0 James Topical Outline

The General Epistle of James

1 Pure religion (1-27)

2 Don't treat the rich better than the poor (1-9)

     If you break one law, you break them all (10-12)

     Faith without works is dead (The devils believe. Can their faith save them?) (14-26)

3 Watch what you say (1-12)

     Wise people make peace and do good things (13-18)

4 Wars, lusts, and friends of the world (1-10)

     Don't judge or speak badly of others (11-13)

     Dust in the wind (14-17)

5 Weep and howl, you rich people (1-6)

     The Lord is coming soon (but be patient) (7-11)

     Above all things, don't swear (12)

     Pray for the sick (it works every time) (13-20)

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