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Concerning the residue, let them journey and declare the word among the congregations of the wicked ... inasmuch as they do this they shall rid their garments. 61:33

Trivia: Who are the only ones who will not be redeemed?

David W. Patton, you're going on a mission
Boring Stuff 114:1

1 Verily thus saith the Lord: It is wisdom in my servant David W. Patten, that he settle up all his business as soon as he possibly can, and make a disposition of his merchandise, that he may perform a mission unto me next spring, in company with others, even twelve including himself, to testify of my name and bear glad tidings unto all the world.

It is wisdom that David W. Patten [1] should sell his business as soon as possible and go on a mission next spring with twelve others.

Remove unfaithful bishops
Boring Stuff 114:2

2 For verily thus saith the Lord, that inasmuch as there are those among you who deny my name, others shall be planted in their stead and receive their bishopric. Amen.

Remove the bishops who deny my name and give their bishoprics to others. Amen.


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