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As for the thief, both male and female, cut off their hands. ... An exemplary punishment from Allah. 5:38

Trivia: A raven that Allah sent

Surah 5: The Table Spread (Al-Ma'ida)

    Fear Me! I chose your religion for you ( 1-11)

    Christians and Jews ( 12-20)

    The Raven ( 21-32)

    Kill, crucify, or amputate hand and foot on opposite sides ( 33-37)

    Cut off the hands of thieves (38-44)

    A nose for a nose and an ear for an ear (45-50)

    Christians and Jews (again) (51-85)

     Don't ask too many questions (86-109)

     Allah reminds Jesus of some Bible stories (that never happened) (110-120)

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