0 Zechariah Topical Outline

I was jealous for Zion with great jealousy, and I was jealous for her with great fury. 8:2

Trivia: How many eyes does God have, according to Zechariah 4:10?


1 Don't be like your fathers (1-6)

     Walking to and fro on the earth (7-17)

     Four horns and four carpenters (18-21)

2 A man with a measuring line (1-5)

     The apple of God's eye (6-13)

3 Changing Joshua's filthy clothes (1-5)

     God's servant, the BRANCH (6-10)

4 The seven eyes of God (1-14)

5 A flying scroll (1-4)

     Three women and a basket (5-11)

6 Horses of different color (1-8)

     A man called BRANCH (9-15)

7 Show mercy and compassion to everyone (1-14)

8 God was jealous and furious (and behaved badly) (1-15)

     But you should be good (1-15)

9 A bastard will live in Ashdod (and a king will ride on a donkey) (1-17)

10 God will hiss for them (1-)

11 Feed the flock of slaughter (1-6)

     Two sticks: Beauty and Bands (7-11)

     Thirty pieces of silver (12-17)

12 Mad riders on blind horses (1-14)

13 Killing the prophets (1-6)

     God will kill two-thirds of the people and burn the rest (7-9)

14 The day of the Lord (1-)

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