0 The Lord will discover their secret parts (Isaiah 1-5)

Episode 180: God will discover their secret parts

Isaiah 1-5

God threatens his people

1 1 This is the vision of Isaiah that he saw while Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah were kings of Judah. 2 Listen, heavens and earth, to what God says:

My children rebelled against me. 4 You are a sinful nation, the seed of evildoers. 7 Your country is desolate, your cities are burned, and your land has been devoured by strangers. 9 If I hadn't left a few faithful people in Judah, I'd have destroyed it like it was Sodom and Gomorrah. 10 So listen to me, you rulers of Sodom and Gomorrah. 11 Why are you sacrificing animals to me? I'm sick of your burnt offerings. I don't enjoy the blood of bullocks, lambs, or goats. 13 Don't bring me any more sacrifices. 15 When you pray, I won't hear you. 16 So stop doing evil things. 17 Free the oppressed and help widows. 18 Let's reason together. 19 If you obey me, you'll have something to eat. 20 But if you refuse and rebel against me, you'll be killed with a sword. 21 How did a faithful city become a harlot? 24 I will take revenge on my enemies. 28 I'll destroy the sinners and those who forsake me.

The last days

2 1 The word of Isaiah concerning Judah and Jerusalem:

2 In the last days, God's house will be on the earth's highest mountain. 3 Many people will go there. 4 They will beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks. And there will be no more wars. 18 The idols will be abolished. 19 People will hide from God in holes in the rocks, when he shakes the earth terribly. 20 In that day, a man will throw his idols to the moles and bats.

They will be ruled by children

3 1 God will take away bread and water from Jerusalem and Judah. 4 He'll make children their rulers. 5 And they'll be oppressed by their neighbors. 8 Jerusalem is ruined, and Judah has fallen, because of what their people said and did against God.

The sin of Sodom

9 They declare their sin as Sodom did, they don't hide it. Woe to them. They deserve the evil they will receive. 10 But tell the righteous that everything will be okay with them.

Women will rule over them

12 God's people will be oppressed by children, and women will rule over them.

God will discover their secret parts

16 Because the women are haughty and walk with their necks stretched out, flirting with their eyes, prancing and skipping as they go, and making a tingling with their feet, 17 God will smite them with a scab on the crown of their heads. And he will discover their secret parts. 18 He’ll take away the tinkling ornaments on their feet, their headbands, and crescent necklaces, 19 earrings, bracelets, and veils, 20 bonnets, leg ornaments, perfumes, and charms, 21 finger rings, and nose rings, 22 festive clothes, mantles, and purses, 23 mirrors, fine linen garments, tiaras, and shawls.

There will be stink

24 And instead of sweet smell, there will be stink. Instead of nice hair, baldness. 25 And the men will die in war.

Seven women will take hold of one man

4 1 In that day, seven women will take hold of one man, and say,

We'll provide for our own needs if you'll just marry us to take away our disgrace.

4 When God has finished washing away the filth of Jerusalem's women, and purging it's blood with the spirit of burning, 5 he'll create a cloud of smoke by day and a fire at night over every house on mount Zion.

A vineyard song

5 1 Now I'll sing a song about a vineyard.

My beloved has a vineyard on a hill.

2 He planted a vine, built a tower, and made a winepress.

He thought it'd produce grapes, but it had wild grapes instead.

3 So tell me, people of Jerusalem, why did it produce only wild grapes?

5 Well, I'll tell you what I'm going to do about it.

6 I won't prune it, and I'll let the weeds grow. And I won't command the clouds to rain on it.

7 For the vineyard is Israel and Judah is the vine.

10 Ten acres of the vineyard will yield one bath, and the seed of a homer will yield an ephah.

Hell has opened her big mouth

11 Woe to them who drink too much. 12 They play music and drink wine, but don't pay any attention to God 14 Therefore, hell has enlarged herself, and opened her mouth infinitely wide. He who rejoices, will fall into it.

20 Woe to them that call evil good, and good evil. 22 Woe to them that drink alcohol. 25 When God gets angry, he'll smite people, make the hills tremble, and spread torn carcasses in the streets. 26 And he will hiss to them from the end of the earth.

A few more words about this episode

While Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah were kings of Judah (1:1)
According to verse 6:1, Isaiah's first vision occurred the year Uzziah died. If so, then Isaiah would have been active from around 740 to 690 BCE.
Ten acres of the vineyard will yield one bath, and the seed of a homer will yield an ephah. (5:10)
A very poor yield for such a large vineyard.
(A bath is about 22 liters, a homer is ten baths, and an ephah is also about 22 liters. ChristianAnswers.net)
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