prayed, saying: "Remember when your angel killed 185,000 soldiers?" 7:40-41
  21. To avenge the death of their brother, John, Jonathan and Simon massacre a wedding party. 9:37-42
  22. Alcimus threw down the walls of the sanctuary and destroyed the works of the prophets. Then he was struck so that he couldn't speak. And he died in great torment. 9:54-56
  23. All the wicked people held a council and said, "Let's bring Bacchides here to defeat Jonathan." Jonathan found out about it, he caught fifty of the men who were in the council and killed them. 9:58-60
  24. here was peace in Israel. And Jonathan killed all the wicked people who lived there. 9:73-73
  25. Jonathan set fire to Azotus and the surrounding cities, took the spoils, and burned the people who fled into the temple of Dagon, killing almost 8000. 10:84-85
  26. The Jews killed 100,000 men in one day, took whatever they could find, burned the city of Antioch. 11:47-48
  27. Jonathan killed 3000 aliens in one day. 11:72-74

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