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In their hearts is a disease, and Allah increaseth their disease. A painful doom is theirs because they lie. 2:10

Trivia: According to the Quran, how much is a woman worth (as a witness)?

Surah 2: The Cow (Al-Baqarah)

    Allah is wise, mysterious, funny (1-5)

    Allah increases their disease (6-13)

    Allah will mock and blind them (14-22)

    Produce a surah the like thereof (23-24)

    For them are pure companions (25-29)

    Adam learns the names of the animals (and the angels don't know them) (30-33)

    Iblis refuses to worship Adam (and becomes the first disbeliever) (34)

    Adam and the forbidden tree (35-48)

    A few of Allah's killings (49-61)

    Allah turned Sabbath breakers into apes (62-66)

    The yellow cow (67-74)

    Little is that which they believe (75-105)

    Abrogation, proof, and Allah's coloring (106-138)

    Changing holy directions (qiblah) (139-158)

    Don't hide the Quran or eat blood, carrion, or pork (159-176)

    Retaliation (177-184)

    Sex and fasting during Ramadan (185-189)

    Allah's Rules for Holy Warfare (190-217)

    Alcohol and gambling (218-220)

    Marriage (221)

    Menstruation (222)

    Sex (223-225)

    Divorce (226-242)

    Messed up Bible stories (243-281)

    A woman is worth half as much as a man (282-284)

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